Who Is Tove Lo The Swedish Singer And What Do We Know About Her Family And Net Worth?

Tove Lo is a Swedish songstress notable for her unique autobiographical style of writing and singing her songs. Named ‘the world’s most brutally honest pop star’ by Out magazine, she often dwells on the themes of love, broken relationships, sex, drugs, and coping mechanisms. To be sure, Lo isn’t the only female singer-songwriter who dwells on such themes. However, unlike Whitney Houston’s It’s Alright But It’s Okay or Beyonce’s Best Thing I Never Had, Lo’s lyrics are not nearly often written to portray her as the wronged party. Instead, you’d often find her admitting her wrongs and that has become her brand image.

While she is generally called a pop-star in the media, it has actually been difficult for music critics to classify Tove Lo’s genre. She brings in a blend of elements from grunge to electropop to indie pop, and more and more. And this is just scratching the surface when it comes to telling about ‘Sweden’s darkest pop export’ to borrow Rolling Stone‘s description of her. So, relax and get to know far more about this musical sensation.

Here’s All You Need To Know About The Singer’s Early Days And Family Background

She was born on October 29, 1987, and named Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson in Djursholm, Stockholm, to a psychologist mother known as Gunilla Nilsson Edholm, and a businessman father whose name is Magnus Nilsson. Her father is especially noteworthy for co-founding the Swedish financial technology company iZette with Jacob de Geer in 2010. Lo has an older brother whose name we don’t yet know.

It was the music star’s grandmom who nicknamed her ‘Lo’ (which is a Swedish word for ‘lynx’) because she used to be very fond of a lynx that was at a local zoo in her home country. Then, because the lynx was named ‘Tove’, people soon began to call her ‘Tove Lo’ which soon stuck on her for life.

As she grew older, Tove earned good grades while at school and was fond of poetry and short stories. With this inclination, she developed an interest in music and wrote her first song at the age of 10 years.

The then-future celebrity singer started performing on stage before enrolling at Rytmus Musikergymnasiet, a music school in her hometown. Furthermore, she formed a music duo named Icona Pop with her friend Carola Hjelt. That indicated her earliest interest to pursue a career in music.

When Icona Pop disbanded, Tove Lo started writing songs with Christian Bjerring and formed a math rock band named Tremblebee and played in bars across the country. She shifted towards pop music and started focusing on single releases. She also gained knowledge of music programming and record production while also learning to play the drums. Lo signed a deal with Warner/Chappell Music and moved to Los Angeles where she worked with Max Martin, a Swedish producer. She came to prominence after co-writing Girls Aloud’s Something New and Icona Pop’s We Got the World. Both were big hits in 2012.

How Rich Is Tove Lo Presently, And How Did She Earn Her Worth?

Tove Lo has been working really hard to build a career as a successful musician and, she has accomplished a lot thus far.  Apart from featuring with some of the most influential artists of this generation, she has also been a part of certified platinum records such as Heroes (We could be) by Alesso.  The collaboration also reached number 5 on Sweden charts and rewarded her immensely.

Currently, Tove Lo lives a good life and is estimated to be worth $9 Million as of 2020. She is also known as one of the highest-paid singers and songwriters with salary earnings of about $2,000,000 each year. This with everything else she owns as a part of shareholdings profit agreements, endorsement deals increased her earnings.

This Is How She Earns And Spends Her Money

Tove Lo has had a very successful career since 2006 and it has all been focused on what she loves to do, that is, singing and writing songs. In addition, she also does a bit of production but it doesn’t stop here as you will find out below.

  • Music

Her singles like Love Ballad, Habits, among others made her a star. However, Queen of the Clouds in 2014 was her breakthrough song. Additionally, the remix of Stay High by Hippie Sabotage shot her career into mainstream media and she was named VH1’s You Oughta Know the same year.

Also, the debut album Queen of the Clouds ranked 14 on US Billboard 200, selling 19,000 copies the first week. The singles of her first album were big hits that helped Lo to increase her fame and wealth. Similarly, Tove Lo has collaborations with online music applications like the Google Play Music app on which her songs feature. As well, Apple store iTunes also features her songs.

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Beyond that, she featured for several artists like Adam Lambert, Hilary Duff, and Ellie Goulding, among others. As earlier mentioned, Tove Lo’s songwriting dwells on the themes of love, sex, and failed relationships mostly. The 2015 Grammy’s Artist of the Year is fascinated by Kurt Cobain’s music and also idolizes Amy Winehouse and Beyonce although she’s said to have been influenced by Courtney Love and grunge culture.

  • Other business ventures and endorsements

Let’s not forget that Tove Lo has been on the list of some of the richest business magnates in Sweden. According to many surveys, she has many joint ventures with some of the most successful business entities in the world such as her lucrative endorsement deal with cosmetics tycoons like Cover Girl Cosmetics.

On top of all these, Tove Lo does music tours continuously. Her official site, for example, has a schedule of all her music concerts with the venues. She also sells tickets on the site and concertgoers can pay online. The tickets usually get sold out within hours of the online payment gateway opening. Meanwhile, her merchandise which is sold on the website is also available on online shopping giants like Amazon.

  • What does she spend her money on?

The star has a fleet of the most luxurious cars and sports cars that worth millions of dollars including brands like Ferrari, BMW, Rolls Royce, and Maserati. In her videos, she is known for showcasing posh cars.

Is Tove Lo In A Relationship? And What’s Her Sexuality?

Tove Lo is openly bisexual as she admitted in a 2017 interview she granted to the British gay lifestyle magazine Attitude. However, although bisexuality entails that the singer is sexually attracted to both sexes, she also revealed in another 2017 interview she granted to Out that she has never had a relationship with a woman.

In June 2019, Tove Lo said she had “found the person” but that she was not ready to settle down yet. Sadly, she gave no further details about her new boyfriend—which got us curious.

At last, we’ve found a few details about the singer’s boyfriend. His name is Charlie Twaddle. He lives in Los Angeles. We hope to get more details on Charlie soon. But you will often see him sharing Lo’s photos on his Instagram page.

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