Top 10 Films of the 20th Century

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Starting with action movies, I truly believe that Raiders of the Lost Ark is the top action movie of all time. A college professor and archeologist firmly believe that all rare artifacts belong in a museum. This is the brainchild of famous producer and director George Lucas. Together with Stephen Spielberg developed this film into a household name; it became a box office hit in 1981.


The top ten movies really come down to what you as an individual believe to be one of the best movies ever made. The best Comedy of all time would have to be Ghostbusters starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis. The film was written by Aykroyd and Ramis it began with three parapsychologist’s ghost hunting in New York City…

The Wizard of Oz

The Fantasy film in the top 10 would have to be The Wizard of Oz although there have been many fantasy type films that should be added to this list. The Wizard of Oz made its film debut in 1939, based on a children’s book from 1900 called “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” authored by L. Frank Baum. The film starred Judy Garland.

The Breakfast Club

The top 10 high school movie would have to be “The Breakfast Club” a teen coming of age movie sparking the nickname for the starts of this film as the “Brat Pack”. It hit the box office in 1985. The film was directed by John Hughes, he had a vision of who and what the group of five polar opposites teenagers who had to sit together during a Saturday detention.


When thinking of the Horror genre what comes to mind, one of the top ten scariest movies is a real tough one, because there are so many that rank up there. Movies that caused our blood pressure to rise giving us that metallic taste in our mouths the taste of fear. The film that gave us nightmares for days and even months after you watched it, the movie that caused us to sleep with the light on. I would have to say Psycho a film that hit the big screen in 1960.

The Sound of Music

The movie in a musical category would have to be The Sound of Music it hit the box office in 1959. It followed the life of a would be nun who was trying to fit in, and discovered so much more when she went to live with the von Trapp family as their live in nanny. Julie Andrews starred in this film, singing her way across the Alps, the songs whose lyrics still remembered today. “The hills are alive with the sound of music,” this film has to be one of the top 10 films of our time.

Romeo & Juliet

The top ten films in the romance genre I believe all of us at one point have read the story of the tragic love destined to end horribly. The story of Romeo & Juliet written by William Shakespeare in the 1500s has been adapted in film many times. Each time taking the story and telling of the love between two warring families, and how the love they felt can only end badly. The film Romeo & Juliet hit the box office in 1968, depicting the tragic romance.

Star Wars

The top 10 science fiction genre has to be Star Wars hitting the box office in 1977. This film was the brainchild of George Lucas; he envisioned a series of films similar to James Bond. He started with the end; in Star Wars episode V, he then followed it with five more instalments. We all watched on the edge of our seats as Luke Skywalker races his x-wing fighter through the trench of the Death Star. The special effects were ahead of their time, opening doors for the future science fiction special effects.

 Gone with the Wind

The top ten war film would have to go to Gone with the Wind a 1939 movie based on a novel by Margaret Mitchell. The film began in the South we follow the life of the lead character a Southern Belle who was spoiled and it portrayed a sense of how the war affected each character differently. This film came out during a time when the country was in the throes of a Depression, in between two World Wars.

A Fist Full of Dollars

The top ten western genre films was a tough call because when you think of western you think of Clint Eastwood the movie that comes to mind above all others is A Fist Full of Dollars. This spaghetti western launched Eastwood’s film career.

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