Who Is Tasha McCaul, Who Is Her Husband and What Is Her Net Worth?

Tasha McCauley is one of the many people who have become celebrities mainly by virtue of their relationship with a famous personality. She is a business magnate who became famous for being the wife of a well-known actor and filmmaker, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. In the professional field, she is known as a successful scientist who co-owns a robotics company named Fellow Robots. Though a very private person, Tasha has remained very supportive of her husband in his career. She is also making waves in her chosen field but always tries to keep herself away from the media.

Early Life and Education of Tasha McCauley

Tasha McCauley is a very confidential person who prefers to keep details about her personal life a secret. However, information gathered about her says she was born in the 1980s and was raised in Los Angeles, but she spent a greater part of her life in California’s city of Santa Monica. McCauley is an American and her ethnicity is Caucasian. Further quest to know about her early years, parents, and siblings have been futile.

With regards to her education, Tasha has a rich educational history starting from elementary school up to the tertiary institution. She started at Stephen S. Wise Temple Elementary School, Los Angeles in 1985, and after about two years, she moved to Franklin Elementary School in Santa Monica and graduated in 1991.

After graduation, McCauley went back to Los Angeles where she began her secondary education at Open Magnet Charter School. She later returned to Santa Monica and joined Lincoln Middle School where she studied from 1993 to 1995. She completed her high school diploma in 1996 and subsequently attended Bard College, Annandale, New York, where she earned a degree in Arts.

After graduating in 2004, Tasha McCauley proceeded to Singularity University, San Jose where she acquired a certificate in robotics engineering in 2011. To further prepare herself for a successful career, she also attended The University of Southern California Marshall School of Business and gained a Master’s degree in Business Administration, majoring in International Business Education and Research.

Financial Benefits of Her Technopreneurial Pursuits

Tasha’s net worth is estimated at $10 million and this stems from her salaries as well as income from her entrepreneurial pursuits. Although it is not yet known what or who inspired the California native’s passion for the field of robotics, it is quite easy to tell that this was an interest she developed at a very early age.

She, therefore, tailored her studies towards that direction and began her professional career at the NASA Research Park Campus where she was an assistant professor at the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Track. Tasha assumed the role in 2010 and her teachings were focused on the latest technologies that have emerged in the artificial intelligence field as well as on the rapid growth of robotics.

In 2011, Tasha McCauley became a lecturer at the Singularity University’s Autodesk Innovation Lab. That same year, she also co-founded a robotics company, Fellow Robots, based in NASA Research Park. After working with Fellow Robots for three years, Tasha McCauley joined the foremost geospatial technology company, GeoSim Systems. She started as their Director of Business Development but has since risen to become their Chief Executive Officer. Asides her work with GeoSim, Tasha also sits on the board of directors of several thriving tech companies including OpenAI and Ten to the Ninth Plus Foundation. There is no doubt that she must be well-remunerated by all these organizations given the exalted positions she occupies in each of them.

Tasha McCauley Is Married to an Accomplished Actor

Tasha McCauley
Tasha and her husband Gordon-Levitt: Image Source

Tasha McCauley is not just doing well in her chosen career but also in her personal life. The robotics engineer is happily married to Hollywood star, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Gordon-Levitt is an accomplished actor as well as a budding filmmaker. He has featured in several acclaimed movies including 500 Days of Summer, Snowden, 50/50, Premium Rush, Inception, Miracle at St. Anna, The Dark Knight Rises, Lincoln, The Brother’s Bloom, The Walk, and Hasher. He has also directed a few films including the 2013 rom-com, Don Jon.

If there is one thing that McCauley and her husband have in common, it is the fact that they value their privacy and jealously guard their personal lives. As a result of the above, there are not many details about how or when the couple met. The most that has been unearthed is that they met through mutual friends and started dating around 2013 or even earlier before that. Upon the commencement of the relationship, the couple carefully managed to evade the Hollywood paparazzi as well as other newshounds.

They subsequently revealed it on their terms following Levitt’s appearance on Howard Stern’s Show in September 2013. In the course of the show, the actor acknowledged that he was in a committed relationship. He also stated that the lady was not in the show business and wanted no part of the scrutiny associated with it. That Lady turned out to be none other than Tasha and the couple dated for several months before tying the knot in 2014.

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Living Under the Hollywood Spotlight

Tasha and her husband got married on the 30th of December 2014. Their nuptial was a predictably secret affair and as such, there are no details about what the ceremony looked like. The most that we know is the fact that it took place in the couple’s 1940s, ranch-style home located in L.A. Tasha McCauley, and her husband has been together ever since then and enjoys a stable and scandal-free union. The couple keeps their personal lives private and rarely appear at Hollywood events together. They, however, made a rare joint public appearance at Seth Rogen’s 2016 Halloween charity party.

They were both decked in blood-soaked outfits and performed a song together for the thrilled audience. Tasha and her husband have also welcomed two sons. The first was born in August 2015 while the second was born in June 2017. In typical Tasha and Levitt-style, they have refused to release any details about their kids including pictures or names. Tasha’s husband has rationalized this decision by maintaining that he will protect his children from the spotlight until they are old enough to decide to voluntarily lead public lives.

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