Who Is Tom Oar of The Mountain Men, Who Are His Family and Where Is He Now?

Did you know some Americans are living at the very fringe of existence; without electricity, pipe-borne water, hospital facilities, or even grocery stores? Thanks to reality TV shows like History Channel’s Mountain Men, we have come to know and identify with people like Tom Oar who take delight in living off the land, far away from the conveniences of modern civilization.

Dutifully donning a cowboy hat atop long white beards and wizened face, Tom has a life-size figure that is difficult to forget. As such, he has continued to gain the attention of many people who ask questions about his early life and how he settled for the kind of life he lives.

Tom Oar’s Life Before The Mountain Men

Tom Oar is a former rodeo rider, hunter, and tanner who became famous as a reality TV star. Together with his wife Nancy, Tom is one of the six cast members in the History Channel’s reality series, appearing in all of its eight seasons. Others are Eustace Conway, Marty Meierotto, Marty’s wife Dominique, and their daughter Noah.

Not much was known about Oar until he started appearing on the reality series. Details about his early life are hard to come by. However, information available on certain platforms have it that he was born in 1945 in Northern Illinois. He also married and settled there. But then, Tom and his wife later moved over to the hinterlands of Montana State to enable him to stay closer to his rodeoing colleagues.

He Considers Bronc Riding His Life’s Calling

Based on what he said, he started dreaming of featuring in the sport in his earliest days. Thus, when he turned 20, he began to take trips to the Big Sky Country during the rodeo seasons. There, he would keenly watch the cowboys involved in the daredevil sport of steer wrestling, bull riding, tie-down roping, and more. With time, he started taking part in these sports that would later define him.

The man would spend most of his life pursuing a rodeo career. He rode buckin’ horses for two and a half-decade and rode bulls for eighteen years. Tom Oar rode his last saddle bronc when he was 41 years old. He later moved with his wife from Illinois to Montana and armed with some mechanical tools, they were able to cut logs of wood with which they built a house for themselves. They have lived in that house for over 35 years.

Becoming a Reality TV Star

Mountain Men is a reality TV series that follows eight modern American families living the wildlife in six US states. The series follows the everyday stories of people who live in the mountains and wilderness, in remote parts of North Carolina, Alaska, and other U.S. locations.

After living in the mountain terrains of Montana for over 30 years, the opportunity came knocking at Tom’s door. He was asked to be part of Mountain Men, he accepted the offer and was part of the show when it premiered in 2012. He was a part of the show unit its last episode for Season 8 aired in November 2018.

Tom and His Wife in their Mountain Home
Tom and His Wife in their Mountain Home: Image Source

While Tom Oar and his wife Nancy, as well as Rich Lewis and his wife Diane, feature in the show from Montana State; Marty Meierotto with his wife Dominique, and their daughter Noah, are in Alaska. Also in Alaska is Morgan Beasley. Eustace Conway is in North Carolin and George Michael in Idaho. Others include Kyle Bell who lives in New Mexico with his son Ben and Jason Hawk who lives in Arkansas.

Mountain Men has aired on History Channel from May 31, 2012, to November 1, 2018. It has so far aired through eight seasons of 108 episodes. The ninth season of the series is expected to be released in June 2020.

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Tom Oar and His Family are Still Part of The Show

Tom is no doubt one of the key cast members of the reality series. He has been part of the show since its beginning and has so far drawn lots of positive reactions. He is one of the cast members viewers long to see in each episode of the show, thanks to his craftsmanship and rugged ways.

Mountain Men’s season seven finale saw plenty of speculation about Tom’s future as part of the reality series. Being a beloved cast of the show, speculations about him leaving the show only left his fans worried.

The news about the departure of Tom’s family from the show was first sparked by a YouTube channel called Showbiz Whisperer, which made a couple of claims, including that one of the cast members would be leaving. Mountain Men Season 8 was released on June 6, 2019, and has the former rodeo cowboy gracing all of its episodes.

Since the show has followed a consistent pattern of premiering sometime between May and July each year, Mountain Men Season 9 is expected to be released in June 2020. If things go as planned, devotees will see more of Tom and his outdoor skills. With a viewership of more than 35 million, Mountain Men is branded as one of the top-rated shows on History Channel.

Nancy Oar Isn’t His First Wife

Tom and nancy oar mountain men
Tom Oar and his wife Nancy: Image source

Tom Oar is married to Nancy Oar with whom he shares a love for the wildlife. Like Tom, Nancy is a native of northern Illinois. The couple has co-starred on Mountain Men all along. Tom is not one to talk about his personal life, so it is not known when they got married. What we do know of the two is that they’ve been together as a couple for many years.

Tom and Nancy have a son named Chad and a daughter called Keelie Oar who passed away at the age of 49 on April 26, 2015. Although Chad and Keelie are not Nancy’s biological children, she took care of them like they were her own. Tom and Nancy’s family line extends with Chad’s son Tanner Oar. Both of Tom’s children are from Jan Frazer whom he was first married to. Almost nothing is known about the woman who is Tom’s ex-wife.

Tom’s father, Chike, was said to have once worked on the Wild West Show. We know nothing about his mother and he has a brother named Jack.

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