Is Suzanne Malveaux Gay or Lesbian? All About Her Mother & Net Worth

Suzanne Malveaux is a respected American journalist who has worked extensively in television. Having started her career since the early ’90s, she is considered a veteran who has given everything to the business of news dissemination and rising to the very top of the game. She has met with the high and mighty in society while covering her beats and has even been a White House Correspondent, covering the presidential affairs for many years. Her work has taken her around the world, earning her prestigious awards for her excellence.

Having worked with different top media organizations, she now works with CNN as a National Correspondent and Anchor. Suzanne has risen to become one of the network’s most popular journalists. Her work with CNN and dedication to duty coupled with her apt understanding of the rules of television news journalism has earned her enormous respect and she is now followed by thousands of fans on social media.

Suzanne Malveaux Bio

Suzanne Malveaux was born on the 4th day of December in the year 1966. The journalist was born in Lansing, the capital of Michigan, USA. She is an American woman but also has French, Spanish, and African roots. It is noteworthy that even though she is now widely known as Suzanne Malveaux, her full birth name is actually Suzanne Maria Malveaux.

Suzanne Malveaux has three siblings who are now all very successful at what they do. The journalist is actually an identical twin. Her twin sister has been identified as Suzette M. Malveaux, who is a professor at the Columbus School of Law. She has two brothers identified as Courtney M. Malveaux and Gregory F. Malveaux. Courtney is the Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry and Gregory is an associate professor of English at Montgomery College.

Suzanne attended the Centennial High School located in Ellicott and then proceeded to attend Harvard College from where she graduated with an A.B. cum laude in sociology. She also attended the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism where she bagged a master’s degree in broadcasting.

Career Accomplishments

Suzanne Malveaux kick-started her career as a journalist in 1992 when she was employed by the New England Cable News in Boston. She worked as a general assignment reporter at the station from 1992 to 1996 before she quit the position. After she quit her job with New England Cable News, she got employed by WRC-TV, an NBC affiliate station in Washington, D.C. where she worked as a local and crime news reporter from 1996 to 1999.

In 1999, Suzanne was recruited to join NBC News. This was a huge stepping stone for her. At first, she worked in Washington where she covered several beats and even became a Pentagon Correspondent. She then moved to Chicago where she did some more work for the station. During her time with NBC News, she covered some very important stories including the 2000 Presidential Election in America, Bill Clinton’s impeachment, and the 9/11 attacks among many others.

In 2002, she joined CNN, and her exploits as a journalist continued. She rose through the ranks to become a co-anchor of Around The World, one of CNN’s popular news programs. She also co-anchored the coverage of the revolution in Egypt which ended up winning an Emmy award. She also co-anchored the coverage of the Arab Spring which won the Peabody Award. Malveaux worked for up to 10 years as the CNN White House Correspondent and covered election campaigns and presidential inaugurations.

She has broken so many news for CNN which include White House personnel changes, the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and even the plea deal of lobbyist Jack Abramoff among others. Today, she is regarded as one of the most popular CNN reporters and has become a darling of many TV viewers in America and around the world.

What’s Her Net Worth?

Apparently, Suzanne Malveaux has raked in a considerable amount of wealth for herself over the years. She has worked for different major news outfits, making lots of money, and becoming one of the highly trustworthy news reporters in America.

At the moment, the journalist’s exact net worth has not been confirmed. However, some reports have pegged her net worth between $3 and $5 million.

Who is Suzanne Malveaux’s Mother?

Suzanne was born to a mother called Myrna Maria Ruiz and a doctor father identified as Floyd Joseph Malveaux. Suzanne’s mother is a retired school teacher and is very fond of her kids and her family. Suzanne has once described her mother as the glue that held the family together. Sadly, the woman was diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease around 2012; she has been battling the disease ever since. The family has been ever supportive and has been taking care of the older woman.

Suzanne’s father is an important man; the man rose through the ranks to become the dean of the College of Medicine at Howard University. He is also the founder of Howard University’s National Human Genome Center. He now serves as the executive director of the Merck Childhood Asthma Network.

Suzanne Malveaux
Suzanne Malveaux and her mother, Myrna Maria Ruiz

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Is She Gay or Lesbian?

Some people have claimed that Suzanne Malveaux is gay. The rumors emerged mainly because she is still not married even though she is more than 50 years old. Some fans feel she does not need a man because she is a lesbian. However, this claim has never been verified. At the moment, there is no evidence to substantiate the claim that Suzanne is a lesbian and it is safe to assume she is not. She has only chosen to remain single by choice.

Even though she is not married, Suzanne has a baby girl whom she adopted in 2014. She has shown the girl off on Twitter, telling her followers that the child is the greatest blessing to come into her life.

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