Top 10 Video Games That Changed Gaming Industry

Video games have been a source of entertainment in the American culture for many generations. Innovations in technology has changed the way video games are made and played from pong all the way up to real-to life war games that are popular today. Anyone that is a fan of video games has their own favorite games they hold in high regard.

10 Video Games That Changed Gaming Industry

1. Pong:

Released in the 1970’s Pong was the first game the public embraced. After the release of Pong the industry realized that to make video games would be profitable.

2. Street Fighter II:

Making its debut in 1991 Street Fighter II offered a new type of fighting game for video game fans to enjoy. Up until its release game that involved fighting were mainly mindless shoot um up games. When Street Fighter II was released it shattered all preconceived ideas of what a fighting game should consist of. The bottom lay out and attack commands of this game were also something new to the gaming world. Moves from the game such as Ryu and Ken’s fireball inspired future fighting games.

3. Doom:

Made for the PC Doom came out in the year 1993. Doom’s impact into the video game world was to have a real-time participant inside the game. Instead of simply observing from the outside, Doom started the trend of the player being inside the game.

4. Super Mario 64:

Super Mario 64 played on the Nintendo 64 revolutionized the gaming world by allowing the character’s world to become 3D. Super Mario 64 which debuted in 1996 took a giant leap in the way that the player saw the action on screen. No longer were levels flat and the view strictly from the side, Super Mario 64’s design which used an analog stick made it possible for the player to change the camera angle of the character, or make Mario run flip or jump and in doing so opened up a whole new world in the gaming industry.

5. Resident Evil:

Released in the year 1996 by Playstation Resident Evil introduced the gaming world to the horror based game. Placing the player in a survivor type of situation that is fights horror-inspired characters.

6. The Sims:

Becoming hugely popular in the year 2000 the Sims game which is played on PC began a new trend in the video game industry. Allowing players the opportunity to build their own virtual worlds and control when their characters ate slept play exercise or any other action imaginable (with in reason). Women in particular were fond of this type of un-ending game that could go on and on as long as the player desired, and there was no real way to win or lose.

7. Wii Sports:

Wii sports was released in 2006 and is played on the Nintendo Wii revolutionized gaming with its motion control. No longer did a player sit idly by and play a game, now they became part of the game. With motions they performed being mimicked by their own screen characters (miis) they were able to bowl, play tennis, or even play baseball. In addition Wii sports changed the dynamic of how people played video games. While traditionally people would play alone or with just one other person, wii sports introduced the world to family game play, even Grandma and Grandpa can play this game.

8. World of Warcraft:

Released in 2004 and played on the PC World of Warcraft created its own sub-culture. Although not the first MMO it perfected the experience with a richly detailed universe. Players are encouraged to explore and the game offers constant expansions so the game can go on as long as the player desires.

9. Call of Duty 4:

Modern Warfare: Released on PC, Xbox 369 and Playstation 3 in the year 2007 Call of Duty made an impression on the gaming world. Playing as soldiers the player was in a war game, but not just any war game, a war game set in modern times. It made the gamer feel like a modern day solider in a current war.

10. LittleBigPlanet:

Released by Playstation 3 in the year 2008 LittleBigPlanet made its impact on the gaming industry by being the first game in which the player could actually build and alter the environment around them.

This list of the top 10 video games that changed the industry include many trend setting and record breaking ideas and platforms that the industry now use all the time when designing new video games.

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