What Does Lauren Sanchez Do For A Living Now That She Is Dating Jeff Bezos?

Despite her career achievements, Lauren Sanchez is better known as an enabler of the world’s costliest divorce. Her life came under intense public scrutiny after she was revealed as Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend, following the Amazon CEO’s divorce from his wife of over two decades. Away from the personal steamy details about Bezos’ lady-love, the focus of this piece is on Sanchez’s professional accomplishments and means of livelihood now that she’s officially, romantically entangled with the billionaire of Amazon.

What Was She Known For Before Bezos?

Lauren Sanchez has had a long career in television. The Albuquerque native began her journalistic career as an intern for a Los Angeles news station while still an undergraduate. In 2005, Sanchez’s career attained a new height as she landed a role as the host of So You Think You Can Dance. But then, her time on the Fox reality series was shortlived as she took a break from the spotlight after the first season on maternal/family grounds.

Interestingly, at the time of her departure from SYTYCD, Lauren Sanchez and many others thought her leave was voluntary. But four years later, it was revealed that the former host had been fired from the show because she was pregnant. As expected, the revelation left Lauren upset and devastated. Though she initially sought legal action against the showrunners, the case was seemingly settled before they got to court.

After a while, Sanchez returned to TV appearing as a guest co-host on The View and Extra. Between 2011 and 2017, she as well served as a co-host on Fox’s Good Day LA. In addition to being an anchor in real life, Sanchez featured on the big screen, portraying a news anchor in movies like The Fantastic Four, Fight Club, The Longest Yard, White House Down, Ted 2, The Day After Tomorrow, and We Bought A Zoo.

Aside from her on-screen jobs which continued to flourish, Lauren Sanchez soon discovered that she derived great joy from working behind the camera. The TV anchor is also passionate about flying, something she got from her father, Ray. The man was a flight instructor and mechanic, who helped to rebuild planes. Growing up, Lauren’s curiosity for all things aviation left her always in the hangar. In fact, despite nearly losing her mother in a catastrophic plane crash, Sanchez’s love for flying did not wane.

Lauren Sanchez went into flying school and got certified as a helicopter pilot in June 2016, she specialized in aerial filming. That same year, she launched her own film aerial production company, Black Ops Aviation, which has done jobs for big companies such as Fox, Netflix, Amazon, and many others.

As for her personal life, Lauren was thought to be happily married to Patrick Whitesell, they were married between 2005 and 2018. The union produced two children, a son named Evan and Ella his sister. Nonetheless, Sanchez is a mother of three. She has an older son named Nikko from her previous relationship with a former NFL star.

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What Does Lauren Sanchez Do Now That She’s Dating Jeff Bezos?

Lauren Sanchez’s love life was thrown into the spotlight in January 2019 after Jeff Bezos and his wife Mackenzie announced that they were getting a divorce. Though both Sanchez and Bezos have denied cheating on their spouses since their romance was exposed, reports indicate that the pair began dating about eight months before the Amazon CEO announced his split from MacKenzie.

Being Bezos’ lover hasn’t made Lauren forsake her career. The helicopter pilot who loves entertainment and filming is happy combining all her passions. She was inspired to pursue a career in aerial filming after discovering that only six percent of pilots were women with less of that percentage in the film industry. Among other things, she flies for Black Ops Aviation which she promotes on social media.

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In addition to filming aerial shots for Bezos’ company Blue Origin, some of the pilot’s other notable projects include consulting for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and more recently, working as an aerial producer in Catherine Hardwicke’s Miss Bala. Since life can be very stressful at times, the mother of three files away with her kids to various beautiful locations every now and then to relax and while away.

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