10 Greatest War Movies You Must See Before You Die

On the surface, war movies might seem like a one-dimensional genre of films. This opinion could not be further from the truth. No other genre of films requires as much creativity and ingenuity to carry out properly. War movies advance the art of film-making tremendously. We’ve decided to compile this list of 10 Greatest War Movies Everyone Must See. Some of the best war movies can be appreciated for aspects that have nothing to do with the issue of war or the use of violence in films. These movies quickly become classics and are watched again and again by passionate audiences. The following list is a selection of movies that can credibly be called the top ten war movies of all time. Some of these movies may be familiar to you, while others may be films that you have not heard of before.

10 Greatest War Movies You Definitely Need to See

10) Saving Private Ryan:

Saving Private Ryan is perhaps one of the best examples of a modern war movie. Set against the backdrop of WW2, this movie chronicles the actions of a group of soldiers carrying out an important mission. The moving interpersonal relationships of these soldiers, juxtaposed against the horrors of war, makes for a compelling story deserving of inclusion in any top 10 list of war Movies.

9) The Dirty Dozen:

The Dirty Dozen chronicles the actions of a group of misfits given one last alternative; complete a suicide mission deep in enemy territory, or face the full weight of military justice. This must see top 10 war movie presents a thrilling picture of teamwork and sacrifice, while delivering an action packed story. The Dirty Dozen spawned several sequels and continues, to be a popular film classic today.

8) The Bridge On the River Kwai:

The Bridge On the River Kwai follows the story of a group of American prisoners of war as they carry out forced labor under harsh conditions. The films main theme is the resilience and indomitable spirits of these men, as they face incredible adversity. The Bridge On the River Kwai is a top ten classic, and testament to the durability of the human spirit.

7) 300:

300 is a top 10 was movie which tells the story of one of the most famous battles in history; the battle of Thermopylae. In this battle a small group of warriors from Sparta, hold off teaming hordes of Persian invaders. Against impossible odds the Spartans continue to fight bravely. The battle is one that history enthusiasts continue to marvel over until today.

6) Full Metal Jacket:

At the time of its release, Full metal Jacket was one of a number of films that examined the legacy of the Vietnam War. This top 10 war movie marked a resurgence of the War movie, genre, which had remained relatively dormant in the preceding years. Full Metal jacket paints a frank and disturbing picture of the realities of war the likes of which was rarely seen before.

5) The Hurt Locker:

The Hurt Locker is a war film that follows a more realistic, documentary style than many movies in this genre. Interestingly, The Hurt Locker is set during the Iraq war as opposed to most war movies which cover less recent conflicts. The movie chronicles the harrowing lives of an Elite Army bomb-squad unit as they perform their dangerous job.

4) Pearl Harbor:

Pearl Harbor is a top 10 selection which documents the lives of two friends who become Army Air Corps pilots during the days leading up to the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor. While essentially a war film the movie touches on the way that war casts its shadow over the personal lives of those who fight. A classic period piece war film, Pearl Harbor remains a fan favorite for its human approach to a historical subject.

3) Uprising:

Uprising is a top ten war movie which follows the events of ordinary people in the Warsaw Ghetto who worked together to resist the aggression of The Nazis. The film is stirring as it paints a picture of the power of people who are not soldiers to fight against a much better armed and equipped force. In this distinction, Uprising stands out among war movies.

2) Hotel Rwanda:

Hotel Rwanda chronicles the actions of a simple hotel manager as he struggles to protect 1000 refugees from an armed militia out for blood. This movie tells a story of war set in the perspective of a man who is not a soldier, but rather a victim of its brutality. Hotel Rwanda has drawn praise for its frank presentation of the details of a tragedy that was ignored by many while it was happening.

1) Master and Commander – The Far Side of the World:

Master and Commander – The Far Side of the World follows the actions of a British naval commander and his crew as they pursue a French warship around the waters of South America. The surprisingly frank and realistic portrayal of this movie is noted by critics as a remarkable achievement in filmmaking. While most war movies take place during industrial era settings, Master and Commander: The Far Side of The World matches the ferocity of modern war epics with technology that appears Kwaint in comparison; making it an easy choice to round out any top 10 war movie list.

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