‘The Chew’: 5 Crazy Facts About The American Cooking Show

The Chew was a weekday daytime cooking show that aired on the ABC channel from September 2011 to June 2018. During the seven seasons that it lasted, the show became the TV centerpiece for foodies across America and beyond. Not only was it widely considered informative, but The Chew was also well-loved for being fun to watch. It revealed new recipes, gave viewers the opportunity to be a part of the show by calling in and the chemistry that existed between the hosts made it all the more fun for fans. Sooner than expected, the show rose swiftly in popularity and ratings. Here, however, we share with you crazy facts you probably do not know about the show.

The Name Was Inspired By A Rhyme

What inspired the choice of ‘The Chew’ as the name of the show? No doubt, it sounds like eating and was at least obliquely appropriate as a name for a food-themed show. But there was more to the name. It was inspired by a rhyme.

When The Chew went on-air in September 2011, many viewers spontaneously compared or contrasted it with the ABC news program, The View. For many of the viewers, it was a great relief to have such a program that was a happy interruption from the typical news of the day with so many depressing events told endlessly as in The View.

It was obvious that the rhyming correspondence between the phrases ‘The Chew’ and ‘The View’ was well noted by the public. But not many realized it was intentionally made to rhyme.

The Chew Replaced A 41-Year-Old Show But Ended in 7 Years

Although The Chew would later garner its own fan-base with time, ABC angered countless viewers when they introduced the show. Viewers were generally offended not by the introduction itself but because they were already used to All My Children (popularly known as AMC) which was the ABC soap opera that The Chew replaced.

One of the major reasons viewers loved All My Children was because it had been on air for the past 41 years having debuted on January 5, 1970. The general expectation was that if ABC ended such a long-running show as AMC, then its successor would last for at least half of its lifetime. It was one reason viewers were again unhappy when, just 7 years down the line, ABC canceled the show. Certain viewers actually expressed the view that it was crazy of ABC to habitually cancel shows once viewers were getting interested in them.

Why Was The Chew Was Cancelled?

Comments sampled from across the web shows that many viewers thought it was crazy of ABC to have axed the show without offering adequate explanation to its fans. However, there have been speculations as to why the show was canceled.

While some of these sources link it to the exit of Mario Batali (who is widely considered the biggest star on the show), others say that its ratings dropped. There are other rumors to this effect, which could have been avoided if ABC had offered a categorical official explanation for why they canceled the show.

The Chew had 1500 Episodes!

According to its official figures, The Chew ended up churning out 1,500 episodes in its 7-season-long lifetime. This figure, however, makes a lot of sense considering the fact that the show was a daytime program that aired an average of 5 episodes per week. As many times as it was on air, fans only yearned for more. Moreover, ardent fans of the show were glad the number of episodes was that much.

The Show Won Two Emmys

One of the common reasons why many fans of the show thought it was crazy of ABC to have canceled it is that it held so many promises and was clearly doing well. For instance, in just seven seasons of being on air, the show had racked up two Daytime Emmy awards and got nominated for five more. In 2015, The Chew team (made up of Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly, Daphne Oz, and Michael Symon) co-won the Daytime Emmy award for ‘outstanding informative talk show host’. The following year, the show itself carted away the Daytime Emmy for ‘outstanding/informative’ talk show.

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