Taylor Mathis – Everything About The Sports Reporter And Iowa Alumni

In a profession like sports journalism, there is always room for new talents to join the industry and work their way to the top. It is a revolving door that opens every year, with young journalists starting on a career that can last more than 30 years. One of these young journalists is Taylor Mathis, who, at a young age, has racked up an impressive resume and earned comparisons to Erin Andrews, one of the most notable women in sports journalism.

Considering Taylor is well on the path to becoming the next star of sports journalism, it is worth taking a look at who she is and everything there is to know about her. We have done just that below. Scroll down to learn all you need to know.

Who is Taylor Mathis?

Taylor Mathis was born on the 7th of November 1992 in Sandwich, Illinois, to her parents, Kimberley and David Mathis. If Taylor has siblings, that fact is currently unknown, but we know that she was five years old when she attended her first sports game after she was taken to a Cubs’ game by her grandfather, who is a fan of the baseball team.

From there, her interest in sports grew, ingraining herself with different sports with each passing year. For her education, she attended Sandwich Community High School, where she got her experience of an audience by performing in the school’s theatre.

Having been inspired by her grandfather to pursue a career as a sports reporter, Taylor Mathis, after graduating from high school, enrolled and attended the University of Iowa to study journalism. She graduated from the college in 2015, with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, minoring in sports studies.

Before graduation, she got a headstart in her career as a sports reporter by interning for Comcast Sportsnet Chicago and co-hosting a radio show, Acoustic Artery. She also worked as a writer for College Football Express, as a campus representative for AKIRA Chicago, a sports reporter for Daily Iowan TV, and a social media ambassador for College PrimeTime.

Her Career So Far

After her graduation, Taylor relocated to Nebraska, where she worked as a sports reporter for ABC affiliate station, KHGI/KFXL. During her time with the station, she covered a host of sports events, including college and high school games.

She spent a year working for the Nebraska station before she decided to take her career in a different direction and work on her own. She created a Facebook Live show, which she writes, records and produces herself, covering various aspects of Chicago Sports.

Taylor Mathis
Taylor Mathis covering a gam

Aside from the show, she also appears on Sports Mockery, Inc. as a guest host, and in addition to her hosting duties, she runs and reports on the company’s social media accounts.

Taylor Mathis also has a podcast, Brunch, and Ball, which she hosts. On the podcast, she discusses sports, life, and relationships with guests on the show. She also has an eponymous YouTube channel, where she shares beauty tips as well as career tips as an aspiring sports reporter.

Is Taylor Mathis Single?

When it comes to her personal life, very little is known about Taylor Mathis. The Illinois born sports reporter has so far done an excellent job of keeping details about her relationships under wraps, and at the moment, we cannot determine if she is in a relationship or single.

We do know, however, that if she is single, it is a lack of interested parties. The sports reporter has gotten the interest of a couple of famous American celebrities like Jonah Hill and the rapper, Soulja Boy.

Other Facts About The Iowa Alumni

She is a big fan of baseball, and even though she hopes to work for ESPN someday, she wants to work for Big Ten Sports and the MLB Network.

Even though her work and look have drawn comparisons to Erin Andrews, her favorite sideline reporter is Molly McGrath.

As for her sports teams, she is a big fan of Chicago sports teams, including the Bulls, Blackhawks, and her favorite, the Chicago Cubs. Outside of Chicago, Taylor Mathis supports the Dallas Cowboys.

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Taylor has a significant presence on social media, especially on Instagram. The sports reporter has more than 150,000 followers on her IG account, @chisportchick. On Twitter, with @Tmath11792, she has more than 4,500 followers.

Before she began working in the world of sports, she worked as a lifeguard at Raging Waves Waterpark for two years between 2011 and 2013.

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