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Todd Thompson is an American TV personality and clothing designer who is famous for his marriage to a celebrity chef and popular TV host, Giada De Laurentiis. Thompson’s marriage put him in the limelight as he made appearances on Everyday Italian and Giada at Home. Both were food shows hosted by his then-wife, Laurentiis.

Perhaps more interesting is the fact that Thompson was divorced from his wife after 11 years of being together in what would fit the description of a celebrity marriage. The divorce, which saw Todd Thompson cutting a good deal, took place after they had welcomed a daughter. Now, even though the couple has parted ways, they still live within a shouting distance which enables them to jointly raise their daughter.

Who is Todd Thompson and How Old is He?

Born on January 8, 1963, in Grand Rapids, Miami, Florida to Mary Thompson, Todd Thompson is known to have a brother, Trevor Thompson. While much is not known about his childhood, Thompson has an impressive height of 6 feet 2 inches and light brown hair. Information about his educational background and parent occupation is not publicly known.

Todd Thompson

Is Todd Thompson Gay?

There’s currently no information indicating Thompson is gay. After his marriage with Giada Laurentiis hit the rocks in 2015, both exes have moved on with their lives, though still supporting each other especially in raising their daughter, Jade. While Laurentiis moved on, hooking up with Shane Farley, producer of FABLife, Thompson has found another love in a model and fashionista named Heather Lacombe. Thompson shared a romantic photo on his Twitter handle on Heather’s birthday, showing him hugging his new love from behind, and setting tongues wagging on his life after calling it quits with Laurentiis.

What is Thompson Doing Now?

Currently, Thompson works as a fashion designer for Anthropologie, a fashion brand. While also focusing on raising his daughter, he has gone out of public life, but occasionally shares pictures of her new love, Heather. Interestingly, from meeting his ex, Giada while she was an Anthropology student, to marriage, divorce, and now raising his daughter in conjunction with Giada, Thompson now designs clothes for Anthropologie. Isn’t there something with Anthropology that obviously excites Todd Thompson?

Net Worth

Thompson received a whopping $2 million in the divorce settlement with Giada, in addition to retaining their Pacific Palisades home worth $3.2 million. Even though his salary is not known, Thompson is estimated to be $8 million in net worth. With a percentage share of royalties from Giada’s Cookbooks and TV appearances, as well as a further $9k per month in child support as part of his divorce deal, plus his earnings as a designer with Anthropologie, Thompson’s finances are set to keep his accounts steadily in blue.

Marriage and Divorce

Thompson met Giada De Laurentiis when she was a 19-year old broke Anthropology student of UCLA. He would take her out for food, and Giada would return the gesture with her native meals at her grannies’. And though Giada’s grandfather would mock Thompson for tearing pasta with fork and knife, Thompson would, without taking any offense, laugh it off, unwittingly endearing himself the more to his later-to-be in-laws.

Thompson and Giada tied the knots on May 25, 2003, and in 2008, they welcomed a daughter named Jade which, incidentally, is the Italian translation of Giada. Thompson’s marriage lasted 11 years before the couple parted ways amicably, with the divorce deal finalized on September 3, 2015. With his 62 appearances on Giada at Home, Thompson may have portrayed himself as a hubby who would support his wife in the kitchen whether on TV or in real life.

And perhaps to further his support for Giada, Thompson deployed his designer’s expertise to Giada’s first restaurant in Las Vegas, as he designed the coats used by the restaurant’s chefs. Thompson, who knew nothing about cooking until he met Giada, obviously moved from a clothing designer with no culinary expertise, to a foodie. And on his Twitter profile, he would proudly describe himself as a Dad, Clothing Designer, Foodie, Spots, Car, and Music Enthusiast.

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Though reason for Thompson’s divorce was the usual “irreconcilable differences”, there were earlier rumours of Giada’s affair with singer John Meyer, and her co-worker Bobby Flair, including Matt Lauer – a scandal that probably threw a spanner in her marriage, and obviously added spice to the divorce news despite Giada’s repeated public rebuttal of the allegations.

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