Taylor Lashae – Inside The Life of The L.A Based Model

Ardent users of Instagram and followers of the fashion world might know Taylor Lashae as a model, but a detailed look at her reveals a woman who is beyond being one thing, with diverse interests and passions that reveal a curious and creative mind.

Instagram has, for a long time, been the primary home to Taylor Lashae’s career. For a number of years, on the platform, she gained notoriety for her looks, her fashion style and a reputation that has gotten her described as an It-girl.

Who Is Taylor Lashae?

Modeling might be the profession that has brought Taylor Lashae into social consciousness but it would be disingenuous to reduce her to that singular thing. She is a creative individual that has touched different aspects of creativity, from science to performance art.

She was born on the 14th of August, 1988 in Houston, Texas to parents who lived and raised her very close to NASA station in Houston. Her proximity to the station inspired her to pursue an interest in Space Science and led to her becoming a member of Amateur Astrologers Association, something you don’t often hear about Instagram models.

The wealth of curiosity that resided inside Taylor Lashae did not live in the stars alone, but also on earth through performance arts like modeling and acting. With the latter, she attended the Nina Murano Acting Studio where she studied acting in New York City; this is the only knowledge of education known about her.

As a result, she has made a few appearances in productions like Cassette, Total Ape: MORE, K4 ½, all of which were short films she starred in between 2014 and 2017. She is also believed to have made a minor appearance in Boardwalk Empire, although she is not credited for it.

In modeling where she has made the most publicly known impact, it all began for her at the age of 15 when she landed her first major modeling job. With the arrival of Instagram and her decision to post pictures on the platform, she quickly expanded the wealth of interest in her as a model, going on to model for different brands like Calvin Klein, Nice Martin, P.E Nation, and a couple others.

Her work has taken her across many countries, from Paris to London, showing off the admirable brilliance that has defined her for a majority of her life.

Her Personal Life

Taylor Lashae
Taylor Lashae (right) with a couple of her friends

The girl everyone wants to be and everyone wants to date has been rumored to be in a number of relationships since she came onto the limelight. The search for the man or woman who has her heart has been the quest of several of her fans, and after a long search, there is a chance the answer may have arrived.

Taylor Lashae is reportedly in a relationship with a photographer named Zachary Chick. According to available information, Taylor Lashae and Zachary have had a working relationship that appears to have developed into a romantic one. At the moment, the two are living in Los Angeles.

Who Are Taylor Lashae’s Family Members?

Taylor Lashae has a storied life and it wouldn’t be complete without taking a closer look at her family, who were the first to experience the creative and carefree nature of the model. She was born as the middle child of three children, with one older brother and a sister who is named, Faith Silva.

She has quite a close relationship with her siblings, right from childhood when she would create her own plays with her brother. Her sister, Faith has also joined her in the modeling industry, in what could yet be another powerful sister duo in the industry.

Unfortunately, other than her siblings, not much else is known about the rest of Taylor Lashae’s family, including her parents, who are only known to be of French and Columbian origin.

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Other Facts About The Model

1. Taylor Lashae has a height of 5 feet 6 inches and a body weight of 53kg.

2. She has a slim body build which is complemented with brown hair and brown colored eyes.

3. Her social media presence extends to Tumblr where she also has a decent following that mirrors her Instagram following of over 600 thousand followers.

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