Who Is Veronika Khomyn, Sean Mcvay’s Model Girlfriend?

Most sports have several of its notable personalities i.e players and coaches dating models and the trend is no different when it comes to the youngest coach in the NFL, Sean McVay, who is making the news, not only for his age and on-field success but also his beautiful girlfriend, a model called Veronika Khomyn.

Perhaps the first thing to note about Veronika Khomyn is that she is not just a random girl who gets to enjoy the football coach’s time. The couple has been dating each other for some time with some suggesting the possibility of a wedding in the future. Before the rumours are confirmed to be true, here’s a quick look at who she is and other important facts one can learn about her.

Who Is Veronika Khomyn?

When it comes to Veronika Khomyn, the questions are quite many. Fans of the LA Rams and its coach want to know the lady who got Sean’s heart and the fact that she is gorgeous has further driven curiosity among football fans.

For a start, Veronika Khomym was born on the 1st of March 1990 in Ukraine. The Ukrainian model is believed to have spent the early parts of her life in the Eastern European country before relocating to the United States.

As for her time in the United States, she became a prominent face in the news in 2017 when her boyfriend was made the coach of the LA Rams and subsequently the youngest coach in the NFL. She also spent time at George Mason University in Fairfax, Northern Virginia as a student.

During her time at George Mason, Veronika Khomym also dabbled into a bit of modelling where she worked for brands like the UFC Gym and DC Clubbing. Through her modelling career, combined with her more recent popularity through her football association, she has been able to build a sizeable Instagram following of over 50 thousand fans.

Who Is Sean McVay?

If for some reason you are not familiar with the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams, here is a brief summary of one of the rising superstars of the NFL.

He was born on the 24th of January 1986 and has a football background that dates all the way to his grandfather, John McVay who during his time was a San Francisco 49ers general manager and helped the team to five Super Bowl victories. Sean himself is a former player who played through high school to college for Miami University.

While most players in college seek to become a professional player in America’s biggest league, Sean McVay veered into coaching instead, beginning his career as an assistant wide receivers coach. Since he began his career as a coach in 2008, he has moved up the ladder to become the Head coach of the LA Rams in 2017.

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Relationship With Sean McVay

Sport is always producing new personalities for fans to fall in love with and for a while now, it has been Sean McVay who was a daring appointment by the LA Rams but one that seems to have paid off as he has led the Rams to a Super Bowl appearance within two seasons of becoming the team’s coach.

As for falling in love with Sean McVay, Veronika Khomyn did that before any of us got to have a reason to love the LA Rams leader. Both of them met while he was a tight ends coach for the Washington Redskins in 2011. A coincidence that seems to have happened as a result of their proximity to each other (Veronika Khomyn was in George Mason at the time).

Veronika Khomyn
Veronika and her superstar coach/boyfriend, Sean McVay

Since then, they have been together and following Sean’s appointment as a coach for the LA Rams, the couple relocated to Los Angeles where they are living in a mansion worth $2.71 million in Encino, California. Apart from their high-end taste in houses, they are also lovers of the outdoors and vacations in general.

Through the social media page of Veronika Khomyn, the couple can be seen to have gone on trips to Paris and fun trips to Malibu where they went on boat rides. They are engaged and have a dog named Kali. The dog, as is almost traditional among pet owners today, has its own Instagram account.

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