The New Oral B Smart Toothbrush Ensures Optimum Teeth Cleaning With Its Own App And Bluetooth Connection

Just when you think the tech guys have outdone themselves by unveiling numerous jaw-dropping tech gadgets (smartphone, smartwatch, smarthouse…) a whizz tech company somewhere invents another 21st century wonder. This time it is the worldwide recognized dental hygiene company Oral B in partnership with Braun who are taking the way we clean our teeth to the next level with their new Oral B Genius “smart” toothbrush which comes with Bluetooth connectivity and its own smartphone application.

Oral B have been doing a good job for decades now, creating the best dental hygiene products to ensure our teeth stay clean always, but even with good brushes, pastes and mouthwashes, most people tend to hurry the teeth cleaning process, leaving stains and dirt behind which eventually causes tooth decay or even worse permanent bad breath. Oral B doesn’t like that and neither do we, that is why they have created a new smart toothbrush which is their second foray into the world of smart brushes, what makes the latest version unique is that it employs the use of position detection to ensure optimum cleaning and limit those unnecessary frequent visits to the dentist. I like to think of Oral B Genius as a personal and portable dentist.

So how exactly does this work out? First you have to connect Genius to the Oral B application programming interface on your phone via Bluetooth. Genius also comes with a sturdy holder which helps you to attach your phone firmly on the mirror as the app makes use of the front-facing camera on your phone. While you move the battery-powered electric Genius round your mouth, the app tells you how much time to spend in a particular area which is often times missed and whether or not you are applying too much pressure, this is possible thanks to the motion sensors and position detection technology which interpret the cleanliness of every area of the mouth with different shades of a particular color, so the cleaner the area, the fainter the shades and vice versa.

Oral B Genius 2

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To make the brushing game less boring and more interesting, the Oral B app connects with other apps so you can easily read news headlines, receive updates about the whether and listen to your favorite songs on Spotify while brushing. Teeth Brushing has never been more fun.

The company advises that users sync the app with their phones in two weeks to save their progress and data which can be shared with their dentists during check ups which will obviously make their work easier and more effective as they would have access to more information about your oral hygiene.

What’s more? Oral B Genius comes with a Travel case that enables your phone and brush to be charged via USB, so you won’t be giving low-battery excuses when it comes to brushing even at night. How SMART is that?

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The toothbrush was unveiled on Monday 22nd February 2016 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It is set to hit the markets later this year in July and would be retailing somewhere between $250 – $350. That’s quite a sum for a pair of toothbrush but if it can eliminate the painful process of pulling a bad tooth and filling a cavity then I think it is totally worth it. Also with the given price-tag Genius would be the most expensive Oral B toothbrush yet.

Here is a video to explain further what we’ve been singing about;

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