Everything To Know About Virginia Donald ‘Shepard Smith’s Ex-Wife’

When it comes to fame and becoming a celebrity, there are different ways to achieve the highly coveted status. Sometimes, it is gotten through talent, sometimes through relationships, either biological or romantic. In the case of Virginia Donald, she got it through a romantic relationship she had with Shepard Smith, an established media personality.

Virginia Donald’s relationship with Shepard Smith went beyond the dating threshold as they got married and this cemented Virginia’s position in the extremely long roster of popular women. However, the marriage did not achieve the happily ever after many fans eagerly anticipated but in spite of the breakup, Virginia is still in the spotlight as fans of her ex-husband are curious to learn more about her. To satisfy that curiosity, here is a rundown of everything you need to know about Virginia Donald.

A Look At Virginia Donald’s Background

Being under the spotlight by default makes all details concerning your life of interest to the public. On the contrary, in spite of her being the ex-wife of one of the most popular news anchors on television, Virginia Donald has kept a majority of her background information very private. As a result, no details about her birth facts are known although it was gathered that the ex-wife of the journalist was born in Mississippi into a religious family that raised her to be a Christian. She attended high school and after her graduation, she headed over to the University of Mississippi where she studied acting and journalism.

Virginia graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Ole Miss and set out to pursue a career as an actress, having been encouraged by her classmates and teachers who were convinced of her talents. However, her pursuit to become an actress was halted when she got married to Shepard Smith, choosing instead to become a housewife when she married her college sweetheart.

On the other hand, Virginia Donald’s ex-husband, Shepard Smith has built up a good career in the world of journalism since he left the University of Mississippi. He began his career in local television as most broadcast journalists do, working at WJHG-TV in Panama City Beach, Florida. He later spent a couple of years working for local stations across America before he was recruited by Fox News Channel in 1996, where he has remained as a journalist to date. In his time with Fox News, Shepard Smith has covered major stories like the events of Hurricane Katrina and has had his own show, The Fox Report with Shepard Smith.

The Truth About Virginia Donald ‘s Failed Marriage With Shepard Smith

Virginia Donald and Shepard Smith both attended the University of Mississippi and they met at the Meek School of Journalism, where they both studied journalism. However, while Virginia Donald went on to try her hands at acting, Shepard Smith went off in pursuit of a career in journalism.

Talking about their romantic life, they began dating when Shepard developed the courage to ask her out after months of crushing on her. Following an extensive period of dating, Virginia and Shepard got married in 1987 and remained married for six years before getting divorced in 1993.

The circumstances of Virginia’s divorce from Shepard Smith was vague and left those who had an interest in the couple surprised. However, it was revealed in 2017, years after they got divorced, that Smith is gay. Since then, he has been in a public relationship with Giovanni Graziano, a Fox News production assistant whom Shepard had reportedly been dating since 2011. This was definitely not an easy move by the journalist as he had to spend several years trying to make sense of his sexuality. However, he eventually accepted the reality of his personality between 2008 to 2009 after a heartfelt talk with George Weinberg, a psychologist.

Virginia Donald
Virginia Donald’s ex-husband, Shepard with his boyfriend, Giovanni

It is also believed by many that Virginia had an idea Shepheard was headed the way he ended up being gay. However, there are no concrete facts to justify these speculations made by the public. The only known fact remains that the duo remains tight-lipped regarding the real reason behind their split.

Where Is Shepherd Smith’s Ex-Wife Now?

As a former spouse of a public figure, it is only natural for people to inquire of Virginia’s current whereabouts ever since her divorce with Shepherd Smith was finalized. Unfortunately, there are barely any details concerning Virginia Donald since the split. She is not very active on social media platforms and this has made it quite tasking to keep track of the lady’s whereabouts. Her career also seems to be on hold or whatever she is up to, she has simply decided to keep things private. Her dating life also seems to be off-limits for the public as she has not been seen with any love interest since her divorce.

Virginia Donald’s Net Worth

As the ex-wife of a popular TV personality, many people are curious to know how much money Virginia has to her name. Well, like most aspects of her life, this fact is also not known to the public. She has not been actively pursuing her career but from the way she has been living as a socialite over the years it seems, Virginia has some fortune stashed somewhere.

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However, Virginia’s ex-husband seems to be doing pretty well in his career since he joined Fox News back in the 90s. It is believed that his split from Virginia made him relocate to Florida and thus he commenced his journalism career with Fox. He even went on to have a couple of self-titled shows like Shepard Smith Reporting during his time as an editor for the news network. Currently, his annual income has been pegged at $10 million and together with his other properties, it is believed that Shepherd enjoys a whopping sum of $25 million as his net worth. This is far beyond what his wife can ever think of owning but whatever the case, Virginia seems to be living quite a comfortable life.

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