Wes Ramsey’s Age and Details of His Relationship With Laura Wright

The genre is an important element when it comes to telling stories. Whatever form it might be, either a book or film, the concept of storytelling is split into different categories and like the creators of these stories, actors and actresses have genres that best fits their skill set. Wes Ramsey, an actor, has found his in romance, as can be seen in his filmography which consists of several films and television shows.

As a working actor with considerable experience, there is plenty to learn about Wes Ramsey and we explore some of them below.

Wes Ramsey Age and Early Life

On the 6th of October 1977, a star was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and was named Wesley Albert Ramsey but he is known to the rest of the world as Wes Ramsey. Wes grew up in Louisville and began to take an interest in acting at the age of 12.

While most of his mates had no inkling what they were going to do with their lives, Wes Ramsey was already enrolled in a theatre program, learning the ropes of becoming an actor at the Walden Theater. As the years went by, Wes Ramsey continued to improve his knowledge of the arts while he completed his academic requirements as a high school student.

After his high school graduation, the man who had dedicated himself to the arts applied and joined The Julliard School in New York where he earned his academic ropes as an aspiring actor, graduating with a degree in Fine Arts in 2000.

In the same year, Wes Ramsey began to appear on the TV show, Guiding Light where he starred as Sam Spencer over the course of multiple episodes. It was the first real-world test of the career Wes had been preparing for since he was a child.

His work on Guiding Light spanned from 2000 to 2008 during which time Wes Ramsey appeared in other projects like Charmed, playing the character, Wyatt Halliwell and a couple more others. In films, he made his debut on a feature-length project in 2003 in the film, Latter Days where he played the character, Christian Markelli.

Since his film debut, Wes Ramsey has starred in over 10 of them including Bitter Sweet, Brotherhood of Blood, and Dracula’s Guest where he played the character, Bram Stoker. Back to television, he has starred in other shows like Venice: The Series, Heroes, Days of Our Lives and The Mentalist, among several others.

Wes Ramsey isn’t all work and no play either. He combines the relaxation with the need to keep a fit body by engaging in tennis and working on cars. He is also a capable guitar player.

Facts About His Parents And Siblings

When it comes to famous names like Wes Ramsey, there is a curiosity on the part of the fans as to where they come from and for those who are asking, we answer. Bill and Linda Ramsey are the parents of the actor. Through them, Wes Ramsey came into this world and their good job raising him has resulted in the gentleman we enjoy watching on the screen.

As for his siblings, Wes Ramsey has two – Warren and William Ramsey. His siblings are not as famous as he is and while there is nothing we know about them other than the fact that they are biological relatives of the actor, we definitely know that in the Ramsey household, only Wes Ramsey caught the acting bug.

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Relationship With Laura Wright

Wes Ramsey
Wes and Laura posing for a picture.

When you love an actor who plays romantic roles on screen, it is a double blessing to find out the same actor is a romantic in their personal life. Wes Ramsey has been in love and has been dating fellow professional, Laura Wright since 2017 and while that was when the relationship officially began, in Wes Ramsey’s heart, it has been much longer than that.

Both had worked together in the early 2000s on the show, Guiding Light and after Wes Ramsey left the show in 2008, their paths did not cross until 2017 when they both fell in love with each other after meeting again at the Daytime Emmy Party. Although the couple does not have children of their own yet, Laura Wright has two children from her previous relationship with another man.

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