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For anyone who is familiar with the reality television series Dog the Bounty Hunter which aired on A&E TV, Tim Chapman would need no introduction. A retired American bounty hunter and former reality TV star, he gained recognition for being one of the major characters in the aforementioned series in which he helps Duane Lee “Dog” Chapman Sr., popularly known as Dog the Bounty Hunter or just Dog, in tracking and capturing wanted fugitives. Tim Chapman was part of all the seasons of the show except the sixth season.

Who Is Tim Chapman and How Old is He?

Born Timothy Charles Chapman on May 13, 1965, in Ventura, California, USA, the bounty hunter, who grew up in Ventura, is best known as Youngblood. His parents, Ronald Chapman and Diane Wimberly, a Colorado bondswoman, separated when he was two years and six months old. Consequently, he and his brother Russell J. Chapman had to move over to their paternal grandparents’ home where they lived for two years.

During his teen years, Tim Chapman shuttled between living with his mother and living with his maternal grandparents, who were owners and operators of Denver-based ABC Bail Bonds. Because bail bondsmen usually work closely together with bounty hunters, Tim was exposed to the latter at a young age and according to him, he made his first arrest as a civilian when he was 14 years old.

He later started working at his mother’s bail bond business and during his time there, he met Duane “Dog” Chapman. Having become close friends with Dog, Tim eventually joined him, Beth Smith (Dog’s then-girlfriend), and Leland (Dog’s son) in Hawaii where they had established a bail bonds company known as Da Kine Bail Bonds.

In 1976, Dog Chapman was sentenced to prison for murder and speaking in a 2007 interview, he revealed that he was inspired to become a bounty hunter after he succeeded in tackling an inmate who was on the verge of being shot for trying to escape. Being Dog’s “blood-brother” as Dog describes Tim, even though they are not related, Tim Chapman joined him in the bounty hunting business and together, they became popular after they successfully captured Andrew Luster in Mexico in 2003. This paved a way for Dog and his team to have their own series, Dog the Bounty Hunter, which began airing on A&E on September 16, 2013.

Tim Chapman was a recurring character from the first to the fifth season of the series but thereafter, he had a fallout with the law which kept him away from the show from the beginning of season six on December 2, 2009, to April 14, 2010, season seven episode “Mister Mom”. Upon his return, he was on the reality show until the last episode of the 8th and final season aired on June 23, 2012.

In addition to his reality television career, Tim Chapman also co-authored a book titled Reuse of Foundations with S. Anderson and Jan Windle, which was published in 2007.

His Net Worth

Alongside walking into the limelight as a result of his appearance on Dog the Bounty Hunter TV show, Tim Chapman has also made some fortune which grew his net worth to an estimated $3 million. Though he has retired from bounty hunting, it is believed that he is involved in other things that are yielding him money.

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Tim Chapman’s Wife and Children

Tim Chapman was married to a lady known as Davinanatasha Faletoi. Although information about when and where they got married is not known, it is common knowledge that their union ended in divorce in 2009. Neither of the pair disclosed their reason for parting ways but rumors had it that Davinanatasha had an affair which resulted in a pregnancy.

Tim Chapman
Tim Chapman and his children: Image Source

Prior to the end of the marriage, Tim and Davina had four children named Summer Rain, Autumn Sky, Thunder Cloud, and Storm Hunter. The reality star also had a son named Tim Chapman Jr., born in 1987, from a previous relationship he was involved in before marriage.

Sequel to the divorce, Tim Chapman retained custody of the children. Aside from his legal issue which made him miss appearing on Dog the Bounty Hunter for a while, he took a break from the show within the period in order to take care of his children.

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