What Happened To Tyler Priddy (Flip) The Street Outlaws Star?

Tyler Priddy was an American Street Car Racer who shot into the limelight with his appearances on Street Outlaws, an American television series which became very popular around the US and even beyond. An absolutely fearless man who was a highly dexterous user of four-wheel automobiles, Tyler Priddy stunned Americans with his almost effortless handling of racing cars as well as his speed behind the wheels.

However, after the first season of the series, Tyler Priddy who was famously known by his nickname, Flip, stopped appearing on Street Outlaws and fans became concerned about him. Questions were asked about where he is and whether or not he was still alive. It was finally found that Tyler Priddy died shortly before the first season of the series began to air. This realization got many fans very sad and tributes poured in for him. But do you know how the man died? Read on to learn more.

Who is Tyler Priddy (Flip)?

Tyler Priddy was born on the 30th day of the month of November in the year 1981. The street racer was born in Chickasha, a popular city in Oklahoma, USA. It was in Oklahoma that he spent his early days and also developed his love for cars and racing.

Growing up, he was constantly in the company of other young men who loved adventure and were ready to take chances and live wild. In fact, according to reports, he became friends with Justin Shearer, another popular car racer while they were both kids in Oklahoma. Both men loved muscle cars and this mutual love for automobiles was what bound them together. With Justin and other young boys, they usually took out their bikes and ride them to watch drag racers, dreaming about driving the cars themselves.

Tyler Priddy was born to a father identified as Gene Priddy and a mother called Glenda Long Priddy. Nothing much is known about what they did for a living or where they are originally from. He has a brother called Chris Priddy with whom he grew up in Oklahoma.

Growing up, Tyler Priddy attended Hinton Elementary School, a secondary school in Hinton, another Oklahoma town. He then attended Putnam City High School from where he successfully graduated.

Flip did not come from a rich home and struggled to make do as a young man growing up. He worked as a storekeeper in Oklahoma and later got a job with Warren Caterpillar, where he worked for about 10 years. While with Warren Caterpillar, his passion for drag racing increased. He spent a lot of time on the race tracks and gained quite some popularity in Oklahoma as one of the best local drag racers. Even while working with Warren Caterpillar, he was racing with his friends, competing against the big names in the local drag race world.

Tyler Priddy had his own race car which he called El Camino. He was so in love with El Camino that he was always seen in it.

What Happened To The Street Outlaws Star?

Finally, Tyler Priddy got his big break as a racer when he got the chance to feature on Street Outlaws, an American TV series. He auditioned for the show and eventually beat several other prospective racers to star on the series. His friend Justin Shearer also featured on the show.

Street Outlaws premiered on Discovery Channel on June 10, 2013, and became very popular among Americans. People became fascinated with Tyler Priddy who was fondly called by his nickname Flip on the series, especially because of his special car, El Camino.

Tyler Priddy
Tyler Priddy, Justin Shearer, and other racers working on a car together

However, after season one of Street Outlaws, Tyler Priddy stopped appearing on subsequent series and fans became concerned. After some time of speculation, it was revealed that Tyler Priddy had died. According to reports, the racer died in his home at Yukon, a city in Canadian County, Oklahoma. The sad news caused quite an outpouring of grief among fans and people began to send in condolences.

The racer was just 31 years old when he died on May 28, 2013. He died just a few weeks before Street Outlaws premiered. His funeral service was held on June 1, at Chisolm Heights Baptist Church in Mustang. However, the real cause of his death has not been disclosed since his passing.

There have been some suppositions about how Tyler Priddy died. Some people have claimed that he was depressed and committed suicide in his home. However, this claim has never been substantiated. Others claimed that the racer died from self-inflicted gunshot injuries after carelessly toying with a gun while he was drunk. However, this claim has also not been confirmed.

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Tyler Priddy’s Wife and Kids

Tyler is survived by his parents, brother, and his wife identified as Morgan Amber Priddy. Tyler and Amber were deeply in love before he sadly passed away. The couple had four sons together. Their kids’ names have been revealed to be Tovey Gene, Remey J, Dresdyn Rinot, and Bennett William Edward.

The racer’s memory is being preserved by his friends and fellow dragsters. When he died, they gathered together with their muscle cars in his honor.

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