Where Are The Goonies Kids Treasure Hunters Now And Are They Still Alive?

When the adventure comedy film, The Goonies was released on the 7th of June 1985, very few moviegoers knew what they were in for. By the time they left the theater, there was a rising wave of appreciation for the film that has continued to this day. Starring a bunch of kids, the Goonies kids treasure hunters have become adults with their own lives, doing their own thing.

Some of them have gone on to forge strong careers as actors, while others have maintained a peripheral role in the film industry. We took a look at where the famous kids of this cult classic are today. Check it out below.

Where Are The Goonies Kids Treasure Hunters Now?

The Goonies kids treasure hunters
The cast of The Goonies as adults

The Goonies, which is the title of the film, became a cult classic shortly after it was released, even though it performed modestly well in the Box office, making $61.5 million on a budget of $19 million.

While the film has soared in popularity and prestige since it was released, recording achievements like getting selected into the United States National Film Registry for preservation in 2017, some of the kid actors who brought the Goonies kids treasure hunters to life haven’t shared a similar rise in profile.

The Goonies Kids Treasure Hunters consist of Mikey Walsh, played by Sean Astin, Brandon Walsh, played by Josh Brolin, Data which was played by Jonathan Ke Huy Quan, Mouth by Corey Feldman and Chunk by Jeff Cohen.

Sean Astin

The Goonies Kids Treasure Hunters
Sean Astin (Image Source)

Sean Astin was cast in the role as Mikey Walsh five years after he began his career as an actor and since the film, he has gone on to appear in other major and popular roles such as playing Daniel Ruettiger in Rudy, Dough Whitmore in 50 First Dates, Bob Newby in the Netflix show, Stranger Things and perhaps the biggest role in his career, as Samwise Gamgee in the classic trilogy, The Lord of the Rings.

Although he is not what one might consider an A-list actor, he has fashioned a successful career for himself, appearing in over 150 movies and TV shows, an Oscar nomination and over 20 award wins from 22 award nominations.

Josh Brolin

The Goonies Kids Treasure Hunters
Josh Brolin (Image Source)

Brandon Walsh is another kid from The Goonies Kids Treasure Hunters, played by Josh Brolin. He is perhaps the biggest star today from the group of kids in the cult film. In the film, he played the brother of the lead character, Mikey Walsh as Brandon Walsh and he has gone on to star in several other major roles like Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Cable in Deadpool 2, and other roles in popular films like No Country for Old Men, Men in Black 3, Hail, Caesar! and Inherent Vice.

Josh Brolin had only been an actor for less than a year when he was cast as one of the Goonies treasure hunters and he has gone on to appear in over 70 movies and TV shows, winning multiple awards and nominations to his name. The actor has over 50 nominations to his name, including an Oscar nomination. So far, he has won over 18 of them.

Jonathan Ke Huy Quan

The Goonies Kids Treasure Hunters
Jonathan Ke Huy Quan (Image Source)

Another treasure hunter kid from the Goonies is Jonathan Ke Huy Quan, who played Data in the film. He is one of the least successful actors from the film. Since he appeared as Data in 1985, he appeared in only 10 more films and TV shows and he hasn’t appeared in any project ever since, with his last role coming in 2002.

Although he hasn’t yet declared his official retirement from acting, the Vietnam born actor is believed to have taken a step back from the career and his current career path is unknown. Aside from his role as Data in The Goonies, he also played a notable role in the film, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and as Sam in the show, Nothing is Easy.

Corey Feldman

The Goonies Kids Treasure Hunters
Corey Feldman (Image Source)

Corey Feldman played Mouth in The Goonies as one of the treasure hunter kids and he has remained a working actor to this day. He began his career in 1978 and has appeared in over 130 projects, from movies to TV shows to music videos.

His character as Mouth continues to be his most famous role but he has played other notable roles such as Slash in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pete Fountaine in Gremlins and Edgar Frog in The Lost Boys. Corey has a few award nominations and wins to his name, including a Young Artist Award for his role in The Lost Boys.

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Jeff Cohen

The Goonies Kids Treasure Hunters
Jeff Cohen (Image Source)

Jeff Cohen is one of the Goonies treasure hunter kids who has found his treasure in something other than acting. After the movie was released in 1985, he was only a working actor for six more years before he pursued a career in law instead.

He earned his law degree from the UCLA School of Law, graduating in 2000 and has become an entertainment lawyer working in LA ever since. Aside from his day job as a lawyer, he is also a writer who publishes in The Huffington Post and CNBC.

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