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It is said that knowledge is power and Tai Lopez’s humble beginning is perhaps a perfect explanation of that popular phrase! The financial advisor and investor largely owe his success to the influence of social media. Ultimately, it is his lifelong desire for learning and his reading passion that has made Tai the online sensation he is today. However, the autodidact vlogger and entrepreneur’s remarkable success has unsurprisingly raised eyebrows in some quarters. Find out if Tai Lopez is a scammer or legit?

Who Exactly is Tai Lopez?

A native Californian and the grandson of a scientist, Taino Adrian Lopez was born on April 11, 1977. Tai was mostly bred by only women (his mom and grandmom) while his father was incarcerated throughout his early life. Lopez considers his mother and aged grandma whom he has often featured in some of his social media posts as his major source of inspiration for success. Lopez’s entrepreneurial traits began when he was a kid. At only age 6, he began selling tomatoes with his mom.

His Journey To Discovery

Not much is known about Lopez’s educational background but it is no secret that he is a college drop out. After ditching school, Tai sought his grand father’s help for mentorship and guidance for a successful life. After frequent letter correspondence between both men, his grandfather whom Tai believed was one of the smartest people in his circle didn’t exactly give him the answer he hoped for. But he got something better – books! Tai Lopez credits his passion for reading and learning to his grandfather who later sent him a set of books to read that ultimately fuelled the entrepreneur’s thirst for knowledge and growth.

After reading the books his grandfather sent him, Lopez decided to strive for a better life by first traveling around the world to meet people including some of the writers of those great books. But he had to first save up for his trip by working a few odd jobs, including two years of living and working among the Amish milking cows.

He eventually saved up enough money to fund that travel and soon packed his bags to embark on a journey that took him around the globe. Lopez visited no less than 50 countries including India where he worked at a leper colony, Argentina, Australia, and much more.

Tai Lopez’s Financial Breakthrough

Back in the states, Lopez later moved in with his mother in her Clayton home. In his quest for a better life, the financial advisor sought out a local insurance man, Mike Stainback whom he found on an ad in the yellow pages. Both men struck a deal for Mike to mentor and teach Tai the secrets behind his success and in turn, Tai would offer his services to the finance firm for free. That marked the beginning of Tai’s journey to financial empowerment. Lopez still continued going hard on his reading habits and self-development during this time. That self-education paid off and after mentoring with Stainback, he has gone on to become certified financial advisor, investor/partner to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

He started out on the online business world in 2008 by using Facebook as a marketing tool. Today, Tai Lopez is famed for educating his fans online via various platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and his own website www.tailopez.com. He is a celebrated social media influencer who boasts millions of followers/subscribers on all his aforementioned social media platforms.

Tai Lopez first went viral in 2015, following a YouTube video on his eponymous channel, shot in his garage, which explained the benefits of books over Lamborghinis. That video established Lopez as an online sensation. A man who does not underestimate the power of learning and mentorship, Tai has since leveraged on his fame to develop his brand. His Here in My Garage videos are very popular on YouTube and has garnered over 6.5 million views cumulatively.

Lopez is also known for his book club and podcasts, The Lopez Show which has millions of audience across several countries, as well as his monthly subscription flagship online training program called The 67 Steps. Through his website, he has assembled a collection of several additional training and mentorship programs including co-founding another subscription-based program called Mentorbox and a high-ticket Business Bootcamp.

Tai Lopez
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The self-help guru who has a habit of reading a book each day preaches edutainment – valuable resources that are a mix of informative and entertaining educational material. By inspiring and advising aspiring influencers online, Tai Lopez has earned a tremendous amount of wealth. There have been various twists to Lopez’s exact net worth but most sources have pegged their figures within the range of $50 to $60 million. However, that value is expected to significantly rise with his popularity in the future.

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Is He a Scammer or Legit?

Tai Lopez has recorded remarkable growth in the course of his online and financial mentorship career. Just like friends, success also attracts critics and it is unsurprising that Tai’s ingenuity has been questioned. While some believe that Lopez’s programs are just mere swanks, others consider the self-help guru’s business marketing tactics contentious, thus labeling him a scam.

Perhaps often overpriced, but Tai Lopez’s fans have attested to the fact he offers not just genuine advice but also value for money. For Tai, he doesn’t necessarily expect people to succeed using his formula but the business secrets and principles he shares may go a long way in their success story. That said, it wouldn’t be out of place to say his courses are legit!

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