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Troy Landry is a famous American alligator hunter who became a television star after he incorporated his work into TV when he started making appearances on Swamp People, a reality show which premiered on History Channel. He is known for his fearsome and very daring alligator hunting skills which he employs to track the dreaded creatures.

While most people will shiver and quiver at the thought of being near an alligator, Troy is so fearless that he hunts and kills the deadly animals right in the very place they live and gets paid for it. His brave acts have won him a lot of fans who tune in to the show to watch him do his thing. Many fans think he is the most fearless person they have ever known. Keep reading to learn more about Troy Landry.

Troy Landry Biography 

Troy Landry was born on the 9th of June, 1960 in Pierre Part, Louisiana. His father has been identified as Duffy Landry and his mother’s name has been given as Myrtle Landry. He also has a brother identified as Bubba Landry. Both kids grew up with their parents in the swamp of the Atchafalaya River basin of Louisiana.

Because of his proximity to the swamp, Troy was already familiar with alligators and alligator-hunting right from when he was a little boy as he often saw people, including his family members, indulge in the practice. It is noteworthy that Troy’s family members influenced his desire to hunt alligators because they also hunt the animals for their living. In fact, it is on record that no less than five generations of Troy’s Landry family have been fishermen, shrimpers, moss peddlers, trappers, hunters and lumberjacks. It was therefore not too surprising to see him take after the family business.

While growing up, Troy would follow his family members to find alligators and capture them. It was while doing this that he gathered enough experience and sound information about the deadly creatures which were living in the swamps around the Atchafalaya River Basin in his home state of Louisiana.

Troy Landry soon started hunting the alligators himself; however, he was not just restricted to tracking the dangerous creatures, he also captured seafood which he sold out for money. In 1992, he set up a commercial seafood business which he has been successfully running ever since. The TV star especially loves harvesting crawfish and distributing them to buyers. In fact, it is reported that he pulls in as much as 5,000,000-6,000,000 pounds of crawfish every year.

As the years went by, Troy’s reputation as a fearless and daring alligator hunter grew and one day, a New York media outlet approached him asking him to let them film his alligator-hunting experiences. Troy didn’t like the idea of people filming him while hunting alligators so, at first, he turned them down. However, after some time, he changed his mind and allowed them to shoot a few videos of him at work. The videos were so captivating that when the media outlet showed them to History Channel, the idea of shooting an entire series called Swamp People, was hatched and they returned to Troy asking him to let them do it. He was reluctant at first but when his wife encouraged him he accepted the offer and his life changed afterward.

Troy became very famous around America after season one of Swamp People was released in 2010 because the show was an instant hit. In fact, the first episode of Swamp People garnered as many as 4.2 million views. The entire season went on to garner an amazing 30.6 million views. The show has been showing on History Channel ever since.

How Much is He Worth?

Over the years, Troy has successfully made quite a fortune for himself with his hard work and bravery. The alligator hunter is reported to get a salary of about $25,000 for each episode of Swamp People he appears in. There are also other spin-offs and special episodes that he features in and gets paid additional sums.

Troy is not just involved in alligator-hunting as he has his crawfish business on the side. He is regarded as a chief harvester and distributor of the seafood and his business is currently thriving. At the moment, Troy’s net worth has been put at $2 million by celebrity wealth calculators.

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Details of his Wife & Son

Troy Landry
Troy Landry and his sons

The alligator hunter married his long-time partner, Bernita Landry, on the 26th of September, 1981 and they have been together ever since. Bernita, who was born on the 16th of July, 1958, attended Patterson High School and used to work as a teller at Patterson State Bank before becoming a paraprofessional educator at Pierre Part Elementary; she has since retired. It is noteworthy that before marrying Troy, she was once married to Gerald Hotard with whom she had a son called Brandon C. Hotard.

Troy and Bernita are now a happily married couple and have two sons between them namely, Jacob Adam Landry and Chase M. Landry. Troy’s stepson, Brandon C. Hotard, is now part of the family and is very involved in alligator-hunting. Being super-supportive of their father, each of Troy’s two sons have also made appearances on the Swamp People. His wife also appears on the show.

Brandon was once a victim of a death hoax and rumored to have died. The rumors were sparked by his sudden disappearance from the show after filming 14 episodes. However, the rumors have been proven false with Brandon being alive and well.

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