Who Is Tony Berlin and What Is His Relationship With Harris Faulkner?

To rise to the top of your profession and succeed enough to establish a company of your own is the dream and goal of many in their professional careers. Not everyone, however, gets to live this dream. In the minority of those who have had such privilege is Tony Berlin, a journalist who has risen to the top of the profession in America, working for several of the big media outlets before he went on to create a company of his own, Berlin Media Relations.

Tony Berlin became a notable name when he appeared on television screens across America as a news anchor but he got more popular through his marriage to another distinguished journalist, Harris Faulkner.

Tony Berlin is a Media Jack of All Trades

The media star was born in Los Angeles on December 9, 1968. Although Tony was birthed to two parents, he was raised by one, growing up with his sister and single mother following his parents’ divorce.

Very little is known of Berlin’s parents, so details of his ethnicity are currently unknown. However, due to his skin colour, he is believed to be predominantly white. As for his religion, Tony Berlin is Jewish.

He grew up in Tucson, Arizona, where he attended Amphitheatre High School. With a stroke of luck and a twist of fate, Tony Berlin perhaps would have been known for a different profession such as a basketballer. During his high school days, he was a prolific basketball player, a quality that followed him up to college at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

While he excelled on the court as a basketball player, he studied Political Science in the classroom and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1989. Tony Berlin’s career started at Cox Broadcasting, where he worked as a producer in the media company.

Being a man who pursued excellence and strived to be the best, Tony returned to the classroom after three years at Cox Broadcasting to obtain a Master’s degree. For this, he attended the American University Graduate School of Communication to study Journalism.

Subsequent to his Masters, Berlin enrolled for a reporting course at the Poynter Institute as part of his efforts to become the best in his field. While he earned his Master’s degree, he worked as an intern at PBS News Hour.

One of the defining traits of journalism is a journeyman’s life. Journalists tend to work for different stations in different locations over the course of their careers. In his ten years as a journalist, Tony Berlin worked across multiple stations as a reporter and news anchor for stations in Virginia, Georgia, Ohio, and Minnesota.

It was at Minneapolis that he began to work for CBS News, where he worked for the network’s affiliate for seven years. That period for Tony Berlin is even more significant because he met his future partner, Harris Faulkner while he was there.

After seven years in Minneapolis, he and Harris Faulkner relocated to New York City. While Harris joined Fox News, Berlin worked for CBS. He was a field producer for the media outlet for a year before he made the switch to public relations.

Before Berlin went on to establish his own public relations company, he worked at Padilla Speer Beardsley as a media relations manager. He then later spent three years working as the director of media relations at Credit.com before he took the plunge and started his own firm – Berlin Media Relations in 2011.

His company specializes in securing positive media exposure for their clients.

About Tony Berlin’s Partner

Tony Berlin and Harris Faulkner
Harris Faulkner- image source

Tony Berlin’s wife, Harris Faulkner, is a renowned journalist and TV host who has won multiple awards for her works. She is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, and an alumnus of the University of California, where she studied Mass Communication. Her parents are Bob Harris and Shirley Harris.

Born Harris Kimberly Faulkner on October 13, 1965, Faulkner is three years older than her hubby. She became famous for hosting Fox News daily daytime shows Outnumbered and Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner. So far, she has bagged six Emmys, among other notable awards.

Unlike her husband who spent the bulk of his younger years in one place, Tucson, Faulkner’s formative years were a little less stable. Being the daughter of high-ranking United States Army Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Bob Harris (retired), her family had to move around a lot while she was growing up.

Having lived in different places, including West Germany, the award-winning Newscaster has been equipped for the journalist’s life since she was young. Since she acquired her Mass Communication degree, Faulkner has worked in Kansas City, North Carolina, and the city where she would eventually meet her husband, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Faulkner and Berlin Met in the Line of Work

Tony Berlin
Faulkner and Berlin – image source

Faulkner and Berlin were both developing journalists in Minneapolis when they met. Despite both of them working in front of the camera at the time, their meeting was reportedly orchestrated by a friend. This was in 2001. After dating for a little over two years, they got married on April 12, 2003, and have since remained a couple.

Their wedding was a rather low-key affair held in Rio Rico, not too far from Berlin’s hometown Tucson. The couple has two girls named Bella and Danika. Bella was born in 2007 while her younger sister Danika was born in 2010.

The family currently resides in New Jersey. They, however, have another home in Arizona where they stay while visiting extended family members. Arizona seems to be a special place for the couple because not only did they go back there for their wedding, their children were baptized there as well.


As their kids grow up, the working mom has had her busy schedule become even busier, with her time split between career and being there for her family. When the girls are not in school, they spend their time on sports like basketball, golf, tennis, and gymnastics.

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Though Harris Faulkner tries her best to be there, the TV personality still feels bad for the games and competitions she unavoidably has to miss because of her busy schedule. However, she acclaims her husband – whom she fondly calls her forever boyfriend – as ever supportive, so the cross is never really on just her.

As the family navigates their way through their hectic life, the proud daddy and mommy often share beautiful images of them on their social media pages.


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