Tara Babcock – Bio, Facts & Personal Life Of The Model And YouTuber

Talking to a camera and uploading it on the internet may once have been looked down upon as the interest of young adults who have no responsibilities and bills to worry about. However, with the monetization of YouTube and other major video platforms as it is today, that can no longer be held as a true fact seeing that social media stars have cut across all age brackets and across various age groups, one of whom is Tara Babcock.

For those who might not be familiar with Tara, she’s a model who is also a renowned gamer and YouTube star vlogger. Her work on her channels, Tara Babcock Vlogs, and Tara Babcock Games has brought her significant popularity and success, both professionally and financially.

In this article, we take a closer look at the life, YouTube and modeling career of one of the many new stars of online entertainment content.

Tara Babcock’s Bio

Tara Babcock was born on the 10th of November, 1989 in Seattle, Washington to parents named Bob and Mary. According to available information, her parents were never married to each other but raised her together, bestowing all of their love on their only child. She has established herself as somewhat of a philosopher willing to tackle big and interesting ideas on her online platform and the brilliance she has executed it with is a trait that has been with her since her high school days where she excelled academically.

As for college, we cannot say definitively if she attended college but we know other than her high school education, she began to attend modeling school at the age of 12, where she gained the knowledge and skill in fashion and beauty that has defined Tara Babcock as her fans and audience know her today.

Although it is believed she had a successful time as a model, much of the details of her active modeling years are unknown but in more recent times, she has deferred to YouTube, where she has expanded her creative juices outside the walls of fashion and beauty into gaming and vlogging.

Through her channel, Tara Babcock Games! which she created on the 27th of December, 2008, she has been creating and streaming gaming content on YouTube. She also goes by the same online name on Twitch, where she equally streams similar content. Over the course of the time, she has been a recognized member of the online gaming community, she has been known to enjoy games like StarCraft, Mortal Kombat, Assassin’s Creed, God of War and a host of others.

When she is not producing gaming content, Tara Babcock defers to her vlogging channel, Tara Babcock where she shares her opinions on several social issues and pop culture events. The channel, which was created in August 2013, has over 700 videos with over 420,000 subscribers. Her gaming channel has over 220,000 subscribers.

Tara Babcock
Tara Babcock and a fellow gamer during a gaming session

Tara Babcock interests in sharing knowledge and information also extend to modeling, fashion and beauty through her channel, Tara Babcock Beauty! where she shares makeup tips, posture training, and other related matters.

Personal Life

When it comes to relationships, Tara Babcock has been at the center of a few rumors about her personal life, including one with a named Toby Turney in 2013 and most recently, a man with the Instagram account, @Jecko5. While there has been strong fire to fuel the rumor based some of the pictures that have surfaced online, Tara has never confirmed her relationship to either to them. If the YouTube star is in a relationship, so far, she has done a good job of keeping it away from public view.

What is Her Height?

She may primarily sit on a gaming chair these days as she takes on orcs and bad guys in various video games like God of War, Metal Gear Solid and others, but her modeling days are not yet completely over and a quick look at her only proves that. Tara Babcock has a body height of 5 feet 5 inches and an accompanying weight of 49.9 kg which is defined by an hourglass body that comprises of 36 inches bust size, 23 inches waist size and 36 inches hip size.

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Other Facts About Tara Babcock

  1. While she was in high school, Tara Babcock was a cheerleader.
  2. Outside of her YouTube presence, she has her own personal website, TaraBabcock.com.
  3. Although her exact net worth is unknown, analysis of her YouTube channels suggests she makes an average monthly income of over $4,000 on just one of her channels, Tara Babcock.
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