Susan Moonsie – Biography and Facts About David Garfield’s Ex- Wife

Susan Moonsie is an American singer and musician who shone in the ’80s and used to be associated with one of the biggest names in the world of music, Prince. Apart from her ability to charm the audience with her performances on the stage, she has been hailed for her stunning beauty. In fact, the first thing that hits you about Susan Moonsie is her stunning beauty! There is no other way to put it; Susan Moonsie is beautiful and knows how to display her beauteousness.

As a singer, she is best known for being a member of the legendary Vanity 6 band as well as the Apollonia 6 band. She is also widely known for the relationship she had with Prince, one of the most successful American musicians of all time.

Who Is Susan Moonsie?

Susan Moonsie was born on the 21st of January, 1964 in Minneapolis, a city in Minnesota, United States of America. The exact identity of her parents has not been disclosed but some reports say that one of her parents was a schoolteacher. Although she is apparently an American woman, sources say Susan Moonsie also has Indian and Trinidadian roots.

Susan grew up in America with her family. There are no reports to show whether or not she has siblings or if she is an only child in her family. As a child, Susan started schooling but reportedly dropped out of school to focus on music after she eventually met with Prince, who happened to be one of the rave-making singers in America at the time. It was while she was with Prince that she joined two musical bands with which she built quite a reputation.

Fans have often asked about the rise of Susan Moonsie as a singer, her relationship with Prince and her marriage. We bring you all the facts you need to know.

She Joined the ‘Vanity 6’ Band as a Teenager

Susan Moonsie was just 18 years old in 1982 when she joined the Vanity 6 singing group which was created by popular singer, Prince. However, she claimed to be 16 years old at the time. In 1992, Prince was already famous as a singer of great repute in America and decided to create an all-female group which he can nurture. He then chose three girls to form the band. The three girls included Susan Moonsie, Brenda Bennett and Denise Matthews a.k.a. Vanity.

According to sources, the band was initially built round Susan and she was supposed to be the lead singer; however, she was too shy to face crowds on stage and so the role was given to Denise Matthews so the name of the group became known as Vanity 6.

The group went on to make waves from 1982 to 1983. Amazingly, their second single titled Nasty Girl became a hit on the US RnB chart where it peaked at number 7. It was also a hit on the U.S. Dance chart where it peaked at number one. Susan Moonsie and her group caught serious attention because they performed in lingerie and sang provocatively sensual songs that caused quite a stir. In fact, some radio stations refused to play them for their sensual content. But they won a lot of fans for themselves.

In 1983, after releasing their debut and only self-titled album ‘Vanity‘, the group disbanded when the lead singer, Denise Matthews a.k.a. Vanity left the group.

Susan Moonsie (right) with other Vanity 6 band members; Brenda Bennett and Denise Matthews

Susan was also a Member of the ‘Apollonia 6’ Band

When the Vanity 6 band was disbanded following the exit of the lead singer, another singer was introduced by Prince to replace her in the group. The new singer was called Patricia Kotero a.k.a. Apollonia. The band was renamed from Vanity 6 to Apollonia 6 after Patricia Kotero took over as lead singer.

Susan Moonsie continued performing with the Apollonia 6. The band released just one studio album before it was finally disbanded in 1985. Following this final dissolution, Susan went off the radar and did not pursue her career in music.

She was in a Romantic Relationship with Prince

Susan Moonsie was reported to have been in a romantic relationship with Prince. Their on and off relationship began in 1980 when Susan first met Prince and it lasted until 1985 when the Apollonia 6 band was dissolved. Their romance was quite complicated because Prince was said to have been infatuated with Denise Matthews, the lead singer of Vanity 6. Some sources say Susan decided to end their relationship around 1983 and turned good friends with Denise Matthews.

However, other sources say that Susan continued her relationship with Prince till 1984 after Prince began another relationship with a woman identified as Susannah Melvoin. It was rumored that the relationship was so intense that Prince wrote the song When Doves Cry about her and their romance.

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She was Previously Married to David Garfield

After she parted ways with Prince and the Apollonia 6 band, Susan Moonsie eventually met David Garfield, an American actor known for movies such as Mackenna’s Gold, Gunsmoke: The Long Ride, and Last Stand at Saber River.

The couple dated for a while before they eventually tied the knot on the 24th of November, 1988. Susan and David had a loving relationship and were very fond of each other. However, their union was cut short in 1994 when David Garfield suddenly died from a heart attack. Since then, there hasn’t been any news of Susan’s subsequent relationships to date.

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