Vanessa Arevalo – Bio, Ethnicity, And Facts About Cameron Mathison’s Wife

Vanessa Arevalo is a Puerto Rican model and certified fitness trainer who is married to the famous All My Children actor Cameron Mattson. The gorgeous beauty star has enjoyed a successful career as a fashion model while also pursuing a number of business ventures. She spent over 18 wonderful years as a supermodel, accruing money, fame, and celebrity status which her marriage to Cameron further accentuated. Away from the beauty industry, Vanessa has held down jobs as a news correspondent and co-anchor.

Although she’s accustomed to being in front of cameras, the way Vanessa has handled the pressures and attendant circumstances that come with being married to a television star is nothing short of impressive. Despite her very busy schedule, she has managed to make being married and raising children while also working full time seem like a chill vacation. For this reason, she is adored by millions of people from across the world. The pretty model is a shining example of what it means to be a successful and self-made woman.

Vanessa Arevalo’s Brief Bio

Vanessa Arevalo was born in Puerto Rico, however, her exact date of birth is unknown at this time. She is of mixed ethnicity and, she and her siblings were raised by their parents. Ever since she was a little girl, Vanessa has always been entranced by fashion and beauty. She enjoyed playing dress up and posing to have her picture taken, so after she completed her education she began modeling. She landed a couple of projects here and there that helped pay her bills and keep her afloat.

With time, Vanessa Arevalo found fame and success in her chosen field and became recognized as a supermodel. She was featured in numerous magazine cover shoots, ads, ramp shows, and campaigns. Arevalo decided to go into business by starting her own enterprise. She launched a clothing line with her business partner and friend Nicole Kroll. Although the business was owned exclusively by Nicole in the beginning, Vanessa became a co-owner later on.

Their product line called Kea+Joby were sold across the United States and 150 other destinations. She also spent some time working as a television personality and entertainment news reporter. In September 2018, Vanessa was named the new Customer Success Specialist for a company called Beyond Finance Inc.

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She is very active on social media and frequently posts pictures of her and family having the time of their lives in each other’s company.

Although the exact figure of Vanessa’s net worth is unknown because she prefers to keep this detail under wraps, it is believed to run into millions, most of which comes from her thriving business enterprises as well as the many years she spent modeling. She enjoys loving lavish and spoiling her family every chance she gets as nothing in the world is more important to her than them.

Facts About Cameron Mathison’s Wife

Cameron Mathison, wife Vanessa Arevalo and their children Lucas Arthur Mathison and Leila Emmanuelle Mathison
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1. Vanessa Arevalo and her husband Cameron are considered an evergreen couple because despite spending over two decades together, they still act like they just fell in love yesterday. Their relationship is beautiful to watch. The pair met on a Ski trip that they went on and immediately got attached to each other.

2. They dated for a few years until Cameron Mattison popped the question during another Ski trip, while they were at the summit of the Vail Mountain in Colorado. They tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony on July 27, 2002, with friends and family in attendance.

3. The lovestruck couple welcomed their first child on April 20, 2003. They named the boy Lucas Arthur. On July 7, 2006, a daughter joined their amazing family, and they named her Leila Emmanuelle. Notwithstanding their busy schedules, Vanessa Arevalo and Cameron Mathison manage to nurture and be present for their children every step of the way.

4. The supermodel and businesswoman work full-time while also raising her children, and still spends a lot of time with them even though they’re teenagers now.

5. Her secret to managing her family and juggling work at the same time is no secret at all. She and her husband just figure it out as they go along, so they try to stay as flexible as possible.

6. Vanessa Arevalo is astonishingly tall with a height measurement of 6 feet 2 inches.

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