What Is Tim Tebow’s Net Worth Since He Swapped Football For Baseball?

Tim Tebow became a national superstar as a football player, right from his college days. That stardom followed him to the NFL, where he had mixed success before he traded his helmet for a baseball cap. That change in career has not only impacted Tim Tebow’s popularity and relevance as a sportsman in America but also his net worth, having traded playing at the top in the NFL for the lower level of professional baseball. Of course, that is not to say baseball players are not high earning sportsmen. The average baseball player in the MLB makes twice as much as the average NFL player. It’s just that Tim Tebow currently plays in the minor league, which means low comparative pay. We’ve examined how much this change has impacted Tim Tebow’s net worth. Check it out below.

What Is Tim Tebow’s Net Worth?

Before determining how much his net worth has changed since he left the NFL, it is essential to know how much he is worth. According to estimations by various sources, the former NFL quarterback is worth anything between $4 and $10 million.

While that is not remotely small, especially when compared to the net worth of the average American, it falls below the net worth of his peers, particularly high-ranking players who joined the NFL in 2010.

His current net worth, whatever the exact figure might be between $4 and $10 million, was made over the course of a professional sports career that has spanned almost a decade.

How Much Did He Make In The NFL?

Despite joining the NFL as one of its most popular prospects, having achieved a lot as a quarterback for the University of Florida, Tim was unable to find the stability to excel in the league. His run-first style to quarterbacking which helped him to the Heisman Trophy was not as effective in the NFL.

His first professional contract in the NFL with the Denver Broncos was worth $11.25 million, with $8.7 million guaranteed over five years. He, however, spent only two seasons with the Broncos before he was traded to the New York Jets, where he spent one season.

Although he was on the roster of New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles before he officially left the NFL, he never played a regular-season game for either team. Throughout his short-lived NFL career, reports have it that Tim Tebow earned a total of $9.6 million as a player, with more than $6 million of his earnings coming via signing and roster bonuses.

How Much Does He Earn Playing Baseball?

In 2016, about a year after his NFL career came to an end, Tim Tebow announced his intention to become a professional baseball player. He tested his abilities in that regard with 30 MLB teams and eventually earned a contract with the New York Mets.

However, rather than play in the Major League, he was contracted to play in the minor league in the team’s instructional league. He joined Scottsdale Scorpions in the Arizona Fall League. Tim spent a season there before joining the Columbia Fireflies in the Class A South Atlantic League. He has also played for the Binghamton Rumble Ponies and is currently with the Syracuse Mets.

After he was signed as a baseball player for the minor league, he received $100,000 in signing bonus. If Tim is on the standard pay structure for players in the minor league, then he earns $2,150 per month. Not remotely close to his NFL income.

Other Sources of Tim Tebow’s Income

Tim Tebow's Net Worth
His career as a college football analyst makes up for his baseball earnings

If Tim Tebow does end up making it as a baseball player in the major league, he could very well make a lot more than he would as an NFL player. However, the difference between his NFL earnings and his baseball earnings have well been made up by endorsement deals from a couple of major brands.

He has endorsement deals with Jockey underwear, Nike, and EA Sports which earn him more than $3 million. His Nike deal fetches him more than $300,000. Tebow also has an agreement with Adidas for footwear and apparel, which brings him a significant amount in income per year and contributes to his net worth.

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Tim also earns from his broadcasting career; he is a college football analyst for ESPN and as well for the SEC Network. His broadcasting career is believed to fetch him a couple of millions per year.


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