Inside Veronica Berti’s Personal Life As Andrea Bocelli’s Second Wife

Many fans of Celine Dion would agree that her voice must be similar to the voice of angels. But, Celine Dion herself is quoted as having once said that “if God would have a singing voice, he must sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli.” Wow! Who then is this Andrea Bocelli? He is a renowned Italian singer, songwriter, and record producer who married the Italian actress and producer Veronica Berti in 2014. At the time of their wedding, Veronica was 30 while her husband was 56!

This article, however, is focused on Veronica, not Andrea per se. We are devoting the ensuing paragraphs to her life, personality, career, and more.

Veronica Berti Biography

She is basically an actress, singer, and producer who is famous for her appearance in the TV series, Great Performances and in the musical documentary Andrea Bocelli Live from Florence. Born in Italy in 1984, Veronica’s father is Ivano Berti. We have not been able to know her mother’s name, neither do we have any more information about her early life and family history.

It seems that not quite much was going for Veronica Berti before she met Andrea. So, while we have no information about Veronica’s education history, we know her especially from when she began to relate with her legendary singer husband. Reports have it that the duo met for the first time in 2002 based on professional shared interest – both of them are entertainers. It should be recalled that Andrea Bocelli divorced his former wife Enrica Cenzatti the same year he is said to have met Veronica Berti. So, many people tend to believe that the divorce may have been as a result of the romance that began to develop between Andrea and Veronica at the time.

By 2006, Veronica Berti was already appointed the CEO of Andrea Bocelli’s currency management business named Almud. She eventually became Andrea’s manager for years.

Family Life of Andrea Bocelli’s Wife

veronica berti andrea bocelli wedding
Andrea Bocelli and Veronica Berti at their wedding in 2014: Image source

As already said, Veronica Berti met Andrea Bocelli for the first time at a party in 2002. Veronica was only eighteen then. As the story goes, Bocelli sent one of his friends to ask Berti to come over to his table. Andrea would later reveal that it was Veronica’s skin texture and a sweet singing voice that attracted him to her. After that first meeting, it did not take long for a romance to start between them.

That same year (2002), Andrea is said to have divorced his wife and began to date Veronica. Ten years later, the couple had a baby together while they were yet to be legally married. Their first kid, a daughter named Virginia, arrived on March 21, 2012. Two years later, exactly on Virginia’s second birthday (March 21, 2014), the couple wedded in a private ceremony that took place at the Sanctuary of Montenero in Livorno, Italy.

Their wedding may pass as one of the most discussed weddings ever. Why? Apart from the huge age difference between the couple, the wedding held on the same day as their first kid’s second birthday. Interestingly too, Bocelli’s two sons from his previous marriage, Matteo and Amos, as well as their mother, Enrica Cenzatti, were in attendance.

Similarly, apart from the wedding, the marriage itself has been one of the most unique you can find. For instance, it is interesting to note that Veronica Berti has continued to maintain a very cordial relationship with her husband’s sons and ex-wife all these years – both before and after the wedding. Again, although Veronica Berti is several years younger than Bocelli, the couple seems just made for each other. Both of them are unanimous that the huge age gap between them is no issue in their relationship.

According to Veronica, Bocelli is a very cool person and someone you can hardly ever quarrel with. She also describes her husband as a very intelligent man from whom she keeps learning at every step of her life. Going further, she describes him as a calm person who does not like to argue and who would forgive you again and again until you cross even reasonable limits.

As for Bocelli, he is of the view that the age difference between him and his wife even seems to make their relationship fare better, citing that ‘age gap’ marriages run in his family. He expresses the belief that their shared interest in the same kind of art (music) is one of the main factors behind the success of their relationship. Although they married each other only recently, they have been happily together for many years.

Her Career Highlights

She is known generally as an actress, but she is also a singer like her husband and a producer. Berti has even served as her husband’s artist manager prior to their getting married.

In 2013, Berti featured in the PBS performing artists TV anthology series, Great Performances. Later in 2016, she appeared in her husband’s musical documentary, Andrea Bocelli Live from Florence. Also, in the year 2018, she was in the documentary, Celebrity Fight Night in Italy, together with her husband and stepsons.

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She is a Notable Philanthropist

Although Andrea believes art is one big factor that has bonded him with his wife Veronica, it seems another strong interest that binds them is philanthropy. Veronica Berti and her husband run a foundation called the Andrea Bocelli Foundation together. The foundation works to help people overcoming barriers created by social exclusion. Amazingly, through the foundation, the couple takes care of disabled and inner city poor people.

They also engage in other charitable works such as the building of hospitals for the less privileged. In addition to the foundation, they also launched another project named ‘Voices of Haiti’ in partnership with the Catholic charity organization, St. Luke’s Foundation for Haiti. This philanthropic project targets the remotest and poorest communities of the Haitian island. A prominent part of Voices of Haiti is the Mobile Clinic Project meant to provide free healthcare to the poor. It also features educational projects.

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