Tom Macdonald Net Worth: How Much Money the Rapper Has Since Quitting Wrestling

It won’t be an exaggeration to describe Tom MacDonald as one of the most polarizing figures in the rap genre at the moment. Ever since the Canadian rapper arrived on the scene with his unique brand of music, dropping singles such as “WHITEBOY”, “Everybody Hates Me”, and “If I Was Black”, he has received an equal measure of bashing and love.

While some hail him for talking about real issues and going beyond the rap culture of glorifying materialism, drugs, exploitation of women, and gun violence, others are not so impressed. They believe that MacDonald is some sort of homophobic, racist, and sexist creature with his apologist music for white people. Some have even called for him to be canceled but the rapper keeps soldiering on.

His music videos have accumulated millions of YouTube views and he has toured various parts of the globe. All this has resulted in a net worth of about $500 thousand which is certainly not bad for such a controversial lyricist

Breaking Down How He Acquired His $500 Thousand Net Worth

His Songs Have Attracted Millions of Downloads Online

The primary source of Tom MacDonald’s net worth is album sales and it would interest you to know that the Canadian rapper endured a circuitous route on his journey to stardom. As a young boy growing up in Canada, MacDonald loved music as well as keeping fit and spent lots of hours in the gym. His physique and skills eventually caught the eye of those around him and they advised him to try his hands at wrestling. He took this advice and spent much of his teen years wrestling all over his motherland.

The young MacDonald accumulated quite some wins and prestige but his love for music kept on niggling at him and so, in the mid-2010s, he boldly decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue his music career. It has been about five years since then and MacDonald has been hard at work. He has dropped several albums including Killing The Neighbours, Ghoststories, Deathreats, See You Tomorrow, and LeeAnn’s Son. These albums have spurned several popular singles including WHITEBOY, Politically Incorrect, Straight White Male, White Trash, Dear Rappers, and People So Stupid.

Other songs of his are Coronavirus, Everybody Hates Me, Cloned Rappers, I Don’t Drink, I Hate Hip Hop, Sad Rappers, Helluvit, The Way I Am, and much more.

These songs have attracted millions of digital streams on sites such as Spotify and iTunes. Their videos have also been viewed about 53 million times on YouTube alone and they have been aired throughout Canada by channels such as MuchMusic. Macdonald has also been nominated for the Leo award and all this has contributed to his earnings and consequently, his net worth.

He Has Toured With the Likes of Major Lazer and Wu-Tang Clan

Tours and concerts are other major sources of Tom MacDonald’s net worth. The Canadian rapper has made thousands of dollars from supporting major artists such as Major Lazer, Wu-Tang Clan, Swollen Members, and Madchild. He has also toured with the likes of New York hard-core rap group, Onyx; the legendary indie/porncore/horrorcore rapper named Kool Keith; and American rock band, Falling in Reverse.

MacDonald’s tour with Falling in Reverse ran from November 7th to December 11th, 2019, and saw them perform in several American cities such as Omaha, St Louis, Ventura, Tucson, Flagstaff, Louisville, Indianapolis, Rochester, Columbus, Stroudsburg, Albany, Belvidere, Madison, San Francisco, New Haven, Providence, Columbus, Dallas, Anaheim, and Columbia.

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There is no available data on ticket earnings and gross but you can trust that MacDonald got a good share of whatever they grossed.

Tom MacDonald Has a Merch Line known as The Hangovergang

The rapper may preach a clean version of rap music but this has not hindered him from naming his movement the Hangovergang. This covers his burgeoning fan base and is also the name of his official merchandise line which can be found on the internet.

The online shop carries items such as ski masks and multiple shirt designs. There are also signed versions of some of MacDonald’s best albums. These items range in price from about $15 to $55 dollars and are very popular amongst the rapper’s fans, further contributing to his net worth.

The Rapper Lavishes His Money on His Loved Ones

With a net worth of $500k, one cannot say that Tom MacDonald has hit it big in the music industry. There is however no doubt that he is doing well for himself and stands to make more if he focuses on his craft. Meanwhile, he doesn’t indulge in luxury spending.

There are no flashy sports cars or humongous mansions to be seen. He rather enjoys spending quality time with his loved ones and spending his money on them. Amongst these loves ones is his long-time girlfriend, Nova Rockafeller. Nova is also a rapper and she often helps her man shoot his music videos. There is no doubt that what she and MacDonald have is real and would stand the test of time.

Another set of people that the rapper cherishes and loves spending money on is his parents. He named his very first album after his mother, LeeAnn. He has also posted lovely tributes to his father. For instance on father’s day, he posted a picture of himself with his dad in Times Square and described him as a great man as well as his best friend.

It is MacDonald’s hopes that he can one day go beyond words in showing his family how much he loves them. In the lyrics for his 2018 song, This House, the rapper shared his desire to buy a car for his dad; a house for his mom; as well as make his sister so rich that she would never have to work another day.

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Tom MacDonald’s Best Songs and Albums


  • People So Stupid
    Year of release – 2020
    Chart – No. 1 on Hip-Hop iTunes Chart
    Sales – N/A
    Year of release – 2018
    Sales – N/A
  • Straight White Male
    Year of release – 2019
    Sales – N/A
  • Everybody Hates Me
    Year of release – 2018
    Sales – N/A
  • Politically Incorrect
    Year of release – 2018
    Sales – N/A


  • LeeAnn’s Son
    Year of release – 2014
    Sales – N/A
  • Dream People and the Whiskey Wars
    Year of release – 2015
    Sales – N/A
  • Flowers for the dead
    Year of release – 2020
    Sales – N/A
  • See You Tomorrow
    Year of release – 2015
  • Deathreats
    Year of release – 2018
    Sales – N/A
  • Ghoststories
    Year of release – 2019
    Sales – N/A
  • Killing the Neighbours
    Year of release – 2020.
    Sales – N/A
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