Top 10 Virgo Personality Traits in Male and Female

People with Virgo Personalities are those born on August 23 – September 24. It is the sixth sign of the zodiac and the second sign with a human representation. It is shown as a woman holding a sheaf of wheat which is associated with harvest and summer. Summer represents man’s life from age 21-42 which encompasses the early adulthood to mid-life phase. This is where Virgo’s personalities are truly developed as he goes on with his life learning and growing.

Top 10 Virgo Personality Traits in Male and Female


 Here are top 10 Virgo personality traits in male and female you may consider when finding a partner in life or at work

1. Detail oriented

Virgo people are very good at planning and execution. They want to excel in everything they do and will do well in anything that requires details and exactness. Expect that a party or event planned by a Virgo will go smoothly without a glitch and will be detailed down to the very minor detail.

2. Modest

One of the top 10 Virgo personality traits in both men and women is that they define modesty. They excel in their career of choice but they want to blend with others to avoid superiority. When they receive recognition for something done, they want to share with others who have also contributed to their success. They want to appear dignified in the way they dress, the way they talk and in the way they act.

 3. Charming but often cold

In relationships, a Virgo man or woman may look charming and lovable. However, they always appear cold and rarely say anything to their partners. Sometimes your Virgo partner is open to all her feelings with you, then become distant and quiet the next time. They are very concerned as to how they should act and what they should say to avoid creating an issue with his or her partner. Because of their being perfectionists, they want to be truly involved in their love lives and they have this constant desire to please their partners.

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4. Constant Activity

Virgos are unpredictable, takes alternative routes, and versatile. They can easily adapt to changes when something does not happen as planned. They are resourceful and in constant search for knowledge. They prefer to take care of others rather than be taken care of.

5. Practical

Virgos live their lives in the real world. They do not believe in fantasies. They stand firm in their conviction that good things can be achieved if you work hard and commit your life for it. This is probably one of the best traits among the top 10 Virgo personality traits in male and female.

6. Service oriented

People with virgo personalities focus more on what is useful and eliminates those that are not. They make use of what works and makes it more useful. They find within themselves what can be of greater use to humanity. They will go to greater lengths just to be able to please the people around them.

7. Over critical

If Virgos are often quiet, they cannot also take notice in many things around them. They may choose their words before they speak out but they can also be very judgmental and critical to the very least detail. Most of the time, they already have something planned in mind and will tend to judge severely if something does not fit to their visions.

8. Fastidious

Virgos are perfectionist, they want everything done without any problems and will always worry about many things. That is why it is very difficult to please a Virgo in many aspects. You will have a hard time winning over their approval. If something does not please them, you will not get it.

9. Shy and self-effacing

Most Virgos have difficulty making friends because of their shy and quiet personality. They will make sure that they are comfortable around people before they are open for real friendship. They prefer friends who are in their comfort zone, One who is very dramatic, who can make them feel peaceful and composed. However, once they have gained friends, they will surely be the best you can ever have. They are able to do extraordinary things beyond your imagination.

10. Harsh

They may be quiet but when they speak up, they can be hurtful often. They tend to speak out their opinions and their words usually do not go well with others when they speak up. These top 10 Virgo personality traits in both male and female are just a few of the many traits that a Virgo possesses. When Virgos are in the company of people who share the same personalities or understand them, they can be among the best set of people to be with.

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