Tamara Hurwitz – Biography, Family and Interesting Facts About Bill Pullman’s Wife

To the wider public, Tamara Hurwitz is better known as the wife of film, stage, and television actor Bill Pullman, whose most notable works include Spaceballs (1987), The Accidental Tourist (1988), Casper (1995), Independence Day (1996), and Lake Placid (1999). To performing art enthusiasts, specifically those interested in modern dancing, however, Hurwitz is very much a star in her own right as she has enjoyed an over three-decades-long career as a dancer, performer, and dance educator, after having held classes in a variety of settings, including dance conservatories and urban YMCAs. Read on to find out all there is to know about her life and career.

Who is Tamara Hurwitz?

Details of Tamara Hurwitz’s early life are few and far between as it is not clear what year she was born. She is however known to celebrate her birthday on the 6th of February every year. The identities of her parents are further not known to the public although her father was said to have been an art educator and painter. Through her parents, the United States national is of Norwegian descent.

From a very young age, Tamara has had a love for dancing. While it is not clear if she went on to study the art form in school, she was able to go ahead and become a professional dancer, performing in venues and with groups all across the United States. Some of the groups and places in which she has performed in include the Jose Limon Dance Company in New York City, the Pacific Dance Ensemble in Oregon, and Rosanna Gamson Worldwide in Los Angeles.

In 2014, Tamara Hurwitz appeared alongside her husband in a theatrical dance show called Healing Wars at Washington, D.C.’s Arena Stage. In 2018, she worked with her long-time friend and fellow dancer Tracy Penfield on a project called Passing which premiered at Randolph’s Chandler Center for the Arts.

Her Family Life

Tamara Hurwitz and husband Bill Pullman
Tamara Hurwitz and husband Bill Pullman (Image Source)

Tamara Hurwitz has been happily married for more than three decades. Details on how she met her husband, actor Bill Pullman, is not known to the public. It is also not clear how long the pair dated before they decided to get married on the 3rd of January, 1987.

It did not seem to take long for Pullman and Hurwitz to start a family as they welcomed a daughter named Maesa in 1988, a year after their wedding. The following year, the Pullman family added another member, a son named Jack. Their third and final child is a son named Lewis, born on the 29th of January, 1993.

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Like their parents, the Pullman children have all taken to careers in the creative/performing arts. Their daughter Maesa is a singer and songwriter who can also play instruments like the banjo and accordion. In 2013, she released an extended play album titled Whippoorwill. Their first son Jack is a puppeteer while their second son has followed in his father’s footsteps to become an actor. Some of the projects he has appeared in include The Peter Cassidy Project (2015), The Ballad of Lefty Brown (2017), Battle of the Sexes (2017), The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018), Bad Times at the El Royale (2018), and Them That Follow (2019). He is further slated to appear as a co-star in Top Gun: Maverick (2020), the sequel to Top Gun (1986).

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Other Interesting Facts About Tamara Hurwitz, Bill Pullman’s Wife

1. In 2008, Tamara Hurwitz’s first son Jack, who was at the time attending Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, was arrested along with his friend Allen Gaddy in Asheville, North Carolina for having moonshine in their possession and assaulting a police officer.

2. According to her husband, one of Tamara’s favorite thing to do is to go to the Farmer’s Market on a Sunday morning. He himself loves to prune the garden and his wife usually joins him in doing so.

3. In 2010, the Pullman’s founded a volunteer non-profit organization named Hollywood Orchard which is dedicated to harvesting, using, and donating local fruit from other people’s trees to those in need.

4. Her husband does not have a sense of smell. He lost the sense at the age of 21 after suffering a head injury.

5. Tamara Hurwitz’s father passed away in her arms in a Los Angeles gallery in 2012. He was 91 years of age at the time.

6. Hurwitz has appeared in two documentaries. The first one, titled The Fruit Hunters (2012), directed by Yung Chang, explores the relationship between man and food. The second documentary she appeared in was Nina Gilden Seavey’s Parables of War (2014) which looks to find out how civilization can heal the wounds of war. In both documentaries, she appeared alongside her husband.


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