T-Pain Net Worth

Tallahassee Pain, or T-Pain, as the world knows him, is one of the most influential musicians in modern history. His popularization and creative use of auto-tune gained him fame and set him apart from his peers as his voice is the magic that was behind a lot of successful songs in the 2000s. But despite his successes as a rapper and singer, T-Pain lives a life very different from the quintessential hip hop artist. He is an avid gamer that streams regularly on Twitch and has a wife who he has been married to for more than 15 years.

T-Pain Met His Wife When He was 18

There is a lot of uniqueness in T-Pain’s career, but one that arguably stands out the most is his love life. He has been married since 2003, the year before he became a professional musician, and two years before he released his debut single, “I’m Sprung”.

His wife, Amber Najm, is a graduate of Business at Florida A&M University. Amber met her future husband when she was in college. She is three years older than him, having been born in 1982 while he was born in 1985.

Hip Hop artists are known for having an uneasy relationship with law enforcement, but the Bartender singer was married to one. His wife worked for the American military, beginning her career in 2001. Despite the cultural and social differences of their professions, T-Pain and his wife were in love, and according to the singer, that love inspired his first successful song, “I’m Sprung”, which he wrote as a tribute to her.

Since they got married in 2003, they have started a family, weathered their challenges, and become one of the most inspiring couples in hip hop.

They Enjoy an Open Sex Life and Have Welcomed Three Children

T-Pain Wife
T-Pain’s family image source

T-Pain and Amber’s marriage has resulted in the birth of three children. Their first is a daughter named Lyriq who was born in 2004, and then two sons named Muziq and Kaydnz, who were born in 2007 and 2009, respectively.

During the early days of his career, the singer struggled to maintain his dedication to his young family. But he grew up and has remained a great father and husband to Amber and their children. One example of his commitment was in April 2017, when he famously canceled a concert he was scheduled to headline to attend his son’s birthday.

Other ways T-Pain has maintained a good relationship with his wife are by having a great sex life. According to the rapper, the couple occasionally invite other people to their bed, often at the suggestion of his wife. Although news of the dynamic sparked rumors of an open marriage, he denied it. According to him, the couple is very much in an exclusive marriage, and their random threesomes are for spicing up their sex life.

T-Pain’s Successful Career and Massive Net Worth

T-Pain was part of the rap group Nappy Headz when his cover of the Akon song, “Locked Up”, attracted attention from several label heads, including Akon himself. T-Pain would then go on to sign to the singer’s label, Konvict Muzik, signaling the start of more than one and a half decades of hits.

His first album, Rappa Ternt Sanga, released in 2005, sold more than 500 thousand copies in the US, peaking at #33 on the US Billboard 200 and #8 on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. The album featured the singles “I’m Sprung” and “I’m ‘n Luv (Wit a Stripper)”. Since his debut album, T-Pain has released five more albums, his most successful being his sophomore album, Epiphany, which sold more than 830 thousand copies. He has also released seven mixtapes, one soundtrack album, and one compilation album.

T-Pain Net Worth
T-Pain performing at a club: image source

Aside from album sales, T-Pain also made money from the sales of his singles. He has released 21 so far, several of which have sold more than one million copies, going platinum multiple times. Some of his most successful singles include Buy U a Drank, Bartender, Can’t Believe It, Best Love Song, Turn All the Lights On, 5 O’Clock, and Church.

All in all, T-Pain has sold more than ten million records, and his array of popular singles makes him a popular fixture at concerts all over America and the rest of the globe. As a result, the rapper and singer has an estimated net worth of $35 million.

Aside from music, T-Pain’s impressive net worth also comes from a slew of business ventures. He made a toy iAm T-Pain Microphone in 2011 which retailed at $40. He also released an auto-tune app called I Am T-Pain in 2009 and owns a record label called Nappy Boy Entertainment.

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An Internet Meme is One of His Eleven Tattoos

T-Pain Tattoos
image source

Tattoos are not a new phenomenon for hip hop artists, but in the case T-Pain, they stand out. His tattoos have been a subject of internet conversations, and in the case of one particular tattoo, a meme. The most noteworthy T-Pain body artwork is his Jackie Chan meme tattoo, on the backside of his right hand. The tattoo has no real meaning other than being another evidence of the hip hop artist’s unconventional personality.

Other tattoos on his body include a Faheem tattoo on his right forearm, taken from his full name; Faheem Rasheed Najm. There is also a Two-Faced Mask tattoo, on the outer side of his right forearm. The tattoo, made out of the Joker likeness, represents anger and happiness. He also has “You Don’t Have To Like Me” written on him. The ‘Like’ part of the tattoo has the design of the Facebook like button.

T-Pain further has the name of his record label, Nappy Boy, tattooed on the outer side of his left arm. The name has a castle designed on top of it. On the inner side of his left arm is a tattoo of an arrow that forms the title of his first album, Rappa Ternt Sanga.

Other tattoos on the singer’s body include a panda (backside of left hand), BAEN (left forearm), Foral Leaves Design (back of the left hand), the word ‘tattoo’ (left side of his neck), and a couple of artful designs on his right wrist and neck.

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