What Is Tonie Perensky Doing Now, How Much Is She Worth and Who Is She Dating?

In the year 1972, thirteen-year-old Tonie Perensky had been chosen to join a group of college students in a program that would define her future career in no small way. Three years later, she was named “Top Teen Actor in the Provence.” What followed was a streak of appearances in widely-received films such as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Fish Don’t Blink, Varsity Blues, Fools Golds, and Dangerous Curves. Within the seventeen years she appeared on screen, Peresnky has developed a large following of loyal fans and viewers. Many of whom are more than willing to know where she is, what she’s up to, and how she has fared in the years following the tragedy that rocked her family.

What Growing Up Was Like For Tonie Perensky

Tonie Perensky was born on April 23, 1959, in Austin, Texas. Asides her birthplace and date, there are not so many details about her lying around, especially as she has been quite miserly with details concerning her early childhood, education, siblings, and parents or what they did for a living. What’s no secret, however, is the fact that she schooled in Austin Texas, and spent the better part of her early life there.

We also know that her family gave her the encouragement befitting for an extraordinarily gifted kid. It is little wonder that, at age thirteen, she was selected to join a group of A-list graduate students studying Fine Arts and Design at the University of Alberta. The program was run under the supervision of eminent Directors from New York, Mark Shoenberg, and Sir John Neville. Her learning there would prove instrumental in her later success.

Her Earliest Appearances From 1988 to 1991

Not long after that, Perensky lived out her training, appearing in several films and TV projects. Under three years, she became Top Teen Actor in the Provence. Her first project was a minor role in Murder Rap (1988), where she portrayed the character of Edison’s Girl and starred alongside Kathleen Feigny and John Hawkes. She did not star in another film until 1991 when she appeared in four different projects, all of which were feature-length TV movies – Another Pair of Aces: Three of a Kind, Horror Hayride, A Seduction in Travis County, and Without Warning: The James Brady Story. She also appeared in Varsity Blues, where she portrayed the stripper character, Miss Davis. whom most people claim shares a striking semblance with former Texas state Governor Sarah Palin.

Hitting The Jackpot in Texas Chain Saw

Tonie Perensky
Tonie Perensky on the set of The Texas Chain Saw with Matthew McConaughey.

The following year, Perensky appeared in another set of projects and made her TV show debut in Dangerous Curves, playing a guest role in an episode and an appearance in the film, Shadow Force. Before the early 90s were over, she would appear in one of the biggest and most iconic productions in film history, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1994). On the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Perensky acted the lead role of Darla, a real estate agent who had a boyfriend, Vilmer (portrayed by Matthew McConaughey). Other actors in the hit movie include Robert jacks and Renee Zellweger.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre made all of its actors’ instant superstars, and Perensky became an overnight sensation. Following its release, she began to appear in several films and TV shows, often in leading roles. One of those is the 1995 production of an episode of Chuck Norris’ famous Drama series, Walker: Texas Ranger, in which she appeared as Susan York.

Her Other Films In the Early 2000s Before Hiatus

Tonie Perensky
Tonie Perensky (right) with Renee Zellweger in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Before she kissed acting goodbye in 2004, Tonie Perensky appeared in other films such as  Sanity (1998) as Roxanne and Fish Don’t Blink (2002) as Frances. She voiced the characters Janet and Sgt. Shannon Brooks in the video games Strike Commander and Crusader: No Remorse, respectively. At the tail end of her career, she starred in the short movies such as The Ten Rules and The Vision, which was her last project released in 2004.

Who Is The Man In Her Life?

Even while she was in the spotlight, Tonie Perensky was incredibly reticent about her personal life, especially her romantic side. Although many sources upheld speculations about her having a man in her life, there was no evidence on which to base such claims. Now out of the camera, there couldn’t have been more uncertainty surrounding her love life. Her uncanny ability to keep personal matters private remains the chiefest reason for the absence of details surrounding the specific family tragedy that rocked her world and kept her away from public eyes for so long. As of this writing, no one can say for sure if she is married or not. Our best bet is that she must have healed from whatever struck her in the past and is currently living her best days as a single woman.

How Much Is She Worth Today?

Though Tonie Perensky is no longer an active member of the showbiz industry, there are inklings as to what she made while there. For starters, she starred in over 25 films and television shows. Several of which was a commercial success, especially her iconic appearance in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. More so, Fool’s Gold, a movie she appeared in, grossed $111.2 million at the box office against its budget of $70 million. Though the specifics are unclear, it’s safe to agree that she carted home a sizeable piece of the large pie. As of this writing, Tonie Perensky is worth over $1.5 million.

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What Has She Been Up To Lately? 

2004 is a long time to be out of the public eye, and Tonie Perensky seems to have settled in for a quiet life. The only news fans heard of her was in late 2014 into 2015, about her expected return in the lead role of a ground-breaking movie project expected to kick off from August 2015. The fact that no one heard about it anymore only goes to confirm that the project might have been either scrapped or put on hold. Perensky is believed to have returned to her birth state of Texas, where she now lives. Although her loyal fans would risk anything to see what she looks like now, we believe she still maintains a good portion of her stunning shape, 5 feet 5 inches height, her brown colored eyes, and brown hair.

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