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As the youngest ever to win a World Figure Skating title – which she won at age 15, Tara Lipinski surely left a legacy in figure skating that has inspired many skaters around the world. Her illustrious career in the sports gave her a soft landing that easily transformed her into a movie star that she became at the later part of her career. Despite her success, she seems to be staying away from the limelight lately. So, what is keeping her busy and where is she now? Let’s find out.

Brief Biography of Tara Lipinski

Tara was born on June 10, 1982, to polish parents; Patricia and Jack Lipinski. She was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania but was raised in multiple parts of the United States. For the earliest part of her childhood, she spent it in New Jersey and later on, her family moved to Texas due to her father’s job. The family lived in there briefly before her mother took her back to Delaware in search of some basic facilities that were in Sugar Land. She had also lived in Michigan in the past.

Details of Her Career Achievements

Tara started her figure skating career in the late ’90s and took part in her first major competition in Eastern Regional Championships for roller skating at that time. Luckily, she came second and the following year, at age nine, she got involved in another major competition, the United States Roller Skating Championships.

With raw talent and determination, she became the youngest to win a World Figure Skating title after her victory at age 15 that saw her take home the gold medal for figure skating at the Winter Olympics. This was a record that not many have been able to break to date.

Though lately, the sportswoman has retired from figure skating, her figure skating days were filled with consistent nabbing of the world-famous titles at the Olympics and lots of gold medals. The sports helped to shape her career into what it is now as the now-retired figure skater has swiftly stepped up her game, steering from figure skating to becoming a professional actress, as well as a sports commentator. As an event commentator, she has equally kept a wonderful record, an example was her performance during the Sochi Olympics.

Likewise, in the acting industry, she has made an amazing mark with appearances in a good number of TV and films some of which include Sabrina, Touched By an Angel, the Teenage Witch and many others. She went on to become an executive producer for a potential Hulu drama series with a figure skating theme.

Her Net Worth

The record-shattering sportswoman has through her years in the figure skating career, built an estimated net worth of $6 million which is a rewarding amount for a star that had to give up early childhood memories for her dream.

How Tall is She?

You might expect Tara Lipinski to be incredibly tall, given the many world records she broke in figure skating, but those records have absolutely nothing to do with the height of the skater who is only 5 feet 1 inch tall. She weighs 46 kg which obviously means that she is petite. Her hips, bust, and waist measure 32, 24 and 34 inches respectively.

If Married, Who Is Her Husband?

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Many celebrities, probably look back on their numerous past relationships or marriages and cringe at the number of partners that they have had to deal with but Lipinski is definitely not one of them. She may have had some failed past relationships but she has been married once and the marriage has lasted several years. Her husband is Todd Kapostasy and he is equally pulling some weight in the TV world as a producer. The two dated for many years before finally getting engaged in 2015. They got hitched in 2017 in Charleston, South Carolina. At the wedding, Lipinski allowed her fellow broadcast commentator Johnny Weir, who she has worked with a couple of times and developed an incredible friendship with to be a bridesmaid. Johnny, an openly gay man is also a record holder in figure skating and a professional TV commentator.

Where Is Tara Lipinski Now?

Tara Lipinski is currently no longer figure skating for a living and thus, she has reduced her presence in the limelight but is still doing big things. Her website shows that she is always making TV appearances as an analyst or commentator for different sports programmes. According to the site, she and her business partner Johnny Weir who has turned best friends now work as NBC commentators where they cover shows like Olympics, figure skating championships and the Kentucky Derpy (get’em cowgirls).

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