Wendy Haskell – Biography, Facts, Sexual Harassment and Accusations

The moment Wendy Haskell is mentioned, the next name that pops up is Warren Moon, and unfortunately, this is so for some controversial reasons. Warren has been super popular since he kicked off his football career in 1978. The former footballer made history as the first African-American quarterback to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and has remained famous even after his retirement. While the NFL legend is well known for his career attainments and other things he has been able to accomplish, the same can’t be said about Wendy who dragged the Canadian Football Hall of Famer to court alleging that he sexually harassed and assaulted her.

Since this controversy came to light, many questions have been asked about Wendy Haskell and a good number of them have been left unanswered. More than just a concise description of her life, below are facts to know about her including details of the sexual harassment case.

Wendy Haskell Biography

Although Wendy Haskell was born in Orange County, California, facts about her family, upbringing, and even her exact date of birth have remained a mystery. It is said that she was born in 1985 but we have been unable to authenticate this claim in any meaningful way.

Irrespective of the fact that almost nothing is known about how she was raised, it has been substantiated that she was a student of Clarence High School located in Buffalo, New York. Her passion for sports has been traced to the school where she proved herself to be athletically inclined. Apart from being a basketballer, she was a gymnast who equally ran track.

When Wendy Haskell was done with high school, she moved on to the State University of New York also located in Buffalo and graduated with a degree in Exercise Science. Subsequently, she obtained a doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. Reports have it that she didn’t abandon her passion for sports when she started studying at the university; she played volleyball for the school’s team.

It is also said that she was part of the Lingerie Football League, playing for the Miami Caliente sometime in 2009. Granted that she is known for her works as a model in some quarters, Wendy Haskell is most recognized for her sport-related endeavors. With Polestar Pilates International in Miami, she worked as a Physical Therapist. That’s not all, she equally worked as an expert commentator for Spectrum SportsNet formerly known as Time Warner Cable SportsNet. This was after she worked with the U.S Athletic Training Center and served New York City’s Kiwi Physical Therapy as a therapist.

Sexual Harassment and Accusations – What You Need To Know

Warren Moon
Warren Moon: Image Source

To the best of our knowledge, Wendy Haskell started working for Sports 1 Marketing sometime in July 2017. Among other things, her duties included serving as an assistant to Warren Moon who happens to be a co-owner of the establishment.

In the lawsuit that Wendy Haskell filed against Moon, she claimed that the NFL legend drugged and groped her while she was sleeping. Also, she alleged that the man made her wear lingerie and share a bed with him. Wendy also accused Warren Moon of always walking in on her while she’s showering and that she was demoted when she reported his behavior to the CEO of the company, David Meltzer, who co-founded the company with Moon in 2010.

Reacting to the lawsuit, Moon admitted that he made Wendy sleep in his bed but dismissed other claims, disclosing that the lady tried to blackmail him for $3 million. This isn’t the first time Moon was accused of sexual misconduct. Sometime in 1994, a former cheerleader accused Warren of sexual harassment. It is known that the case was resolved out of court.

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Other Interesting Facts About Wendy Haskell

1. Her Love Life

While it is known that Wendy Haskell is not married, it has been assumed that she is not dating anyone as she hasn’t been seen with any lover.

2. Wendy’s Body Measurements

There is no doubt that Wendy Haskell is a good looking woman. It is believed that she is 9 inches taller than 5 feet, weighs around 60 kg with her body measuring 32, 28, and 36 inches, respectively for her bust, waist, and hips.

3. She’s a Humanitarian

Wendy Haskell is passionate about promoting human welfare. She is known for her activities with various charity organizations. Regarded as an orphan advocate, she once implored her fans to support the I’m Me organization, an establishment created to provide aid to orphans across the globe.

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