Who Is Todd Thompson, What Is He Doing Now And Who Has He Been With Since His Divorce?

Food has a way of bringing people of different races, cultures, and languages together. Coincidentally, Todd Thompson and Giada De Laurentiis had an underlying food undertone somewhere in-between. Thompson, a television personality and fashion designer ended up getting married to De Laurentiis, a world-renowned Italian-American chef, and television personality.

Todd’s marriage to Giada was largely responsible for his sudden emergence into the limelight. The Italian chef is the host of the popular Giada at Home television show which airs on Food Network. Furthermore, she is a guest co-host and contributor on Today, a news show aired on NBC network. De Laurentiis, founder GDL Foods, is a one-time recipient of the prestigious Daytime Emmy Award and the Gracie Award.

De Laurentiis also featured him a couple of times on two of her shows – Everyday Italian and Giada at Home which brought him more fame. The news of their divorce came as a shock to many considering the fact that they had a daughter and had spent over a decade together. Learn more about Todd Thompson, his latest ventures, and his love life post-divorce below.

Todd Thompson’s Background and Early Life

Born on January 8, 1963, the T.V personality grew up in the exquisite Grand Rapids in Miami, Florida. Not much is known about the identities of his immediate family members except that his mother’s name is Mary Thompson and that he has a brother named Trevor. Similarly, information regarding the various schools the fashion designer attended is not available in the public domain.

However, it was gathered that Todd picked up interest in fashion designing during his formative years. The Florida native has turned this passion into a blossoming career for himself. Thompson has worked for several fashion outfits as a clothing designer. He has also done freelance and consultancy gigs for private individuals and corporate firms.

Asides designing clothes, Thompson is also an acclaimed TV personality. The talented designer has made appearances in several high rated television shows across the United States of America. Although, much of his fame as a television personality came when he began making appearances on his wife’s shows.

It is also known that the talented designer rendered unwavering support to his wife in her career as a chef and as a television show host. De Laurentiis featured him on two of the shows she hosted – Everyday Italian and Giada at Home. Thompson made an impressive 62 appearances on Giada at Home. The popular designer also deployed his expertise in designing Giada’s Las Vegas restaurant. Part of the work he did at the restaurant was designing the coats used by the restaurant’s chefs.

How Todd Thompson and Giada De Laurentiis Became A CoupleTodd Thompson

Thompson met Giada while she was still studying Anthropology at the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles. The fashion designer often took her out to nice restaurants while the celebrity chef returned the gesture with lovely home-cooked Italian meals at her grannies’.

Todd was frequently teased by Giada’s grandfather for tearing pasta with fork and knife which he took without offense, laughing it off and unwittingly endearing himself to his future in-laws. Thompson, who knew perhaps only a little about cooking until he met Giada, obviously moved from a clothing designer with no culinary expertise, to a foodie. His Twitter to date bears the Inscription – Dad, Clothing designer, Foodie, Sports, Car, and Music Enthusiast.

On May 25, 2003, at an elaborate wedding ceremony, Todd and Giada both exchanged their marital vows in presence of family and friends. The couple welcomed their daughter, Jade Marie De Laurentiis-Thompson, on March 29, 2008. Jade was named after her mother as Giada is the Italian translation for Jade.

The Designer’s Reason For Annulling His Marriage

Few years after the birth of their daughter, Todd and Giada’s marriage began to suffer many setbacks. The couple got separated sometime in July 2014 after they couldn’t bear it any longer. Giada took to her website on December 29, 2014, to announce that they were seeking an annulment of their marriage. The marriage was officially annulled the next year on September 3, 2015, after both parties had agreed on a divorce settlement.

Though the reason for Thompson’s divorce was the usual “irreconcilable differences”, there were earlier rumors of Giada having multiple extramarital affairs. The guys linked to her were the singer, John Meyer, her co-worker Bobby Flair, including Matt Lauer. This scandal went on to complicate the already turbulent marriage as it drove a wedge between the couple and obviously added spice to the divorce news despite Giada’s repeated public rebuttal of the allegations.

What Has Todd Thompson Been Up To Lately?

The popular fashion designer benefitted quite nicely from his divorce with Laurentiis. Thompson reportedly received a whopping $2 million as part of the divorce settlement in addition to retaining their Pacific Palisades mansion valued at $3.2 million. The divorce settlement also guarantees him a percentage share of royalties from Giada’s Cookbooks and TV appearances as well as a further $9,000 per month in child support.

It was also gathered that the fashion designer spends most of his spare time at his newly acquired home. Todd currently works for Anthropologie, a leading fashion brand, as a clothing designer. However, he has resigned from public life to focus more on his career as a fashion designer and to spend more time with his daughter, Jade.

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Dating Life after the Divorce

The talented clothing designer has been romantically linked to a couple of women after his divorce with his celebrity ex-wife was finalized in 2015. Meanwhile, Laurentiis decided to hook up with Shane Farley, the acclaimed producer of FABLife. Thompson, on the other hand, found love again with Heather Lacombe, a popular model, and fashionista.

A while later, in what was seen as an unofficial announcement of his new relationship with Lacombe, Thompson posted a romantic photo of himself and the model on her birthday. As you can rightly imagine, the photo set a lot of tongues wagging.

Despite the fact that they have both moved on, Laurentiis and Thompson still maintain close ties with one other. The reason is simple – they both share equal responsibility in raising their daughter, Jade.

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