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Right now, it is going on: the breathless hustles and bustles amid smart devices and other sizzling technologies. It is happening in modern American city centers like New York, Washington DC, Boston, and more – far more than elsewhere. But, who imagines that, in the midst of it all, there are Americans living at the very fringe of existence – having no electricity or pipe-borne water, hospital facilities or even grocery stores? Thanks to reality TV shows like History Channel’s The Mountain Men, we have been able to know and identify such people as Tom Oar who are living away from life.

Dutifully donning a cowboy hat atop long white beards and wizened face, Tom Oar easily cuts out a life-size figure of Moses or Abraham that you can find on a kiddies Bible story page. Yet, he is real as a rock and shares one America with all other Americans.

Who is Tom Oar?

Tom Oar is a former rodeo rider, hunter and tanner who became famous as a reality TV star in recent years. Together with his wife Nancy, Tom is one of the six cast members in the History Channel’s reality series The Mountain Men, appearing in all its seven seasons. Others are Eustace Conway, Marty Meierotto, Marty’s wife Dominique, and their daughter Noah.

Not much was known about Oar until his appearance on the set of The Mountain Men since May 31, 2012. So, details about his early life are hard to come by. However, information available on certain wiki sources have it that he was born in 1945 in Northern Illinois. He also married and settled there. However, over the years, he and his wife moved over to the hinterlands of Montana State to enable him to stay closer to his rodeoing colleagues.

All that Tom Oar and his wife had while moving from Illinois to Montana was a chainsaw. Armed with the mechanical tool, they were able to cut logs of wood with which they built a house for themselves. They have lived in that house for the past 35 years.

Tom Oar considers riding broncs his life’s calling. He said he started dreaming of featuring in the sport in his earliest days, thus, when he turned 20, he began to take trips to the Big Sky Country during the rodeo seasons. While there, he would take so much interest in watching the cowboys involved in the daredevil sport of steer wrestling, bull riding, tie-down roping and more. Then, with time, he started taking part in these sports that would later define him.

The Mountain Men

The Mountain Men is a reality TV series that follows eight modern American families living the wildlife in six US states. Tom Oar and his wife Nancy as well as Rich Lewis and his wife Diane, are in Montana State. Marty Meierotto with his wife Dominique and their daughter Noah are in Alaska. Also in Alaska is Morgan Beasley. Eustace Conway is in North Carolina. George Michael is in Idaho. Kyle Bell lives in New Mexico with his son Ben. Jason Hawk lives in Arkansas.

The Mountain Men aired on The History Channel from May 31, 2012, to November 1, 2018. It has, so far shown through seven seasons of 108 episodes.

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Tom Oar Family, Who is The Wife?

Tom and nancy oar mountain men
Tom Oar and his wife Nancy: Image source.

As already states above, Tom Oar is married to Nancy Oar with whom he shares a love for the wildlife. The couple has costarred together on The Mountain Men. Together, Tom and Nancy have a son named Chad.

Tom’s father, Chike, was said to have once worked on the Wild West Show. But we know nothing about his mother. He has a brother named Jack.

How Much is He Worth?

As already said, the love for this sport is what made Tom Oar to settle in the wilderness of Montana. The circumstances in which they lived were so poor that they had no electricity for up to seventeen years. And, even now, to buy groceries, they have to go at least a distance of 50 km. So, to survive the environment, Oar would engage in hunting and tanning deer skins. According to him, one of such deer skins sells for as much as $4000. So, apart from his rodeo circuits, Tom must have made a fortune from tanning.

Tom’s net worth is widely reported to be $200,000. He could have made a substantial part of that amount from tanning alone and a sizeable part from rodeoing. But many people believe that where he and his wife really made their money was from starring in The Mountain Men.

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