Here’s How Tony Beets Became a Celebrity Miner, The Extent of His Wealth and Facts About His Family

From time immemorial, gold has been a precious substance highly sought after by people for its sheer beauty and intrinsic market value. As beautiful as it appears when refined, it passes through rigorous stages before becoming precious ornaments, the most stressful stage being mining. Gold mining is the meticulous extraction of gold using several methods. As easy as it may sound, it is tedious and requires precision, patience, and tactics; hence, making it a venture for highly skilled professionals. One of the few who has made a successful career from gold mining is Tony Beets. Despite being a farmer for most of his life, he switched to gold mining because of the promise of better remuneration and has since filled his pockets while carving a legacy for himself at the same time. How was he able to achieve all that? Let’s see.

Tony Beets Started as a Farmer

Tony Beets was born on December 15, 1959, in Wijdenes, Netherland, to his parents who were big shots in the farming business. He is of Dutch ethnicity and a Canadian national. There is little information available to the media as regards his childhood except for the fact that he was highly involved in the running of his parent’s farm right from a tender age. At the age of 15, he had total control of the farm, and thus found himself in charge of men way older than him.

Unsure about the future of farming in the Netherlands, Tony relocated to Canada in 1980 and set up a dairy farm. His foray into mining began in 1984 when he overheard a discussion between two men, claiming they earned up to $1000 a week mining gold. Lured by such outrageous wage, he traveled to Whitehorse in search of a gold mining job but found none. Choosing not to be downbeat by this, he settled for an oil mining job before eventually securing a job at a gold mine in Yukon.

In 2011, Tony would transcend the title of a gold miner to become a reality TV star after his talents for mining gold were noticed by Discovery Channel, thus enabling him to make his debut in the season 2 of the famous Reality TV Show, Gold Rush, alongside Fred Dodge, Chris Doumitt, Rick Ness, Parker Schnabel, and Todd Hoffman.

Gold Rush Exploits Account for His Wealth

It was in the second season of the series that Tony Beets first featured in the reality television series. He quickly became an important cast following the advice he offered to Todd Hoffman. He had informed Todd that the best way to go about gold mining was to drill test holes. This gained him the attention of viewers as someone inventive and skilled.

By the fourth season, he had become a big part of the show, leasing land to Parker Schnabel, whom he also mentored on how to go about the business of gold mining. Among other things, it is believed that Tony Beets has thrived in the venture because of his approach that is sometimes unconventional and archaic. For instance, he believes that old-time dredging is the best way to go about gold mining in Klondike, a gold-rich area of The Yukon, Canada.

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Many may disagree with his methods, but it has proven to be very effective as it saw to his first dredge at Eureka Creek, which has brought in a good measure of gold. Refusing to rest on his laurel, Tony bought another dredger, which cost him $1 million. Without a doubt, it would be another profitable investment for him when it is up and running.

How He Achieved a Net Worth of $15 Million

Truly speaking, while there are lots of fans who are staunch followers of the reality show, Gold Rush, there are still a whole lot of people who are highly uninterested in watching a group of guys go through the highly enervating process of sourcing and mining gold. As a result of that, it’s most likely that Tony Beets earned a majority of his wealth from mining gold rather than as a reality TV star. Anyway, his net worth is currently estimated to worth as much as $15 million.

In 2017, the Gold Rush star was fined $31,000 by a court for giving his employees the go-ahead to set ablaze a dredge pond during the process of shooting a stunt, which eventually appeared on the show. Apart from setbacks like these that have cost him some dough, Beets has been making good profits and his earnings are expected to soar in years to come.

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A Look At Tony Beets’ Family Life

The man juggles his time, living in Toronto, Canada, and Arizona, USA, during the off-seasons. If you inquire into the family of the famous gold miner, you will find that he is the son of Klaus and Magda Beets, who owned a large farm in the Netherlands. Sadly, his father passed when he was just 15 years old.

Many have always wanted to know who his siblings are, but the reality star has never said anything about this, making many to conclude he’s the only child of his parents.

Tony Beets and his wife
Tony and Minnie Beets (Image Source)

Tony Beets is currently married to Minnie Beets. As the story goes, they met after his family’s relocation to Burgwerd; at the time when he was 7, while Minnie was 6. They would go on to become close friends, lovers, and eventually, man and wife in 1982. His wife works as a bookkeeper in Tony’s mining company at Paradise Hill. Apart from that, it is said that she is the spokesperson for Gorilla cookies.

Tony and Minnie have built a great home that revolves around four children as they are parents to two daughters and two sons, namely Bianca, Monica, Kevin, and Mike Beets. All of his kids are part of the reality series as members of the Beets Crew; they have been seen working alongside their father at the Paradise Hill Claim. But Bianca is not very enthused about being a part of the family business. It is only a matter of time before she moves on to whatever that interests her.

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