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Like most successful men, Tony Toutouni also has a rags-to-riches-story. Spurred by his large extravagant appetite, the multimillionaire combined determination, hard work, and intuition and is now living his dream life. Toutouni is famed for his uber-rich celebrity lifestyle that includes wild, womanizing antics, luxury automobiles, and tons of cash-flashing. More so, Tony, who doesn’t mince his words is no stranger to controversies. Find out how the entrepreneur caught media attention.

Early Life

It may come as a surprise to many that multimillionaire businessman Tony Toutouni had a very humble beginning. Though Toutouni has not disclosed his exact date of birth, it is common knowledge that he is originally from Iran and was born in 1973. The Islamic Revolution caused Tony’s family to flee from his hometown to the US in pursuit of a better life when he was still a toddler. Except for the fact that his parents are Iranians who eventually bagged post-graduate degrees after they moved to the US, Toutouni has not revealed any information about his parents.

Tony Toutouni always fancied extravagant and luxurious lifestyles and began working towards achieving his dream life. He started making money as a teenager and by age 18, he could already afford a flamboyant lifestyle. From selling car stereos to investing in Hollywood nightclubs, and then to real estate, Toutouni’s hard work and business acumen are apparently paying off.

His Net Worth

Tony Toutouni made his incredible wealth by investing in different ventures. In addition to his numerous assets scattered across different cities, Tony has a private jet, party yacht, and a collection of flashy cars, not forgetting his briefcases which are always filled with money. Despite his extravagant lifestyle, the millionaire playboy’s huge fortune does not seem to be diminishing by the day. Toutouni believes he has made a lot of money and has the exclusive right to enjoy his life carelessly while pissing everyone else off. He enjoys a net worth that is currently pegged at $75 million.

Tony Toutouni’s Lifestyle and Controversies

Self-proclaimed ‘King of Instagram’

Social media undoubtedly played a huge role in catapulting Tony Toutouni to fame. After a few wise business decisions and investments, Tony hit the jackpot. While his bank accounts grew, so did his popularity on social media. The Iranian-born American millionaire first gained attention by making outrageous posts on Instagram. Without any hesitation to document his luxurious lifestyle and display it for the world to see, Tony’s ostentatious and social-media-friendly lifestyle soon gave fans something to gawk at. Today, the Instafamous entrepreneur who knows how to enjoy life to the fullest can boast of millions of Instagram followers.

Bestiality Controversy

Although the Iranian-born businessman is no stranger to controversies, worthy of note is a 2018 bestiality scandal involving Toutouni’s dog named Hef and an Instagram model Deyana Mounira. During a photoshoot in his house, Tony Toutouni alleged that Mounira who was one of the models surprised them when she began stimulating Hef’s genitals.

The businessman initially did not have a problem with the action as long as Mounira did not post the video online as instructed by him. But the “Instafamous” entrepreneur was later disgusted and filed a suit after the model leaked some of the pictures online. On her part, Mounira claimed it was Toutouni who instigated the dog to get on her and the compromising scene was unexpectedly captured on camera. But Toutouni insists that the model’s actions were motivated by the desire for cheap fame. Thus, the self-proclaimed “King of Instagram” sued for damages in order to also teach the model a lesson.

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Does He Have A Girlfriend or Wife?

The eccentric multimillionaire who has a models-and-bottles lifestyle shocked fans in 2016 when he revealed his plans to marry a model Juliann Nicole Chavira. The pair first met at a petrol pump where the model worked and soon established a romantic bond.

Tony Toutouni and Juliann Nicole
Tony Toutouni and Juliann Nicole – image source

After courting for a few years, Tony Toutouni and Juliann got married in 2018 but it wasn’t long before the entrepreneur realized that monogamy was not for him. The erstwhile couple was married for barely a month before calling it quits. However, their union produced a son named James. While Chavira currently lives with their son in Huntington Beach, Tony, on the other hand, continues to enjoy his bachelor lifestyle and hard-partying in Beverly Hills.


Besides his outrageous lifestyle, Tony Toutouni actually has a good side to him. The Instafamous entrepreneur is one of those wealthy men who also spend their riches on charitable causes. From huge donations and distribution of toys to less privileged kids to huge aesthetic donations to people for cosmetic surgery, Toutouni has proven he has a less controversial side to his ostentatious image.

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