A Breakdown of Tomi Lahren’s Net Worth and Relationship Timeline

Tomi Lahren is not one to ever shy away from controversy. The former American television host is known around the US because of her conservative political views and controversial comments. As a conservative, she gained a lot of prominence through her serial attacks on liberal politics. She has been able to garner lots of fans as a result of this as many conservative viewers enjoy tuning in to watch her video segments where she voices out her thoughts on trending political topics. And while being controversial would be economic sabotage for most people, it has given Tomi Lahren a chance at being rich through her significant net worth.

How Conservatism Has Earned Tomi Lahren a Substantial Net Worth

According to several internet sources, Tomi Lahren’s rapid rise as a political commentator has earned her a total net worth of $3 million. The conservative media star has built her wealth in a short time since she began her career as a host at One America News Network (OANN).

Since then, she has expanded her reach from radio to television, social media, and political campaigns. Through these ventures, the South Dakota-born Republican has garnered enormous wealth while spreading the conservative gospel.

How She Makes Her Money

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Growing up, Tomi Lahren attended Central High School in Rapid City, South Dakota. Right from a very young age, she had always had strong political views and did not waste time to air them. This was evident when she gained admission to the University of Nevada in Las Vegas to study broadcast journalism and political science.

While at the university, she was a vocal person and soon began to host The Scramble, the university’s political roundtable show. Tomi later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2014. Following her graduation, she took the first significant step on her road to becoming famous and wealthy.

TV Hosting

After her graduation, Tomi Lahren started seeking work and soon applied to One America News Network, a TV news channel where she was hoping to find an internship role. Things, however, turned out better than she had hoped as she not only got the job but was also allowed to start hosting her show on the TV channel.

Tomi was ecstatic and immediately moved from Rapid City to San Diego, California to start work. She created her show and called it On Point With Tomi Lahren. The show debuted in August 2014. About a year later, the TV host shot into the limelight after she became very vocal in criticizing the Chattanooga shootings – a terror attack carried out by Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez who killed as many as five military officers by opening fire on two military installations in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

After the attacks, Tomi made a video commenting on the incident and the footage went viral on the internet. This made her quite popular among Americans who started to watch her show in large numbers. Ms. Lahren, however, soon quit working with One America News Network and moved to TheBlaze, a television network in Texas where she started another show.

It was while at TheBlaze that she achieved huge fame. She made her show popular by ending each program with a 3-minute segment she called Final Thoughts. Tomi Lahren is reported to have earned an estimated $190,000 in yearly salary, with an additional $40,000 per year as wardrobe allowance.

After her time on TheBlaze came to an end, Tomi began working as a contributor on Fox News before later landing her own talk show on the network called First Thoughts. Her exact earnings here are unknown.

Political Commentary

Tomi Lahren’s work as a political commentator has greatly contributed to her net worth. It is here that her unique skill set of weaponizing outrage is properly used to attract viewers to her show. In this role, she has appeared on multiple shows, a majority of which are for Fox News. She has appeared on Fox and Friends, Watters’ World, Outnumbered, and Hannity. The non-Fox News shows she has featured in are The Daily Show, The View, and Real Time with Bill Maher.

As a political commentator for Fox News, Tomi Lahren reportedly earns an estimated $60,330 per month, and $723,000 a year.

Social Media and Political Campaigns

Lastly, social media has been a significant contributor to Tomi Lahren’s $3 million net worth. She has more than four million followers on Facebook and over three million followers across Instagram and Twitter. This broad online reach has made her an attractive brand for advertisers who wish to leverage her popularity to push their products.

Also, the conservative host has made money working for political campaigns. She has worked for the Great America Alliance, a campaign arm of Donald Trump.

Breakdown of Tomi Lahren’s Relationship History

Although Tomi Lahren’s personal life is not the aspect of her life that draws the most interest, her love life appears to also be quite interesting. Since she found fame, she has been in two known relationships; with Jerad Christian and Brandon Ficke.

Jerad Christian (2015 – 2016)

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Tomi Lahren was in a romantic relationship with Jerad Christian, an American military officer who is a member of the Navy SEAL. The couple met and started dating in February 2015 but they soon parted ways afterward.

In 2016, the political commentator hinted that she was single but didn’t explain why she parted ways with Jerad. Not much is therefore known about their relationship. The relationship, however, inspired an extraordinary July 2015 speech against President Barack Obama that contributed to Lahren’s rise to fame.

Brandon Ficke (2018 – 2020)

Sometime in March 2018, a die-hard Trump supporter and businessman named Brandon Ficke sent a message to Lahren via social media DM. The pair exchanged messages before later meeting up in person about nine months later and began a relationship.

About a year into the relationship, Tomi Lahren and Brandon Ficke got engaged. The couple got engaged on June 29, 2019. The news of their engagement drew applause from fans all over the internet but unfortunately, the applause did not last for long.

Why The Engagement Was Called Off

Less than a year after the couple ceremoniously got engaged, they parted ways. According to reports by the Daily Mail, Tomi Lahren was the one who called off the engagement in the middle of February 2020. At the time, the duo had been dating for two and a half years.

The gossip website reported that the decision to end the engagement was mutual, and both parties are committed to being friends. As for the exact reason why it was called off, insiders say that the Fox News superstar wasn’t ready to settle down despite celebrating and claiming she was looking forward to life with the Not My President Calendar founder in June 2019.

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