The Truth About Timmy Thick, His Controversies and Comeback

One place where ordinary people could turn to celebrities overnight is social media. With just a little display of uniqueness and talent, people find themselves on the celebrity ladder, climbing higher by the minute. Someone like Timmy Thick may still be young but he is already a high-profile star, thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Even with his unserious contents, Timmy, like many other celebrities, is garnering fame and wealth through social media. Let’s find out some more about what makes him special.

Who Is Timmy Thick, What Is His Real Name?

Timmy Thick is a social media sensation from New York. He is best known for the raunchy selfies he posts on various media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, which has garnered him thousands of followers. Timmy was born on the 21st day of the month of August in 1999 and was raised in New York City.

The youngster has managed to keep information about his parents, siblings and even his name a secret but some sources claim that his real name is Jason Thick. Timmy holds an American nationality and his ethnicity is white. Other information about his education and childhood experiences cannot be found. Nevertheless, there are interesting facts to know about the young celebrity, especially how he came out of nowhere and became very popular without much stress.

Is Timmy Thick a Boy or Girl?

You would be forgiven for thinking Timmy is a girl at first glance because he completely looks like a girl, a pretty one too. Nevertheless, he is indeed a boy and doesn’t shy away from that part of him, even though he has a lot of feminine side.

Life as a young child was not that easy for the youngster. He often speaks of being bullied by most of his schoolmates, mainly because of his peculiar body. Even when he joined the social media community and began posting several pictures which are mostly considered provocative, the level of bullying, harassment and criticism increased. Unphased by the hate he received, Timmy remained undeterred by these circumstances and continued making pictures that show his feminine side.

Talking about the controversies surrounding his gender, Timmy Thick says he prefers to be recognised as a boy rather than the girlish features he often displays on his social media platforms. He is not known for replying his critics but when he does, his only reply was that part of growing up is when one gets physically, mentally and emotionally content. One of his tweets also had him saying “You will damage yourself trying to get everyone to like you. Just be you.”

How His Journey to Fame Worked Out

Timmy now enjoys a huge fan base mostly on his Instagram handle which he opened in 2016. From the start, he is known for his effeminate selfies which generated him so many followers on the platform. Even with the growing criticism and backlash from those who consider him too young to make provocative pictures, he still remained courageous with his media activities. Among his growing fans are some well-known social media sensations like the Dominican-American rapper known as Ugly God, and media personality, Danielle Bregoli.

Following his growing fan base on Instagram, Timmy launched a self-titled YouTube channel where he also makes and posts videos of himself twerking. The YouTube channel, his Twitter handle and Instagram have thousands of followers, figures that would have run into millions if his accounts had not run into troubles in the past due to controversies.

Outside his popularity on social media. Timmy is just an ordinary kid with friends who think he would do better as a lipstick model, considering how attractive his lips are.

The Myriad Of Controversies That Stalled His Media Fame

Timmy Thick boy or girl? His, boyfriend

Timmy Thick’s primary account on Instagram used to boom with thousands of ardent followers and could have reached millions had it not been closed down on several occasions. As much as Timmy got himself a growing number of friends, the young Instagram star also has a good number of haters who are uncomfortable with his pictures as they assume that he is too young to do certain things.

People who think his posts are influencing their children filed a complaint on Twitter until his handle was finally disabled. Despite being frequently disabled, Timmy always opens new pages where he continues with his picture posts. In one of the Instagram accounts he opened, he claimed to be back and ‘thicker than ever.’

The climax of his controversies came in March 2018 when he announced on Twitter that everything he had done in the past few months was a social experiment by Harvard. According to Timmy, the whole charade was a 24-month sociological study conducted by Harvard and since the research was complete, it’s time to take a bow and he did disappear from social media with all his accounts disabled. However, in true Timmy style, he made another comeback.

The Grand Comeback

Timmy Thick is the master of comebacks and with his latest episode, he has raised more dust than before. Having stayed away from all social media platforms for many months, people were beginning to think he is gone for good but indeed, Timmy was cooking up the biggest comeback.

His first appearance was a steaming comeback video which depicts him twerking. In the same video, he answered some questions during which he said the N-Word and courted more controversy.

He made the comeback in December 2020 and seems ready to stay longer than expected. He has accrued more than 49k followers on Twitter already with more than 15k following him on Instagram.

What is Timmy Thick’s Net Worth?

With a massively growing fan base, Timmy Thick is believed to have generated some good fortune for himself. Although it is not concluded on what amount the young star gets from his monetized platforms, some sources put his net worth at $30,000, believing that he earns up to $15,000 annually.

Because social media has become a gold mine for popular people like him, Timmy should be earning higher in no time if he continues his active social media life.

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Does he have a Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

Because of the way he dresses and acts, many rushed to tag him gay but he hasn’t really defined his sexuality in that way, though there are suggestive pointers. With questions about his sexuality still inconclusive, Timmy’s raunchy posture on most of his pictures has caught the fancy of people of different sexual orientations. As he maintains his preference to be the male gender, some of his female fans think he could be a good boyfriend.

We are yet to confirm if he has a boyfriend yet as he only posts pictures and videos of himself on his social media pages.

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