Toni Mahfud Bio – Age, Height & Body Measurements of The Model

You’d be surprised at all the connections that exist between modeling and fine art, one of which is the fact that both have to do with skillful and attractive presentation. No wonder, Toni Mahfud champions both areas with seeming relative ease; and as you are about to find out, his claim to fame lies on his ability to excel in both fields.

Keep reading to learn more about the German model, Toni Mahfud, including information on his biography, early life, height and physique of the artist, and his career as a model, photographer, and social media influencer.

Toni Mahfud Biography & Age

Toni Gabriel Mahfud was born on December 2, 1994. Reports have it that his parents are originally from Syria but he was born in Germany where his parents lived and naturalized. He currently resides in Hamburg, Germany according to his social media profiles. So, while his nationality is German, the model is of Syrian ancestry.

By his date of birth, Toni Mahfud’s sun sign is Sagittarius. If astrology holds true, Toni would be an adventurous fellow who loves to be free and who is impulsive in his romantic life. Well, his life as a superstar artist seems to support the part about being adventurous and loving freedom; this is because art is all about giving free rein to the imaginative/creative possibilities of one’s spirit.

Certain reports have it that artistic talent runs in Toni Mahfud’s family. As a result, His passion for art began as far back as when he was only 4 years old and possibly even earlier. While details about Toni’s early life, such as the schools he attended, are unavailable, there are sources indicating that Toni’s artwork is principally powered by natural talents. Although he never went to any formal art school, it is said that he had the uncanny ability to recreate his favorite cartoon characters on paper almost without effort.

Over the years, Toni gained popularity across the web and the world by posting his unique artworks online, especially on Instagram. At the time of writing this, he has over 3.5 million followers on Instagram alone. He is also popular on Facebook where he has more than 1 million ‘likes’. He also approximately 155,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel where he shares incredible speed paintings and drawings of his favorite celebrities and movie characters and a host of other incredible videos.

Modeling Career

toni mahfud
Toni Mahfud at the Tommy Hilfiger and Rafael Nadal Launch Global Brand Ambassadorship: Image source.

His physical features, coupled with his artful skill in presentation, are certain assets that have disposed Toni Mahfud to take up modeling as a profession. As a model, he is managed by IMG Models. His modeling clients include some of the biggest brands you can think of. Some of them include Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, G-Star Raw, Tigha, Gillette, Edited, Daniel Wellington, OnePiece, Filling Pieces, AllSaints, Givenchy, Hugo Boss, and more.

Toni Mahfud’s career has had several highlights including the New Year Day of 2017, when Hooklive shared a photo of Toni Mahfud hanging from a building, wearing a pair of black Adidas NMD sneakers. Then, on January 19, 2017, the prestigious modeling magazine, Vogue, listed Toni among ‘Male Models To Know Now’. Two years earlier on August 25, 2015, it was reported that Toni was attending the Tommy Hilfiger and Rafael Nadal Launch Global Brand Ambassadorship at Bryant Park, New York. For the launch, he dressed up in a Tommy Hilfiger-made suit. Also on October 16, 2015, photos surfaced of Toni Mahfud’s editorial photoshoot with denim specialist – G-Star Raw, showcasing their latest collection.

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Height & Body Measurements of The Model

Toni Mahfud’s height is listed as 6 feet and 1 inch which is the equivalent of 185cm; while his body weight is recorded to be 176 pounds which is the equivalent of 80kg. Most of his other body measurements are not presently available but his shoe size is listed as 10 (US) which is equivalent to 43 (EU) and 9 (UK).

He is noted for his athletic build and chiseled face. Other physical attributes include hazel eyes and black hair. There is no denying that Toni Mahfud is attractive and based on the online reception to his social media accounts and photos from his modeling gigs, most people would agree.

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