30 Terrifying Pictures Taken Moments Before Tragedy

Come on, Let’s give it a shot, what could possibly go wrong? Those are the kind of things that come to mind before some of the dumbest things are done. It’s been proven over time that terrible things happen when people try to be too adventurous. Incase you are still in doubt, these 30 photos below which show such moments when daring turned dumb and when being a daredevil would require more than boldness will convince you.

Tigers Can Be Friendly

Think about this for a moment: You’re in a cage with a tiger but that’s not enough to make you cringe. Suddenly, you feel the urge to catch the tiger by the tail and take a bite. Who does that?  This man took his adventure even further and the two bad ideas yielded to something he didn’t expect.

He likes training alligators until…

In what seems like an attempt to be called a pro alligator trainer, this man drew a blank and got too close to a deadly sea animal. He ended up letting the animal shovel down his arm. Get some sense man!

Think You Can Withstand Gravity?

The window needed to be fixed or cleaned and it had to be done this way! This is what this man probably had in mind when he embarked on his gravity-defying act. And he sure succeeded in an unforgettable way after a deadly crack.

Stingray attack!

Of course, shark attack is deadly and so is any attack by any shark-related animal.  Apparently, this woman’s face tells us how genuinely painful such attack can be. By the way, it’s about time she makes new friends and trashes those two in the background. Not nice!

This  Piece of Wood Looks Strong Enough

The image is crazy, odd, and appears to have little to do with a human being, right? Well, except the last one because he is actually a human being who didn’t see any point in using a scaffold when a board placed through two open windows can do the same job. Sweet reward huh?


Clinging firmly onto an air-conditioner for maintenance check makes it work better, don’t you think? Obviously, it does!

Looks Like It’s Loaded,  Let Me Try!

When curiosity is taken to a whole new level! Appears she wants to see firsthand how the bullets pops out when the trigger is pulled. I mean, who wouldn’t?


These hitchhikers are never going to hitch-hike again – Never!

Beard Is The New Six-Pack

Aren’t these bees cute on my face?

No Need For Friends When I Can Play With Fire

Fireworks with real fire? That’s some nerves right there!

Turbo” Love

It’s all fun and all until someone hits a bump, then falls and cracks her head open. That will kind of kill the fun.

Danger Beckons Mom

The tingles that come with looking at this picture is so much that I wonder if his mum doesn’t feel the same.

Dining With The Devil

Meet the man with an ironclad pe**s. He gets an applause for pulling the start button of a chainsaw while it’s placed between his legs. And oh, the photographer deserves a standing ovation too.

Work Crew

Just a little hand there and I am good. Turns out he needed thousands of hands to hold up the short ladder.

The Tree Knows I Am Here

This dude thinks taking a fall along with a chopped off branch must be fun! He chooses to saw a branch while sitting fearlessly on it.

Where Is The iPhone?

This alligator produces free iPhone 7 in its stomach so why would this man not get one from the factory? Looks to me like he lived with the company and never had to come back for more.

I Can Melt The Bull, No Fears

Donning a Batman outfit does not actually make you a Batman.The angry bull made him understand that very clearly.

Let Me Get A Little Nap

Sometimes you just have to rest your head down anywhere and some iron bars on a moving truck can serve well.

Too Much Confidence?

I’ll hold on as long as I don’t have a slight tingle. Oh, hold on, I can feel it in the corner of my eyes and my nose prickles as well. It itches like crazy right now. I have to scratch it.

Shark Attack!!

Exploring the undersea world among the exotic fishes, rays, dolphins, and sharks can be fascinating. But not when a shark wants to explore too.

Safety Is Important

When you preach what you don’t practice. I hope he doesn’t hit anyone on his way down.

Got lift?

A ladder coming out of a dump truck resting against a pole 30 feet in the air. No problems!


It’s not a bad idea to have your own parking lot or is there?

Trying To Be Evel

His plans weren’t to oust Evel Knievel’s, a daredevil motorcycle stuntman but to follow his footstep. But incredible ramp-to-ramp bicycle stunt failed him just like the Snake River Canyon did to Evel.

I Can Go On.

Hang on mom we have only a few more miles to go.

Need to Finish This Book

Shouldn’t he get some driving tips on the road? Sure he should.

Stupidly Is As Stupid Goes

The signs don’t matter all the time. Gotta smoke this shit near the gas pump nothing bad will happen.

We Got This

Hey! How many people are on one tiny scooter. Oh, nice they’re all wearing helmets. Oh, looks like they are not.

Looking For Something?

Sometimes you need to get ready for the rebels and checking if ammunition is loaded up in your tank this way isn’t a bad idea.

No, You Don’t

I’m sure I can hang on to this wire while I look for my brain down there.

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