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The model Tianna Gregory has several millions of followers on Instagram. This alone tells you she has something excellently unique to offer. What is so special about her? Here, you will know all that about Tianna and much more.

So, read on and uncover facts pertaining to the things worth knowing about the Instagram star. We are here to offer a detailed description of her life and to provide answers to the questions often asked about her.

Who is Tianna Gregory and Where is She From?

Born Tianna Dayne Gregory in 1990, the Instagram diva celebrates her birthday on March 14 every year. Her birthplace is fairly reported to be South Lake, Tahoe in California. But according to details found on her Instagram page, she is possibly, currently living in Washington Avenue in Murrieta California.

We do not have details of Tianna Gregory’s education history. So, we can’t yet tell where or when she attended elementary or high school. Neither do we have any reliable stats about her college background except the report that she dropped out of college to pursue her childhood dream, that is, modeling.

So far, Tianna has modeled on all sorts of platforms ranging from clothing lines to magazines and calendars, posters, and more. Her aim is to become an all-time most popular model and to own a globally renowned clothing line.

Tianna Gregory is a national of the United States of America. As for her ethnicity, it is reported to be a mixture of German, Russian, Hispanic, and Italian. But since details about her parents are not fully and readily available to us, we have not been able to confirm which of her parents is traced to what ethnicity.

Her celebrity value hit the rooftops in 2015 when she appeared on a Jason Derulo music video. That video has received over 365 million views since then.

Interesting Facts To Know About The Instagram Star

1. Her Earnings and Net Worth

Everyone seems to know Tianna Gregory simply as a model. But she is far more than just that. She became popularly known for her beautiful stature when she started posting her selfies on Instagram in 2013. Since then, she has worked with a couple of photographers. Especially, her association with the highly rated photographer Van Styles has been a great boost to her modeling career.

Managed by Melusine Models based in Claremont, California, Tianna has since worked with such big brands as Adidas, AYC, as well as Crooks and Castles. Others are Civil Clothing, The Hundreds, Sports Illustrated, and more.

Tianna also owns her own clothing line named NEWD which makes and sells sportswear. She places the items of clothing for sale on her official website, the wears go for between $20 and $50.

Tianna Gregory also works as a fitness instructor. She has a couple of fitness instructional video on the internet. With all these streams of income available to her, she was reported in mid-2018 to be worth an estimated amount of $1 million.

2. Her Love Life

tianna gregory van styles
Tianna Gregory’s photographer Van Styles poses with her: Image source

Is Tiana Gregory married? Who is her husband or boyfriend? If you have been wondering along this line, here is the truth. Tianna Gregory is not married. But, although she tries to keep her romance totally private, she has been seen with her photographer Van Styles in romantic poses and even kissing. This has fueled the speculation that the duo may have had their relationships taken beyond professional to romantic.

3. Tianna Plays Soccer

Alright, before you ask which club she plays for, it seems she plays soccer only as a hobby. There are several photos and at least a Youtube video of her carrying, playing or posing with a soccer ball. She once talked about playing the game with someone she simply calls ‘T’. We have not been able to dig out any detail to show that she plays soccer professionally. So, we presume that soccer is one of her favorite means of keeping fit.

4. She Is a Vegetarian

For those wanting to know all the secrets behind Tianna Gregory’s stunning beauty and toned body, well, your guess might not be wrong – she frequents the gym. But, what you may not have guessed is that her dietary excludes eating flesh.

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5. Her Height And Other Body Facts

Tianna Gregory is considered by many to have the ‘perfect’ female figure. With her measurement being 34-24-34, she has an impeccable hour-glass shape. Also, she is reported to stand at 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) while her weight is said to be about 56 kg.