Who is Tommy Zizzo? (Erika Jayne’s Son) – New Facts About The Police Officer

Some have come by fame because they have walked the ladders while others have come by it because they are associated with those who are famous. Tommy Zizzo came by it as a result of the fame of his mother, Erika “Jayne” Girardi who is an outstanding actress, singer, author, and a television personality.

A police officer with the LAPD, Tommy worked as an explorer in the Jersey City Police Activity League before going to LAPD Academy. He currently works and shuttles between New Jersey and Los Angeles.

Tommy Zizzo Biography

Tommy Zizzo was not what one could regard as a planned child when he was born in 1994. His parents, Thomas Zizzo and Erika Jayne were not yet married when his mother discovered she was pregnant with him. She revealed in her book that she forgot to take her birth control pills as she had no intention of having a child at the time.

Although their relationship was tumultuous, Erica and Thomas still went ahead to get married after the actress and singer discovered she carried a child. The marriage came to an end in divorce in 1996 when Tommy Zizzo was just 18 months old.

Erika got his custody and raised him all by herself for a while before he was taken care of by his father when his mother was pursuing her career. Nonetheless, Tommy later joined his mother again. In 1999, she married an attorney named Thomas Girardi who became a positive influence and another father figure in Tommy’s life.

Despite being a celebrity kid, his mother raised him away from public scrutiny. He went to Rhodes School in New York before proceeding to Los Angeles Police Department Academy where he graduated with honors.

One would expect that with a mother in the entertainment circles Tommy would want to become an actor or even a singer but all he ever wanted while growing up was to be a law enforcement officer and his mother supported him wholeheartedly.

Facts About The Police Officer

1. His Private life

Tommy Zizzo
Tommy Zizzo’s mother, Erika “Jayne” Girardi (Image Source)

Tommy Zizzo has lived a protected life, despite having a mother who is constantly in the media for different reasons. Tommy has deliberately kept his life away from the media. His mother, in her bid to give him a regular childhood, made sure he was out of the public eye and Tommy has chosen to maintain the low profile. While the press and media are always scouting for information about celebrity kids, not much has been reported about Tommy. His chosen career might be one of the reasons for his continued low profile.

2. Thomas Zizzo (His Father)

Tommy seems to have had some important “Thomases” in his life. While he was named after his father, Thomas (Tommy), his stepfather is also Thomas Girardi.

Thomas Zizzo owns a Male strip club “Hunk Mansion”. He is the president of “Bail King Bail Bonds” and owns the online company “Pure CRO” Las Vegas, Nevada.

3. What To Know About His Mother Erika Girardi 

Tommy’s entrance into Erika’s life was unexpected. As explained in her book, she was late in taking her birth control pills and got pregnant. Like any mother will feel, she fell in love with her son and became fiercely protective of him. Despite having a baby, Erika didn’t lose sight of her career. She wanted to have it all. She reportedly had to leave Tommy in the custody of his father when he was 3 years old to pursue her career but late reunited with her son.

While Erika started acting in the 1990s her musical career started much later. Her debut single became a hit and she released several other songs like “Stars”, “Time to Realize”, “Sex Shooter”, “Pretty Mess”, “Give You Everything”, “One Hot Pleasure” amongst other popular songs. Erika has had 6 singles on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs. Her songs have been used in various movies like “High Society” (2017), “Summer” (2011), and “Hit and Run” (2009).

Erika’s hard work and resilience have paid off as she has won various awards with much more nominations to her name.

Tommy’s grandmother, Renee Chahoy, is also an actress who has appeared in films such as “Back to One: First Position” (2017) and “The Cardinal Rule” (2017). She is also a cinematographer.

4. Relationship

Tommy is presently unmarried and it’s uncertain if he is in any relationship as he continues to keep a low profile. But then, his mother revealed that he has a very good taste in women as he has never been around an “insane” woman.

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5. Net Worth

Being a police officer, Tommy Zizzo doesn’t seem to have a very big purse in terms of fortune. However, his exact net worth is still not known. On the other hand, his mother has a net worth that is estimated to be about $5million as of 2019.

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