How Rich Is Tucker Carlson From All of His Career Pursuits and How Has He Stayed Married For So Long?

If you follow American News, then you are most likely to be familiar with Fox News Channel. It is one of the biggest news networks in the country, with an influential reach that has made it one of the most powerful entities in the North American country. One of those driving this massive influence is Tucker Carlson, a conservative political commentator, whose words have become gospel to millions of Americans.

Unlike some of his peers in the news commentary space, especially on Fox News, Carlson has had a long career in journalism. His journalism background helped him morph into his influential status as a commentator. Over the years, this growth has enabled him to amass considerable wealth and build a lasting marriage.

Tucker Carlson Started His Career as a Fact Checker

Whatever one’s opinion is of Tucker Carlson, and there is plenty to have, there is no denying that he is a successful man. He has built a massively successful career with an international audience in a fickle industry, like the media. His journey is attributable to the knowledge passed on from his father, Richard Warner Carlson. Richard had a long career in media and journalism, which include being the director of Voice of America and President of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Tucker, who was born to Richard Carlson and Lisa McNear on the 16th of May, 1969, was raised primarily by his father. His mother left him and their family when he was six. Her departure meant his father raised him, along with his subsequent wife, Patricia Caroline Swanson. His education began at La Jolla Country Day School. But it was completed at St George’s School before he proceeded to Trinity College, where he studied history and graduated with a degree in 1992.

After graduation, Tucker Carlson wanted to join the Central Intelligence Agency. But the CIA denied his application. As a backup, he began a long and storied journey in journalism at Policy Review, where he worked as a fact-checker as his first job in the field. It was his first professional relationship with conservative media.

He Was Once a Reporter and Columnist

It might be difficult to imagine today, but Carlson was once a reporter. After leaving Policy Review, he joined Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, a newspaper based in Arkansas before he headed to The Weekly Standard, all within the first three years of graduation.

His first footprint in news commentary began in the early days of his career. He began writing as a columnist for several major news publications around the country. His portfolio includes media outlets like New York, Esquire, The New Republic, The New York Times Magazine, Reader’s Digest, and a couple more others.

His Career on Television Began in 2000

The career path that has defined Tucker Carlson’s life in the American public began in 2000. Nine years after leaving college, he joined The Spin Room as a co-host for the CNN show. He spent less than a year before he became a co-host of Crossfire on the network. During his time at Crossfire, he had an infamous clash with the comedian, Jon Stewart, who appeared on the show to promote his book.

Tucker Carlson
Tucker, during his days at CNN: image source

After three years at CNN, Tucker Carlson headed to MSNBC, where he worked for another three years between 2005 and 2008, hosting the show, Tucker. MSNBC canceled His Tucker show due to its inability to earn good ratings. While he was there, he also hosted MSNBC Special Report: Mideast Crisis. He equally did some live reporting for his show from Haifa, Israel, during the 2006 Lebanon War.

The Journalist Found Lasting Success with Fox News

Tucker Carlson
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Having been unable to find the right partnership with his first two network jobs, Tucker Carlson finally hit a sweet spot with Fox News Channel, where he began working in 2009 and has remained to date. He has hosted a couple of shows, including Fox & Friends, his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, and has made guest appearances in the network’s other array of shows, including Hannity.

He began hosting Tucker Carlson Tonight in 2016, and in its early days, the show was among the highest-rated shows on television. Although there has been a decline in the show’s ratings in recent years, it remains one of the most popular, drawing controversy every few months for its conservative views.

Carlson’s Other Media Ventures

Beyond political commentary, Tucker Carlson has dabbled in other aspects of media. He, in partnership with Dick Cheney, the former US Vice President, launched a news website, The Daily Caller. The site ranks in the Top 1000 of Alexa Ranking and records more than 35 million views a month.

He is also a published author, with more than three books to his name. He released his first book, Politicians, Partisans, and Parasites: My Adventures in Cable News, in 2003. Others include Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution.

Tucker Carlson Has a $20 Million Net Worth

When you command the level of influence and reach that Tucker Carlson has, it comes as no surprise that you are well compensated for it. His influence, combined with decades of experience in journalism, has brought him to the realm of highly paid journalists who work on national networks like CNN or MSNBC.

Tucker Carlson is reportedly earning as much as $6 million in annual salary. Combined with his impressive salary is a $10 million book deal with Simon & Schuster’s for two books. The first, Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution, landed on bookshelves in October 2018.

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Tucker Has Been Married for More Than 27 Years

Tucker Carlson has been married to Susan Carlson, née Susan Andrews, for over 27 years. The couple got married in 1991 and have so far been able to raise four children – three daughters and a son. They gave birth to their first child, Lillie, in 1995. The second, Buckley, in 1997, Hopie, the third, in 1999. The birth year of their last born Dorothy is yet to be determined.

Tucker Carlson
Tucker has built a lasting and successful marriage: image source

Tucker met his beloved wife back when he was in high school. Together, both of them have gone through every developmental phase in life. A lot of his peers, especially those with conservative views, have been drenched in one marital scandal or the other. But so far, Tucker Carlson has never been in one.

Observers have attributed his ‘peaceful’ and long marital life to his deep traditional views. One evidence of this was his approach to marrying Susan. Tucker Carlson asked for permission from her father to ask his daughter for her hand in marriage. He also doesn’t drink alcohol nor smoke.

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