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As a radio DJ and someone who has appeared on two Bachelor shows, Wells Adams is by no means an obscure name in the world of entertainment, but it is his relationship with Modern Family star, Sarah Hyland, who plays Hayley on the popular comedy show that has made him a certified known personality in the world of Hollywood stars.

On his own, Adams is both a podcaster, a radio DJ and his two appearances on Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelorette has been part of what has been a mildly successful entertainment career for him. You can learn more about his career, his relationship with Sarah Hyland and other interesting facts below.

Wells Adams Biography & Age

Wells Adams was born on the 19th of May, 1984 in Monterey, California to parents, Bob Adams and Donna Adams. He is one of five children born to his parents, with his siblings being two brothers named Brett and Cord and two sisters named Marisa and Whitney.

Although he was born in California, Wells was raised in Nashville, Tennessee, where he lived all the way to adulthood before he relocated for romantic reasons.

Following his graduation from high school, where he first expressed his interest in a career in radio broadcasting, Wells Adams headed to Mississippi University and studied Broadcast Journalism, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in the subject.

After graduation, he began his professional journey, starting out with BRiTE Magazine in 2011 before he joined Lightning 100, a radio in Nashville where he began to work as a morning show host. His time at Lightning 100 was highly rewarding as he quickly became one of the most popular radio DJs in Nashville and the rest of Tennessee.

For his work, Wells Adams was named the best DJ as he began to shoulder more responsibility by producing several more shows. Great talents never stay in one place and after two years of working for Lightning 100, he was recruited by iHeartRadio, joining the national radio in July 2015.

For iHeartRadio, Adams hosts morning and afternoon shows. In addition to his work for the radio station, he also moonlights as a music director and assistant program director for other local radio stations like ALT 98.3 and 105.9 The Rock.

Outside of his radio commitments, Wells Adams is also a podcaster, with the podcast, Your Favourite Thing which he hosts alongside Brandi Cyrus, who is the older sister of famed musician, Miley Cyrus.

For all his radio work, however, it is television appearances that have made him a public personality, having appeared on three Bachelor shows, starting with The Bachelorette in 2016 where he was a contestant. He appeared again in multiple seasons of Bachelor in Paradise and in 2019, he made an appearance in an episode of The Bachelor.

Who is Wells Adams’ Girlfriend?

Wells Adams
Wells Adams and his girlfriend, Sarah Hyland

Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland’s relationship is a wonder of the modern world. While most people would expect them to have met in any of the many events for members of Hollywood, they began their journey to a relationship on Twitter, starting with Sarah Hyland, who, being a fan of The Bachelorette shows, commented on Adams during his time on Bachelor in Paradise in 2017.

The back and forth that ensued in the Twitter conversation eventually led to a physical meet that began a friendship that led to a full-blown romantic relationship.

Although it was not yet confirmed to the media, Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland began to appear in each other’s social media posts, particularly on Instagram, and in November 2017, their relationship was confirmed by a source close to the couple who disclosed that they had become an item.

At the time, Adams lived in Nashville while Hyland lived in Los Angeles. Although it was a challenge maintaining a long-distance relationship, they remained a couple long enough for Adams to relocate to Los Angeles in July 2018.

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Other Facts About Him

1. Before he began a relationship with Sarah Hyland, he had a love interest from Bachelor in Paradise, Danielle Maltby.

2. While Wells Adams is a big fan of dogs, he has a strong dislike for cats. As part of his love for dogs, he owns a dog named Carl, and he volunteers for the Nashville Humane Association.

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