I like nice things, don’t you? I also like to know I don’t have to worry about paying my bills, but wealth and success are relative to the individual. To get to the formula for how to make it happen, motivations for how to attain both should be examined.


Some say the secret formula for wealth and success comes from inherent greed. I say it starts with desire governed by the heart and determination forged by a mindset strong enough to persevere hard work; strong enough to see the big picture; strong enough to hope for better things for self and for others. It also goes deep into the purpose for or motivation behind the desire in general which is almost always love; love of self; love of family and friends; love of mankind. In this way, the true factor is imagining oneself in the position to give back, and those who do obtain wealth and success give back the most.


The word wealth in itself is an abstract idea. It implies fulfillment, which is also abstract because fulfillment varies from person to person. For some that means good health, for others it means spiritual awareness or awakening, for others it displays itself as an object for show. In American culture, it means having more money than can be spent in a lifetime, but descriptions and objects symbolizing wealth are only one aspect of the secret formula. Another part comes from sharing how you maintain your health or singing praises to your spiritual guide or donating your money to worthy causes.


The word success conjures images of something won or attained. Athletes find success in winning medals or beating records set by other records. It can also signify a victory in anything you want to beat from opponents in board games to life-threatening diseases. Often success comes when goals are met, but success, more than anything, is a feeling. It’s an elated recognition of a job well-done. It comes from our experiences and helps develop self-awareness, self-worth, self-confidence, and happiness; all necessary elements to build on the desire to give back and understand a grateful purpose.

Wealth and Success

There are those who think wealth alone is success, but can you have wealth without success? You can if you define wealth as success, but success indicates a certain level of caring, and you can care about something without being wealthy. Or can you?

To have wealth and success, then you have to give back, you have to care. You have to set your goals for yourself as a means to share. At the root of all this is the need to be happy and those with the most wealth and success are often happy because they share their wealth and success with others.

Perhaps there really is no actual formula for wealth and success. Perhaps these things are attained if you have the ability to care. Perhaps the secret formula for wealth and success can be summed up in one word: Compassion.

Or perhaps wealth and success are really a measure and manifestation of desire and determination, the material reward of an introspective life.

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