Who Is Troy Dendekker, Bradley Nowell’s Wife? Did She Remarry?

While Bradley Nowell was alive, he was known across America as the lead singer and guitarist for Sublime, a ska punk band that could be described as a successful music group. Nowell’s successful life was further embellished when he got married to Troy Dendekker on May 18, 1996. Howbeit, the marriage lasted for a short period before Bradley was pronounced dead.

It was a hard time for Troy Dendekker who had barely gotten over the euphoria of being married to the musician before she was thrown into the misery of his death. Although the legacy of the band has continued after his death, much hasn’t been heard from Dendekker since the passing of her husband.

In this article, we explore everything about her and what she has been up to since Bradley Nowell died.

Troy Dendekker Biography

She stormed the spotlight via her relationship with Bradley Nowell and has maintained a relative presence via social media. Troy was born on the 4th of March, 1971, to parents David Newton and Robin Newton. Information about her birthplace or her siblings is unknown at this time.

Growing up, she attended high school at Notre Dame High School and available information suggests she ended her academic journey there.

As for a professional career, not much is known about Troy Dendekker in this aspect of her life but she briefly worked with popular musician, Courtney Love, making a number of TV appearances as part of efforts to eradicate drugs from the music industry and in America as a whole. Other than the appearances, nothing else is known about the career path of the widow of the famed guitarist, with the only insight into her life being through her Instagram, @mamatroypma.

Did She Remarry?

When you lose your husband just within a week of getting married, it is fair understanding to try and recapture the experience of marriage you were denied by the untimely death of your spouse and that is exactly what she did. Troy Dendekker, after mourning her husband’s death and having gotten to a better place emotionally, has found love in the arms of Kiki Holmes. Though not as popular as her late husband, Holmes appears to be a source of happiness to her.

They have been together since 2002 after getting married in a private ceremony on the 1st of November. Since the marriage, Troy Dendekker and Kiki Holmes have also been able to raise a son, Jakes Holmes, Kiki’s son from a previous relationship.

How Much Is She Worth?

Troy Dendekker
Troy Dendekker at the Tribeca Film Festival

Did she inherit it from her former husband? Does she have a profession that has helped her accrue such significant wealth? Specifics are unknown although popular opinion suggests a sizeable portion of her fortune was inherited from her marriage to Bradley Nowell. Regardless of whatever might be the source of her wealth, Troy Dendekker has a net worth of $1 million which has helped her live a comfortable lifestyle with her family.

She dated Bradley Nowell for at least five years.

Saying Troy Dendekker was married to Bradley Nowell for a week might paint the picture of a shortlived relationship between the two, but in actual fact, they were together for a considerable long time. They began dating in the early 1990s and their relationship led to the birth of a baby boy, Jakob James Nowell. The boy was born on the 25th of June in 1995.

Their long-running relationship eventually led to a marriage on the 18th of May, 1996. Unfortunately, it did not last.

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Bradley Nowell’s death

Troy Dendekker’s first husband and her claim to fame were pronounced dead on the 25th of May in 1996 from what was considered a heroin overdose. It is not news that musicians often engage in the use of hard drugs but in the case of Bradley Nowell, it was the culmination of an affinity to drugs that started since he was a teenager.

Although the birth of his son with Troy Dendekker drove him to quit the habit, he was unable to shake off the addiction entirely and succumbed to it, a week after getting married. He was cremated with a headstone placed for him at Westminster Memorial in California. His ashes were spread in Surfside, California.

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