Susan Andrews – Striking Details About Tucker Carlson’s Wife And Her Family

If Susan Andrews desired a quiet life away from media attention, she gave up on that dream when she got married to Tucker Carlson, a Fox News Host who also happens to be a prominent voice among Conservatives in the United States. Her closeness to fame has made it challenging for Susan to live her life outside of the realm of public personalities.

Not much is known about her professional life but she has made several and regular appearances along with her husband at important events, award shows, and other nationally covered programs.

In this article, we take a closer look at the life of Susan Andrews and her relationship with Tucker Carlson. Read on to learn more.

Early Life and Family Background

The life of Susan Andrews, as we know it, began sometime in 1969. According to available information, it has been quite a journey for Susan but some of the details of her early life are unknown, such as her childhood background which includes the identity of her mother, her siblings (if she has any) and her birthplace. Her father is believed to be Rev. George E. Andrews II who once made the news for allegations of covering up a sexual assault committed by one of the teachers at a school while he was principal.

Susan Andrews’ public personality status came through her marriage to Tucker Carlson, whom she met in high school; it is public knowledge that Tucker attended St. George’s School, as a result, we are inclined to believe that Susan also attended St. George’s for her high school education. We do, however, not have any information regarding her college history, if she attended college.

While life as a public personality hasn’t done much to shield her completely from media attention, certain details about her life still remain unknown to the media, specifically her professional life. The complete timeline of her journey as a professional is unknown but she has been known to serve on the board of St. Andrew’s School. She has also worked for organizations like St. Patrick, FCPS and At Your Service Hospitality Management LLC.

Her husband, Tucker Carlson on the other hand, has a well-documented journey in the journalism industry that has seen him become one of the most recognizable faces of  American journalism, an industry he has been working in for over 25 years. His work with Fox News has made him a globally recognized name, particularly through his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight where he has become known for his frequent controversial statements.

Her Net Worth Is Not Known But Her Husband Is Rich

In order to know the exact net worth of Susan Andrews, one would need to know her professional journey and her exact income over time. However, with her professional life shrouded in mystery, it is difficult to determine her exact net worth. It does, however, go without saying that she is doing well financially considering her marriage to a man who is worth an estimated $20 million.

What To Know About Her Husband And Children

Susan Andrews
Susan Andrews with her husband, Tucker Carlson, and children

Susan Andrews and Tucker Carlson who have been together since their high school years. The two met while still in high school and the constant interaction afforded them by a high school environment enabled them to build a lasting emotional attachment to each other. Their high school love culminated in marriage sometime in 1991, after what was considered several years of dating. The wedding happened shortly after Tucker Carlson graduated from college, which fuels the idea that he couldn’t wait to be married to his love.

Unlike some of his peers at Fox, Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews have been able to maintain a loving relationship with each other without any public scandal, giving birth and raising four children, including three daughters who are named, Dorothy, Lille, and Hopie. Their fourth child is a son who is named Buckley.

Susan Andrews and her family currently reside in Washington D.C in the District Kent neighborhood.

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Other Notable Facts

1. Susan Andrews’ house in Washington is a farmhouse that was built in the 1900s.

2. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

3. Her father-in-law, Richard Warner Carlson, was once the Director of Voice of America in Europe.

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