Everything About Valeria Orsini’s Biography and How She Maintains Her Curves

Oftentimes, when we hear the classic quote, “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” it rightly calls to our mind the impervious pugilist style of the late boxing great, Muhammad Ali. However, another person who looks like a butterfly but can sting like a bee is Valeria Orsini. Blessed with a naturally gorgeous face and endowed curves, Orsini first rose to fame as a lingerie model.

She subsequently exhibited mad skills in boxing and mixed martial arts, and has gone on to make waves in the bodybuilding and weight lifting industry. The delectable Orsini is now an influential fitness model online and has collaborated with several brands. She also has millions of fans on Instagram, whom she has helped to uplift and inspire into achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Valeria Orsini Began Her Career As A Lingerie Model

Born in 1990 in Atlanta Georgia, Valeria Orsini celebrates her birthday on January 19 every year. Her family moved to Miami, Florida, when she was a two-year-old, and that was where she spent most of her childhood. Valeria has a Colombian mother and a father who has Italian and Puerto Rican roots. Probably as a result of being born into a multilingual family, Valeria has a special knack for learning new languages; she speaks English and Spanish fluently.

We have no information regarding Valeria Orsini’s elementary and high school days, but her college education took place at Keiser University, Florida, where she studied Occupational Therapy. During her days in college, Valeria and her pals loved hanging out at places such as Miami Beach and South Beach. During one of their jaunts, the young lady happened upon a Maxim Magazine casting happening right on the beach.

She volunteered to have her photos taken, and two months later, those same photos appeared in Maxim USA. This marked the fairy tale beginning of Orsini’s modeling career, and she soon went on to feature in several men’s magazines and calendars, including Maxim Latino, South Florida Chronicle, Mixed Magazine, The Latin Mix Calendar (2010 and 2011), Nine5Four Magazine, and many more. She also did some modeling for several lingerie brands.

Valerie Orsini
Valeria Orsini

Her Foray Into Fitness and Bodybuilding Industry 

After years of professional modeling, Valeria Orsini turned her sights to the fitness world. The model had first developed an inclination for working out during her childhood days. At the time, she took part in MMA and boxing. She also gladly explored rock climbing, riding bikes, and slap boxing. Orsini maintained her passion for fitness and martial arts throughout her adult years and soon developed a toned physique. 

She subsequently started uploading videos of her workouts on YouTube to help her subscribers achieve the bodies of their dreams. These videos have predictably proved to be fans favorite, and Orsini’s fame has grown in leaps and bounds. She has been sponsored by many brands in the same field and is now viewed as an expert on the topic of losing weight and maintaining a healthy physique.

If Valeria Orsini has achieved so much as a model, then it is certain that her physical figure has played a major role in it all. Her bust is listed as 34 inches while her waist and hips measure 24 and 34 inches, respectively. These measurements confer on her the perfect hour-glass shape that is so much sought after in female models.

Valeria’s hair color is blonde, and her shoe size is 6 (US). Her height is 5 feet 9 inches (the equivalent of 1.75 meters or 175 cm), while her body weight is listed as 126 pounds (57 kg). As a result of her exercise routines and diet plans, there have been times when her weight was reported to go as low as 103 pounds (46.7kg).

Understanding Valeria’s Diet And Fitness Regimen

If you are looking to Orsini to give you some miracle formula for looking good, then you would be disappointed as she has none. The model maintains her looks through regular exercises and a good diet. According to her, there is no substitute for working out consistently and eating healthy, and as such, one must be ready to go the extra mile to get their desired bodies. Going the extra mile in Orsini’s case means that she doesn’t have a standard workout routine. Her fitness regimen rather depends on what she wants to achieve at the moment.

If she intends to look leaner for a photo shoot, then she embarks on 45 minutes to one hour of daily cardio while weight training. She also focuses on high reps, with low weight to both burn and sculpt. If Orsini desires to get more bulked-up, perhaps for a bikini competition, then she will also change to another appropriate routine. In all these, the model tries to switch up routines and explore new training styles to ensure that her muscles don’t get too complacent.

However, even though Valeria Orsini swears by hard work as the reason for her looks, she has not been able to escape Plastic surgery speculations. It has been widely rumored that she has undergone a few surgical procedures to enhance her physical looks. The surgery, which is said to have taken place in Beverly Hills at a huge cost, involved implants into her bums, hips, and breasts, as well as brave and creative tweaks on her face. Orsini has never confirmed this, and therefore, one cannot tell if the rumors are true or not.

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Valeria Orsini Has Made Huge Wealth From Her Career

Valeria earns money from a wide range of sources. She gets paid for modeling for brands and magazines, as well as carrying out fitness sessions. She also makes a lot of money by selling fitness products on her website. The model, however, tries to restrict her endorsements to only high-quality products, which she believes in and can stand by. Besides her modeling and endorsement revenue, Valeria Orsini is also a budding entrepreneur.

She has an apparel company, SuperFitBabes.com, which sells Colombian and Brazilian high-performance fabrics. She also has a slimming products company known as BodyByOrsini.com, where she sells a diverse range of products, including slimming patches, made of plant extracts and natural herbs, which helps to burn tummy fat. The exact amount of revenue that Orsini generates from the above sources is not known, but it is estimated that she makes as much as $250,000 annually. It is also estimated that she now has a total net worth of at least $1 million.

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