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If you ever think a guy’s big biceps, enormous bank account, crib and cars or anything related are simply the things women find attractive, then you are in for a shock. Of course men are weirdos too but women seem to be more weirdos than men with the strangely bizarre things they find attractive. Women are so unpredictable that you can barely imagine half of what may have unexpectedly attracted them to you. And more surprisingly these unexpected things are simply the reason they stick around even in the midst of some men’s inappropriate behaviors. So when next you see a woman smile pleasantly at the sound of a seemingly rude guy’s name or appear visibly happy upon seeing him, it’s likely she is drawn to him by one of these unusual things. Here is a list we’ve come up with listing some of the unusual things women find sexy.

Playing Hard to Get:

It might sound so strange but there is an inborn thing in women that could make most of them repulsed by men who show too much interest while they are severely charmed by men who show little or no interest. While this might vary in some ladies, majority of women get more attracted to men who are hard on them in an attractive way and not the ones they order about. And to them, those in the former category are the real men! However, some may find exaggerated extension of “playing hard to get” to be a slight which may be unattractive to such kind of women.

The Girlish/Feminine Side in Men:

Forget the gay guys, forget also other guys thinking you are a sissy, there are things that make women crave more of you. Here all you probably need to drop is your tough guy vibe mentioned in number one and be a little more tender with her, do touchy feely activities together that pamper her or you both. OK women love a hot, hard, chiseled sex machine Yes! But she’ll find it more sexy if that macho man gives her a massage, rubs her feet, paints her nails or has a bath with her. Every once in a while tender feelings will keep her around.

Opening Up:

Men have a problem with secrets and as such find it hard to open up to women. But most women find intimacy really sexy. You may think opening up to her will only show how weak you are which can be repulsive sometimes, but no darling, don’t keep things from your woman or drink over your secret or tell it to your kitchen cabinet. When you tell your woman about your secrets, the confidence she has on you is likely to triple. Rather than regarding you as a weak man, she will see the bravery that comes with it, and spices up your relationship.

A Masculine Scent:

Weird as it seems, probably the weirdest, but for most women, expensive perfumes are not sexier than the natural body scent of a man. Expensive perfumes and colognes work for most women, yea, but, your own body scent is the ‘in thing’ darling. Your woman could be in love with you because your natural body scent turns her on all the time and you don’t even know about it. Scientific experiments show that this body odor is a thing among women. American researchers tell us that a man’s natural scent can turn a woman on way on in a second! I rest this case. As a matter of fact, research also have shown that with just the smell of his t-shirt alone, a woman can tell if she is attracted to him – without ever seeing his face.

A Cultured Man:

Do you have a warm manner or an ill one? Where do you belong? Okay it is 21st century but old gentlemanliness syndrome still holds true for women especially in relationship scene. You need to be somewhat disciplined. When you are out on a date with her, the way and manner you respond to bartenders, waiters might tell a lot about you. She might get the notion that you will treat her in similar manner in a long run. So chap play it cool when you should, and you guaranteed consistency in the relationship. Most women are attracted to disciplined men. Though roughness has a place in some women, but not as much as decency.


Guys look weird when they cry, but ladies find men who are a bit sensitive attractive. Though it will be stupid to show too much sensitivity but in moderation, it isn’t a bad idea.


Women find a man with neatly shaved beards attractive. Remember the saying that beards are the new six packs. Most women don’t find men with bald jaws attractive. Unless you can not wow her with your beard she would want it GONE!