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The bulk of young popular musicians establishing themselves on the global stage might be from English speaking countries but there have been notable names from non-English countries, who are also making an impact in both their country’s and global music industry with their talents. One of them is the Mexican singer, Virlan Garcia who began his professional singing career in 2015 and is known for albums like Voy Amarte Hoy and Pobre o Criminal.

By all metrics, Virlan is very much a young man but due to the unique nature of the creative industry, especially in the entertainment sector, his youth hasn’t been a barrier in crafting a career for himself. Learn more about him, his background and journey to becoming a nationally recognized Mexican singer.

Virlan Garcia’s Biography

On the 28th of July, 1997, Virlan Garcia’s parents welcomed him into the world in El Tajito, Sinaloa in Mexico. There, Virlan was raised and eventually fell in love with music, he showed so much passion for music such that, one day, he picked up a pen and a guitar and wrote his own music.

Much of his background details remain unknown but we know he was raised along with two siblings, both of whom are girls. In addition, we know that he began learning how to play the guitar while he was a teenager and subsequently began writing his own songs. His talent for songwriting eventually led him to write songs for artists like Gerardo Ortiz. He spent his early days as a musician writing songs for others while his own explosion as an artist began in 2015 when he released his first single, Que Ya Estas Harta. The single was well received and it was featured on several music charts in Mexico.

With his own independent career underway, Virlan Garcia proceeded to release his first set of music projects, albums Pobre o Criminal and Yi Cambio Mi Suerte. The latter featured some singles he had released on platforms like YouTube, such as Ivan Archivaldo. Since he released his debut song at the age of 18, Virlan has continued to grow in the industry, going on to reach international recognition across Latino countries and in the United States.

Five Interesting Facts You Need To Know

  1. He has Released a Number of Albums

At a young age, Virlan Garcia can be forgiven if he has just a couple of tracks to his name, but being a talented and a hard-working musician, Virlan has released at least five albums since he made his debut in 2015. Some of the albums include his early projects like Pobre o Criminal and Y Cambio mi Suerte. Others are albums like Voy Amarte Hoy which was released in 2017, Mi Vida Eres Tu which was released in the same year and Te Comparto which was released in 2018.

His albums have featured on Billboard charts and Monitor Latino.

  1. He Sang his First Song at 2 Years Old

Virlan Garcia’s relationship with music goes as far as the age of two when he serenaded his mother with the song, La Palomita. It was a beautiful experience that bonded both mother and son back when he lived in Sinaloa and Virlan retains the memory of the experience till date.

As part of his close relationship with his mother, Garcia also makes it a point to return home for some of his mother’s cooking, including his favorite meal, rice, and beans with ranch steak.

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  1. Virlan Garcia is a Father

Everything appears to be moving on a fast pace for Virlan and that doesn’t just apply to his professional life as a singer. He is also a father, blessed with a daughter named Irlanda Garcia. His daughter was born in 2017 by his long-term girlfriend, Fernanda Esquer.

Both Virlan and Fernanda continue to maintain a loving relationship and it remains to be seen if both of them will get married someday.

  1. Virlan Garcia’s Music is Based on a Local Mexican Genre
Virlan Garcia
Virlan Garcia with band mates and family members

Virlan Garcia’s music is focused on Mexican music genres like corridos, bandas, and norteno. With the popularity of his music, he has become an ambassador for Mexican music across the world, showcasing some of the cultural elements of the North American country to the world.

  1. He Has Worked With Different Mexican Artists

Virlan Garcia is quite a collaborator who in the short time he has spent in the Mexican industry, he has collaborated with artists such as Edgar Salazar, Carlos Gomez, and Gerardo Ortiz.

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